Wednesday: Where Have All The Concepts Gone?

Long time passing....

All of the writers at HJC, including myself, do our best to entertain you week in and week out, between reviews, stupid top 10 lists, bad jokes and, of course, exciting jersey news. But we also try to center the blog around you. You are the ones who keep this blog running week in and week out. You send in your concepts, no matter how good or bad they are, and we create the content around you. But with only two concepts this week, this post will be rather short.

Unfortunately for us here today, the only jersey news comes from MLS and Atlanta United, so we'll skip it and just sit and wait for Las Vegas to eventually do somet... wait, ONE WEEK!

"The Las Vegas NHL franchise invites the Vegas community to be a part of history as owner Bill Foley, general manager George McPhee and NHL commissioner Gary Bettman unveil the team's name and logo on Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2016, at 5:30 p.m. PT  on the Toshiba Plaza, outside of the T-Mobile arena.

"The press event will be televised live on NHL Network and will be streamed live on NHL.com starting at 6 p.m. PT." -Las Vegas official team website

9 PM EST. I'll be up and live-tweeting from @PhilBeckDesigns, We may have Ryan and Will chipping in over @HockeyJC on Twitter. And I will review that next week. All I ask is to hang in there for one more week before one of the biggest posts in HJC history. The last time an event like this happened the blog didn't exist yet, as it was 1999. Yes you could argue we had 3 similar events this offseason in Pittsburgh, Toronto and Florida, but those were just re-brands. This is completely new. There's no history to judge the new uniforms on. EXPANSION, BABY!

The Season is rolling! Vote for the best concept in the 9 match-ups for week 1 here. However by technicality, Washington will be dealt a loss because there were no concepts submitted. I'm not sure if somebody has already taken over that team but if not, email Ryan at Season@hockeyjerseyconcepts.com and he'll get you in there for Week 2.

One new entries for the Capitals Comp, keep sending them in!

Glenn T:

Displaying Caps final.jpg


COTW-October vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
COTW Nov 4-10 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
Washington Capitals ReDesign (entries due Friday @ noon Eastern)


Brooks F: South Carolina Stingrays (ECHL) Concept

Brooks sends us a concept to go along with the official Stingrays 25th Anniversary logo, created by Brooks himself so congratulations on that. The jersey he makes for it makes sense. half of the band of striping is red, half white, outlined in silver, just like the base for the logo. Chest stripes are always a classic look, so it makes sense here because it's an anniversary jersey. I like the shoulder logo choice (credited properly to a different blog). Maybe make the pants match better with striping? No other complaints.

Rating: 89%

Justin N: Color Rush Concept (NYR vs BUF)

A while ago I challenged you readers to design a color rush concept for the NHL. Today Justin brings it to us with two intra-state rivals, while including only one from the New York City Metropolitan area. If we were to see a color rush program implemented in the NHL one would have to assume we'd see the Sabres in yellow, so Justin does that for us with a crazy half and half look on the front. Arms follow that half and half pattern in reverse, but separated by a blue stripe, in addition to yellow cuffs on the sleeve. I could envision that blue stripe being applied to the front as well. Florida showed us that it doesn't have to wrap all the way around the jersey (although I still believe it would look nicer if it did. Not as crazy as the infamous "Turdburger" jerseys. As for the Rangers concept, we have a diagonal sash on the front, with the logo relegated to the shoulder (would look better on the other shoulder though) to emphasize the blue on the jersey, while keeping red involved on the pants and helmet, the latter you see on the regular in Kitchener with their white home jerseys. Interesting idea that I think you pulled off well except for one thing. A while ago, Ryan wrote a post about using jersey numbers that include a 1 in them. Because of how narrow the number 1 is compared to the other 9 digits, you have to compensate for that on your concepts. The two should leak a little bit on the left sleeve as viewed above with number 21 on your Rangers concept, while being slightly cut off on the right sleeve. Same with number 51 on your Sabres concept. Just a little bit more work and we have a winner right here.

Rating: 80%

The winner of my Concept of the Week Nomination is:



That does it for this week. Send in some concepts. Don't leave us hanging. I won't leave you hanging, because next week we have full details regarding Las Vegas's new name and logo. 
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What about Jets 2.0 in 2011?

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