One more bit of EXCLUSIVE jersey news, it looks like once Adidas takes over the jersey manufacturing, sources of mine say that the NHL may lift the 1 alternate rule and expand it to two alternates. Does that mean that with the Brooklyn-themed Islanders jersey that we could see orange again? Maybe a modern fisherman?

ATTENTION CANUCKS FANS (and jersey collectors)! Check out this tweet. The red gradient Flying Skate jerseys are back and for sale in the team store, but only 100 are being made. Act quickly!

Keep an eye out, because the outdoor games are coming soon, and we have the jerseys for every game confirmed except for one. Philadelphia has not unveiled their Stadium Series jersey yet, but I would not be surprised that they used the 50th anniversary alternates they currently have.

VOTES ABOUND THIS WEEK! The Season moves to week 3. Only 5 teams are left undefeated with three games to go. Washington has a new owner and a nice road concept going up against 1st place and undefeated Ottawa (beats NY on vote differential). Crowsnest Past, Colorado, Amur and New York fill out the rest of the list of undefeated teams. How many will remain undefeated? YOU DECIDE! Don't forget about COTW as usual

NEW COMPETITION! Design the HJC Concept of the Year logo. You have a week and a half to do that. No restrictions except for file format and size (no less than 600x600). The logo will be featured on a plaque won by the Concept of the Year winner.


COTW Nov 18-24 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
The Season Week 3 voting (ends Friday @ noon ET)
COTY 2016 logo entries (due Dec. 9 @ noon ET)


Avi S: Dallas Stars Alternate Concept

A favorite design here at HJC is the off-colored upper arm, and Avi uses it here, but adds a point to the striping, as if the top-most point of a star, which is a nice touch for this team. Matching striping on the hem, though flatter than the arm. We finally have number outlines on a Stars jersey. Props for using that much-underutilized Texas logo. Not a fan of the sock pattern as it's not consistent with the rest of the jersey. The Color Way uniform is a step back, as this looks better with black equipment. Execution note: On the inside of the jersey, there should be black above the white hem trim, and not green.

Rating: 79%

Avi S: San Jose Sharks Alternate Concept

Similar points as last time. Black equipment is better, especially since it compliments the hem striping better to be consistent with the socks and arms. , inside of the jersey needs to have the striping and not straight teal. Love the new logo, and love the old fin logo modified to better fit here. However this jersey brings up the old debate of "Orange vs. Silver". I prefer orange, but you make the silver work here.

Rating: 79%

Bradley D: Milwaukee Admirals (AHL) Concept

Double blue is so nice, so when the Admirals switched to this I was so happy. Bradley tries a side panel only striping pattern. It's not bad. It looks too inconsistent with the rest of the jersey though. Alternate is nice though the yoke looks like it is incomplete, don't know the scope of Bradley's intention on that. I feel this could use some polishing, and maybe a bit more than that.

Rating: 77%

Taylor R: Merrimack College Warriors (NCAA) Concept

Taylor continues his tour throughout the Hockey East Conference. Currently Merrimack uses Canadiens home jerseys, but primarily yellow with blue and white trim. They also have a set similar to Taylor's blue jersey, but without the white and with a script logo. Maybe the white was a bad choice for that, because based on how thin those white stripes are, they get lost against the yellow, same with the yellow outline. Not quite there yet.

Rating: 80%

Taylor R: Providence College Friars (NCAA) Concept

One of the things I've loved about Providence College is their logo being unique to their hockey team and separate from their regular athletic programs like basketball. One of my favorite hockey logos too. I'm a sucker for white shoulder yokes on colored jerseys. The double outline on the numbers is great. The arched nameplate with no outline, balanced yokes and arms. A modern classic. Maybe throw some black onto the collar of the black jersey.

Rating: 94%

The winner of my Concept of the Week Nomination is:



Enjoy December tomorrow. I'll be back on the 7th, the Day that lives in infamy. I will post a quick tribute to those who lost their lives at Pearl Harbor, and maybe we can get a few Team USA concepts. Send them in and maybe Ryan can package them into my day (nudge, nudge, Ryan...). See you next week!
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Zeke G said...

If the NHL allows a second alternate jersey, that'd be awesome. So many missed opportunities with only one alternate. As long as Adidas doesn't implement the signature Adidas three-stripe side panels that they did for the WCoH, I'm actually rather optimistic for the Adidas take over! Vegas will probably be their chance at a first impression. I have a feeling that they'll make the Golden Knight's uniforms so that they'll be the "poster child" for Adidas NHL, similar to how Nike did with the Seahawks rebrand when they took over as the NFL's uniform manufacturers a few years back.

Avi S's San Jose Color Way concept for COTW. He does my Sharks proud and I'd totally buy one!

Steven Grant said...

I'll nominate Taylor's Merrimack College concept for COTW! I love how the striping pattern is recoloured differently on each jersey to give them both a unique look.

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 2nd Taylor's Friars concept for COTW!

Bradley D. said...

The stripe pattern on obht jerseys is based off the chevron used for ranks in the military. And the yolk on the alt is modeled after the Navy's dress whites. So they are the black shoulder ranks used. I try to add a small description on my insta page for each unique jersey

Unknown said...

Flyers have stated in the past that the 50th Anniversary jersey would NOT be the same one during the outdoor game.

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