Wednesday: I Don't Want To Talk About It...

I was there. 6-1. On national TV. Absolutely inexcusable. I would not be surprised if somebody lost their job over this. Considering management, I also would not be surprised if nobody was fired. Keep your eyes out because Capuano may be the first coach fired this year, especially if we lay an egg against Philadelphia.

But something I DO want to talk about: THE SEASON. 18 Teams are in. Your concepts need to be in by Friday the 11th, so we can get the group stage underway. Check it out by clicking the "S" logo on the right where the HJC Design Blog used to be.

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Glen W: Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins (AHL) Concept

While I can say that this is inspired from the current Penguins jerseys combined with the classic double blue, I can't say that is the right shade of dark blue to use, because it's closer to purple than black. There are two ways you can darken color with paint.net: there's the color wheel, and then there's a bar that adjusts between any shade and black. Use the bar, not the wheel, to create a good shade of navy blue. The rest of the jersey is a nice pattern, but I have some execution notes for you. The logo is too small. The numbers on the sleeves are too small. The name is too spaced out. The striping on the back does not match the striping on the front. This has potential, but it needs polishing first.

Rating: 55%

Jon G: Ottawa Senators Concept

A simple concept but an effective one. The black jersey is a direct throwback, but the white one that doesn't match is the one that stands out. The only thing is that I may have swapped the red with black on the striping. The alternate is a nice red version of the black pre-edge alternate, plus the current logo. Nice look with the shoulder patches on all three. The Peace Tower logo is a nice alternate logo that sadly went away with the Edge rebrand. I could use a little more innovation though.

Rating: 77%

Noah B:

Warning flags? Check. Ok it's a good Hurricances Concept. Then we have the HJC favorite tool  of the off color upper arms. It's nice to see more black on these concepts, expecially the red. I just wish that the pattern was brought in its entirety to the socks. Color the bottom part of each sock, red sock black, white sock red. Maybe a black helmet for the red jersey? Also could use some number outlines on the sleeves.

Rating: 84%

Patrick N: Manitoba Moose (AHL) Concept

A nice way to incorporate the double blue even further than their current jerseys. I love the antler font they employ, but the nameplate is LAZY. It requires you to do nothing but copy and paste the first five letters from where you got the font (I assume that's from Ryan's Photobucket page). I'm not a fan of the hem striping in comparison to the arm and sock striping. The numbers are too high up, and the logos are pixelated. Instead of dragging the logo down to size, use a separate image page to shrink the logo to size, then paste that new resized logo onto a new layer of the main page with the jersey. Between the primary logo, the AHL logo and the Boston Pizza logo, it's a relatively easy task that will take your concept even further. Also that CCM logo is outdated.

Rating: 50%

Taylor R: Regina Pats (WHL) Concept

One of my favorite things to see on concepts is the illusion Taylor shows off. While this may look like two different striping patterns, the white holding 5 separated red and thicker blue stripes while the blue has three sets of small white and red stripes, they are exactly the same pattern. Regina is one of the few teams that get away with using a script logo as a primary, mainly because that dog logo is so bad. Executed well as usual, but I'm not so sure about the red pants. The reason the NY Rangers wear red pants is because there's enough blue in the rest of the uniform to balance it out. I don't think that's the case here.

Rating: 88%

The Winner of my Concept of the Week Nomination is:



So because the Islanders are starting to become the death of me again, next week I promise to bring you a post for Soccer Jersey Concepts.

Kidding aside, I'll be alright. S#!* happens. See you next week at HJC!
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I want to second Taylor's pats concept

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