Tuesday: Titleless Tuesday

Welcome to this Tuesday's post! 

Haven't seen much for jersey news in a while... Still waiting on all of the outdoor sweaters, and the Vegas logos... 

But something that I have seen, is that the NHL has signed a 16 year deal with Fanatics to make the replica jerseys, and the championship gear for the end of the year. Fanatics says that the sweaters will fit better and feel a little better, but nothing like the NHL authentic jerseys... Eeeeehhhhh... I'm not sure how I feel about this deal...  I'm just hoping the replicas won't be overly-glorified t-shirts... 

Here's the story: 

We also have started the voting for the Flames comp. and we have the Normal COTW comp. to vote for those!!!

COTW vote Oct 21-27 (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
Calgary Flames ReDesign Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)

On to the concepts!!!


Cole W.- Calgary Cowboys (What-if NHL) 
Cole continues his What-If NHL series, and has a new update to the Calgary Cowboys!

  • This color scheme works really well!
  • I really like the shoulder patches
  • The number font isn't exactly western, and feels out of place... Especially when the Captains patch is right above the logo
  • The NOB is also a little too small
  • I also don't like how these jerseys look a lot like the Calgary Flames current jerseys... You had some more original striping pattern in previous sets that you could still use here... 
My rating: A good continuation of the series, but it lost some originality from the last set... 7/10

Emin Z.- Ottawa Senators (NHL)

Emin here redesigns the Sens using some brand new colors!

  • I like the Laurel leaf pattern making a comeback!
  • The Old number font also looks great, and I like how the TV#s are on the shoulders
  • I also like how the helmet decals are a little more advanced than normal
  • I'm not sure what a bird has to do with the Sens, but the logo looks pretty cool!
  • I'm not sure where this color scheme comes from, because Roman imperial colors would be purple and gold. You have Maroon, brown and orange, which makes everything WAY to dark... 
  • I do like the adidas logo to make it more realistic, but It would not be in the front, and certainly would not take the place of the captain patches
  • I also don't like how the captain patches are in colored boxes... Those are unnecessary, and make the jersey look busier
  • Helmets are usually the darker color, or they match the jersey, so the orange helmets look out of place
My Rating: It's a good update on the Sens who badly need one, but there's still a few things missing... 7.5/10

Lucas D.- Nashville Predators (NHL)

Lucas creates another white jersey for the Nashville Predators!

  • I really like the subtle checkerboard pattern!!
  • I also like all of the throwback elements for the jersey, it feels like a combination of eras. Just wonderful!!!
  • The more yellow the better!!
  • Not much, but the numbers do look a little out of place, an update to those would be amazing
My rating: A fantastic jersey! 9/10

Steven G.- Minnesota Wild (NHL Double-Series) 

Steven is doing a double series where he does his Ideal look, which is one the right, and the a New Look on the left for all the NHL teams. Here he does the Minnesota Wild!

  • Ideal: I really like how you kept the exact same road jersey. It's definitely in the top 3 NHL road jerseys, so good choice not changing it! 
  • Ideal: The green sweater with the Bear-Head Logo looks great!!!
  • Ideal: I really like the gloves! I've always enjoyed that look on the gloves!
  • New: I really like the half and half look of the home sweater! 
  • Both: I also like the shoulder patches on all the sweaters
  • New: The tree pattern on the road is also very cool
  • New: The using old number font was a great choice
  • Ideal: I really wish that you would have kept the script-mark somewhere... Probably on the helmet, like it is now...
  • New: The Road just doesn't match the home enough. I know that the Wilds current jerseys don't match, but they do a little more than these do...
  • New: Not a big fan of the Red helmet...
My rating: These are fantastic, and a little Wild! (Insert wink emoji here) I can't wait to see more teams!!! 9.5/10 AND MY COTW NOMINEE!!!!

Mike F.- Adler Mannheim (Spengler Cup) 

Mike continues his redesign of the Spengler Cup series. (For those who don't know, it's an invitational tournament held in Davos, Switzerland every year) 
  • I really like the red helmet!
  • The template looks great, and works well with this team too... 
  • I also like the red team names, and N&#OB of the white jersey
  • These look a little too much like the Finnish National team... The blue sweater needs a lot more red... 
My rating: A very solid concept that works great with the tournament Idea, but needs a little adjustment 8/10

Well that's all for today! Don't forget to vote!!!

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geoff said...

Sounds to me like Replica jerseys are going to become even lower quality than the Reebok pieces of junk. I was really hoping with Adidas they would go back to shoulder patches being embroidered instead of the cheap screen printed stuff. I bet the fanatics stuff will even have the primary crest screen printed.

Man I miss the quality that used to be available in a replica jersey. They didn't have all the details of an authentic but they at least looked very similar to an authentic. I don't remember prices but I cannt imagine they would have lost much money if they would have kept the stiched shoulder logos and raised the price $5 or so.

And its even worse for the minor leagues. the shoulder patches on those are even cheaper and look immensely worse than even the nhl screen printed ones.

Steve Marc said...

I'm going to assume that the NHL will set the standard for the replica jerseys as well as the price. I'm going to say that one of two things will happen: The jerseys are already being modified to fit someone's body for casual wear and have a different material as the authentic jerseys. That being said, I can see at minimum those patches with the sublimated logo (2014 stadium series) and stitched crest. If they go with the screen printed logos and charge what they do now I doubt they will reach the sales level they hope to reach. Eventually the average fan won't buy a sub par replica jersey for over $100.

Burkus Circus Concepts said...

I don't always get hockey jerseys, but when I do, I prefer high-quality for a cheap price.
Keep shooting my friends.

But seriously, as a middle-schooler who gets an income of about $0.00, I pretty much get 1 jersey a year (CHRISTMAS!!!) and the cheaper the better. But I also don't get Ottawa-25th-Anniversary-Logo crap. So the Replica jerseys as they are now are pretty much the best option. (Also: AliExpress.com: A NA WCH jersey is $29) If they were to screen print the logos, I'd probably invest my money in something more valuable. Like Hockey Jersey Concept making software. Wait...

COTW to Steven G.'a Wild concepts


Ryan said...

Jerseys from that site are fake.

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