Wednesday: A Riveting Post

So after four weeks of waiting, I can finally share off the newest additions to my jersey collection:

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Two New York Riveters jerseys (screen-printed like the actual on-ice jerseys, just minus the Dunkin ads). But there's one problem. And while Phil Kessel is a Pittsburgh Penguin, Amanda Kessell is a New York Riveter. Yes I misspelled her last name, but I'm not the only one....

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I sent a message over to the Pop Tops Sportswear official Twitter account and it looks like I may be receiving a replacement soon. And as long as the Riveters don't get an extra "L" I'll be happy with that too.

But besides that, I have an interesting discussion question for you: How many of you readers own either an NWHL or CWHL jersey? Which team has the best design in the NWHL/CWHL? Personally I have to go with the Riveters, because their jerseys have classic striping patterns with modern flair, specifically the rivet pattern between the stripes and the stars on the sleeve (Special shoutout to Brooks F for that design). Runners-up in Connecticut for the wave in the middle of traditional stripes. CWHL just uses NHL copies and for the longest time didn't use logos on the front, especially with a quality logo in Calgary. Boston Pride had nice yellow jerseys, and Buffalo with a baby blue that is a bit too light for my liking. Needs work.

Also while election day may be over, your civic duty of voting will not end here. COTW only this week, then a new comp next week.

Entries for The Season are due Friday.


COTW vote Oct 28 - Nov 3 (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
Get your The Season entries in by Nov 11!


Brooks F: Calgary Hitmen (WHL) Concept

Brooks returns Calgary to the original black, grey and pink the Hitmen first used. The striping on the body of the jersey is appropriately angled considering the logo, though the black trim around the bottom needs to go. The only thing about that striping is that from a distance, it looks like pink followed by 2 grey stripes, all separated by black, instead of pink, grey and white. Define the grey better and it'll separate itself from the white. Love the pattern of the alternate.

Rating: 84%

Ryan C: Philadelphia Flyers Concept

A mix of the different eras in Philadelphia hockey history here as we have the arm pattern from the Lindros-era, the pre-edge alternate logo, the hem stripe from today (altered to match the jersey better) and the outline-less numbers of the Quakers. Can't say I'm a fan. I feel you need silver in the striping to make that logo work. You definitely need outlines on the numbers as well. Otherwise everything else is good.

Rating: 78%

Tyler M-S: San Jose Sharks Concept

Last week I had mentioned that my favorite design aspect is the optical illusion of an identical pattern looking totally different on the other jersey. Last week it was just the striping, this week it's the entire sleeve. Fantastic. Altering the hem was a good call too in order to balance the colors. maybe slide the sock striping down a bit.

Rating: 93%

Zeke G: Pittsburgh Penguins Concept

Another jersey that combines eras, but this time on the other side of Pennsylvania, which showed yesterday that it's a battleground for sure. Double blue, off-colored upper arms, classic striping from the diagonal script jerseys (albeit slightly simplified). That unique font. Nice touch with the 1967 in the collar inset. Execution note: dump the trademark symbol in the logo. The Islanders royal alternates from 2008-2010 had the trademark symbol on in and it looked awful. They have since removed it now that the jersey is full time. Also make the shades of yellow consistent between the logo and shoulder patch.

Rating: 86%




And that does it for the the week. Keep your eyes out for the Vegas reveal in a little less than two weeks. I know I will and I'll probably be writing about it, but only here at HJC. Send in some concepts. My job gets boring when I only have 4 concepts to review.

See you next week!
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