Tuesday: Vegas Illegal Knights???

Welcome to this Tuesday's post! We've got quite a few concepts for today! You guys have listened and have been sending lots of concepts. Keep up the good work! 

As for any jersey news, I haven't seen anything other than the fact that the Golden Knights might be in some legal trouble with their name. Yep. Bill Foley couldn't get the West Point team name of Black Knights, so he took the Army's parachute division's name. They're the U.S. Army Parachute Team. So yeah... 

The article said that the officials were looking into the name, but they haven't been able to constitute any legal action against the name yet. Foley also knew about the name, cause he wanted the Golden Knights team to drop in with the announcement, but it never happened. 

Yeah, Foley could be in trouble. If he keeps the logo, he could go with Desert Knights, but otherwise he'd have to change it, and that means Golden Knights merchandise might be a rare collector's item pretty soon! 

In other news, we have the Logo comp. for HJC's Concept of the Year contest! We also have the voting for the regularly scheduled COTW and The Season to vote for! So don't forget to Vote!!!

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On to the Concepts! 

Bradley D.- Lehigh Valley Phantoms (AHL) 
Bradley here redesigns the Flyers AHL affiliate, the Lehigh Valley Phantoms!
  • The Phantoms have a fantastic color scheme of Orange, Purple, and White, but the Purple is barely noticeable on their sweaters. Good job of adding more purple
  • I like how the sweaters are close to Philly's but don't match exactly
  • The shoulder yoke wide enough to fit the TV numbers is also really good!
  • The hem stripe definitely needs more. The lone black stripe is a little plain
  • The socks also need more color. Orange on the white socks, and white on the orange socks
  • While the TV numbers fitting inside the yoke is good, the TV numbers are way too small
  • #OB are also a little too big as well
  • Needs AHL patches on back
My rating: A nice update for an AHL team that needs some more unity! 

Bradley D.- Lehigh Valley Phantoms Alt. (AHL) 7.5/10

Bradley finishes his concept for the Phantoms with an all black alt!
  • Black is a great choice for an alternate sweater!
  • I really like the Orange collar
  • The numbers being double-outlined looks great and really matches with the striping pattern
  • The striping looks pixelated, and is way too thin...
  • The logo has an extra white outline around it that should not be there. It's the edge of the black outline on the logo, and it's just loose pixels from resizing it. 
  • Most of the jersey is devoid of white. The white nameplate and numbers stand out like a sore thumb... Maybe try orange numbers instead??
  • Needs AHL patches on back
My rating: Not as good as the home and away; Still needs some work... 6/10

Matt B.- Team North America U-23 (WCofH) 
Matt here brings us his hand-drawn version of Team NA! 

  • While I love the Orange and Black color scheme of Team NA in the tournament, Red, White, and Blue (Or Bleu, Blanc, at Rouge for our French Canadian followers!) looks good too! 
  • I like the number font!
  • The lone star on the American flag looks much better that 50 stars would
  • The properly executed striping pattern WOULD look good
  • Hand-drawn concepts can look good, if you are patient and slow down when you make them. Your stripes aren't the same size, and most of them don't follow a straight line. This can be easily fixed with a ruler or something else as a straight-edge. 
  • It also looked like you used crayons to draw the stripes and colors. So you break outside of the lines quite often. Using a colored pencil (That you keep sharp) or a marker will give you more consistent coloring inside the template. 
  • The logo choice is also not the best. The two flags together with an odd shape connecting them is a very weak logo. 
My rating: This concept has potential. Like a lot. But unfortunately you've made a few execution errors. If you clean everything up, this concept would sky rocket! For now though, it's a 6/10. Don't worry! You're very talented, and you're only going to get better!!!

 Kevin B.- Chicago Cubs (MLB to hockey) 

Kevin creates a jersey that puts the Chicago Cubs as a hockey team! 

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Pinstripes!!!
  • The colored sleeves make the jersey body look like a vest which looks great!
  • Good logo choice!
  • I like the sleeve cuffs at the end with the small amount of red and white
  • NOB and #OB look great, especially with the boxes around them. It makes it look like a vintage sweater
  • The Cubs logo should not be surrounded by a template box however. First of all it's a round logo, and second, logos don't need a template box to be placed on. They would normally just be sewn on.
  • A few execution errors, You didn't include pinstripes in the fight strap box, you left the box around the Reebok workmark on the jersey, and you forgot some red on the left sleeve cuff on the front side. 
My rating: A fantastic crossover! 9/10!

Taylor R.- UMass Minutemen (NCAA; Hockey East) 

Taylor continues his NCAA redesign with a concept for UMass!
  • Striping pattern is great! 
  • I love the arched nameplate!
  • The number font works perfectly with the logo
  • I also really like the Shoulder yokes
  • I was going to comment about how the equipment doesn't match the shade of maroon on the rest of the concepts, but after looking at some photos of the team, they have the same problem. Good job paying attention to details!
  • That Maroon jersey is a thing of beauty!
  • The colored upper sleeves with the shoulder yoke doesn't work the best on the white sweater. Still looks great though!
My rating: A very solid concept, one of the best I've ever seen. It perfectly matches the feel of college hockey! 10/10 AND MY COTW NOMINEE!!! 

Taylor R.- UMass-Lowell River Hawks (NCAA; Hockey East)
Taylor continues his NCAA redesign with UMass-Lowell!

  • I like the use of Anaheim-esque jerseys
  • The number font is fantastic!
  • Love the arched nameplate again! 
  • I don't like how the white sweater doesn't have the gap in the striping between the red and the blue. It makes it feel incomplete.
  • The blue sweater's collar could use some red
  • I wouldn't have gone with a tapered stripe for the pants
My rating: A good update that really simplifies a normally busy look. 8.5/10

Avi S.- Nashville Predators Color Rush/Alt. (NHL)

Avi continues his color rush series with the Preds! 
  • I like the blue!
  • The guitar stripes on the stripes looks good!
  • I love the white numbers, they remind me of the Preds original jerseys
  • Not much here, but this one just isn't as exciting as your other color rush sweaters
My rating: Still a solid alt. and color rush jersey for the preds! 8/10

Avi S.- Montreal Canadiens Color Rush/Alt. (NHL)
Avi's second concept of the day is for the Habs's color rush!

  • I love the reverse jersey
  • The double outline in the numbers looks great!
  • The collar could use some more color
  • The whole concept could use some more red as a whole. The habs are a red dominant team after all...
My rating: Still a fantastic concept Avi! I've always enjoyed your work! 8/10

Well that's all for today! Don't forget to vote!!!
Tuesday: Vegas Illegal Knights??? Reviewed by Chase A. Carlson on November 29, 2016 Rating: 5


winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 2nd Taylor's UMass- Amherst concept for COTW
Why does Matt B's concept have a hybrid Liberian flag for the US flag? Help me out, Americans, is this something done for a more simplified flag on jerseys?

Unknown said...

I'll third Taylor's UMass design. U might even be able to make a very close version of this on NHL17 with the way the design layout is. It wont be 100% accurate but it would be close

Anonymous said...

yes, yes it is.

Unknown said...

Props to Taylor's UMass design, well done. I almost thought I has the COTW nomination in the bag...

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