Tuesday: Grizzly Bears and Hurricane(s)

Welcome to this week's Tuesday post!!! 


Well that's all the News for today! (Busy week, huh?)

We also have the Caps redesign competition going on right now. Here is the latest entry...

Ryan C. 

Don't forget to vote, and send in those concepts!!!

COTW-October vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)

COTW Nov 4-10 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)

Washington Capitals ReDesign (entries due Friday @ noon Eastern)

On to the TWO concepts... Yeah. Just two. More on that later... 


Lucas D.- Grizzlys Wolfsburg (DEL) 
Lucas redesigns the Grizzlys from the German Ice Hockey League. (Deutsche Eishockey Liga in German) If you're super confused about why a team in WOLFsburg is called the Grizzlys, don't worry! You're not the only one. Supposedly they're named after Grizzly Adams... I'm not entirely sure though.
  • I like the sleeve length yoke with the kinda ripped stripes on it
  • They're a very orange-heavy team, so nice job keeping them that way
  • That font doesn't exactly scream grizzlys
  • It's overall a little to simple. I feel like it's missing something...
  • The back collar is white, while the front is orange. I'm assuming that was an execution error, and not intentional
  • Also I don't know if you've seen this, but I think all DEL teams are using the German flag as collar inserts now.
 My rating: A nice concept for an interesting team, but could use a little work. 8/10 

Brooks F.- Carolina Hurricane (What-if NHL)
Brooks made his concept for today based off of a story from Icethetics.co about what the Carolina Hurricanes might have become after moving from Hartford. I'll let you read the story for yourself (here), but basically, Ken Loh, a professional designer, who's work includes the Burger King logo, and the Columbus Blue Jacket's CJB and lime green stinger logo, created this logo and it was pretty close to being considered. Brooks takes those unused logos and color scheme, and creates the jerseys for them! 
  • I really like the heavy use of purple. It looks great! 
  • I also like the Wave pattern created by the stripes!
  • Font also fits in very nicely
  • The coloring of the numbers on both seems a bit off. The Black jersey numbers could use some of that bronze color, and considering the white jersey needs more black, maybe go with black numbers??? 
My rating: An outstanding what-if concept! 9/10 and my COTW nominee!
Well that's all the concepts for today, so for the rest of the post I'm going to talk about why we only had two concepts...


The well of concepts is drying up, to put it in the words of our administrator Ryan...

We really need more concepts to be sent in by you guys! COTW and COTY don't really work if we don't get any concepts submissions. I know it's kinda a crazy time where everything is happening at once. With the election, football and other fall sports should be ending, and winter sports just about to start, it's a mess! But just give us what you got! It doesn't have to be a full-fledged home, road, and alt. uniform set, it could just be one sweater! Even a logo! And don't worry about a bad concept, we're gonna help you get better with our critiques! That's what we're here for! To help you show off your work, and get better! 

So I'm gonna help break that creative stall, by giving you guys some ideas! 

  • Try combining different eras of a team into one jersey! Like the Flying V's + Spaghetti Skate, and then the Orcas! But don't limit yourself to just the NHL! Try the AHL, ECHL, NCAA, European Leagues, anything! 
  • Use some crazy colors for a team, and make sure they don't look like a giant clown!
  • Maybe even try making a jersey for a specific time period. Like take an O6 team and redesign them like they were introduced in the 90's! 
Well that's all for today! Hope you enjoyed it, and don't forget to send in those concepts!!!
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Unknown said...

I'll send in what I got

winnipegjets96 said...

COTW Nom to Brooks.

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