Friday: Five Concepts

Hello folks!  Just like yesterday, today's post doesn't have much of an intro, as I don't really have anything to talk about (I've also wasted too much time this week putting up Christmas decorations).  I'll have something better for you all next week, which happens to be Christmas Eve Eve (December 23rd).


There's only one voting reminder today, for the standard COTW vote.  The poll should be up sometime this evening.

COTW Dec 9-15 vote (ends next Friday @ noon Eastern)


Vegas Golden Knights, by Jonathan S:
We begin today in Vegas with a Golden Knights concept from Jonathan.  He uses their steel gray colour as the main colour, which I think is a good decision.  I also like the jagged number font, and the design of the sleeves look good as well.  However I'm not a fan of the side panels, especially how they're overlapped by the hem stripes.  There's also a few execution issues, the sleeve numbers are backwards on the front view, the manufacturers and NHL logos are missing, and the main logo is a tad large.
Rating: 6/10

Vancouver Canucks, by Chase C:
Next up we head to Vancouver for a Canucks concept from Chase.  These are almost exactly what I would do if I were in charge of the Canucks jerseys, I like that the striping uses the same style as their current jerseys, I think these logos are a big improvement, I prefer this block font, and I'm glad that green was added to the collars.  There are some execution errors though, the players name is off-centered, the manufacturers logo is missing, and the logo is too low.  Also the colours look a bit off (I recommend using ColorWerx), and there is too much unnecessary blank space on the sides of the image.
Rating: 7/10

Carolina Thunderbirds, by Ryan C:
Our next stop is in Carolina for Ryan's Carolina Thunderbirds concept.  I quite like this striping pattern, yes the contrasting upper arm design has been overused lately but it does looks good, and pairing it with the chest stripe makes it more unique.  However, I don't think this logo works well with the chest stripe, the details (especially the wordmark) get a bit lost.  The back numbers are also hard to read against the stripe, I think black numbers with a thick white outline would be the best option for both jerseys.
Rating: 7/10

Quebec Nordiques, by Lucas D:
Lucas brings us our last two concepts of the day, starting with a stop in Quebec for this set of Nordiques jerseys.  He's done a good job of keeping the essence of their past jerseys intact, while adding some new ideas as well.  One new idea I quite like is matching the back numbers to the logo and matching the shoulder numbers to the fleur-de-lis.  I also like the added sleeve stripes, but I think they'd be better if they came to a point on the underside of the arms instead of the outside.  Also the shoulder numbers are spaced a bit far apart, and the hem stripes look a bit rough near the edges.  The WHA style third jersey is good, but the name is overlapping the top of the nameplate.
Rating: 7/10

Anaheim Ducks, by Lucas D:
We'll finish up in Anaheim for Lucas' second concept of the day.  The home and road jerseys are a great evolution of the Ducks past two sets, using the colour scheme from their original jerseys and a curved striping pattern similar to their 2006-14 jerseys.  The logo is a little too low though (I've also never been a fan of this logo in their original colours, but that's just my opinion not an actual complaint).  It's nice to see their original jersey return as a third, but the angle of the sleeve stripes was reversed and I can't tell if it was intentional or a mistake.  Additionally, on all the jerseys the placement of the sleeve numbers is inconsistent (it's most noticeable with the three's on the white jersey).
Rating: 8/10


That's all the concepts we have for today!  You might of noticed I didn't nominate any of them for COTW.  There were three concepts that were close to earning my nomination, but each of them had some issues that prevented me from giving them the nod.  If you think I'm wrong, then you should leave your own nomination in the comments.
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