Welcome to this week's Tuesday post!!! I mean you could take the title as talking about Election Day today, but I'm really talking about the COTW! It's your duty and right as a reader on HJC to vote for your favorite concepts!!! So go out there and pick the winner!!!

HEY! There's actually some news!!! We have the official date of the announcing of the Las Vegas NHL team's name and logo! I'm not sure if jerseys will be included then, but I highly doubt it...
(Here's my source

In other news, the Blues and Blackhawks Winter Classic Sweaters were leaked by the NHL shop online... They were taken down pretty quickly, but word got out, so the Blues announced that they will unveil their jerseys on Wednesday 

Here are the leaked jerseys... They're not from a direct source, but it's hard to do that when the teams haven't officially announced the sweaters yet.

The Blues sweater is based off of their 1967 look, including the vintage collar! They do have NOB however... If this is the actual jersey, then I'm giving it a solid 8/10! 

The Hawks on the other hand seem like a cross between their 2015 Winter Classic Jersey  with the shoulder logo on the sleeve stripes, and the 2016 Stadium Series Jersey with the HUGE stripes. And then they just slapped on a vintage logo... And ruined the vintage look with a tie-down collar. 5/10...

Well that's all the news for today... 


COTW vote Oct 28 - Nov 3 (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
Get your The Season entries in by Nov 11!

On to the three concepts for today!!!


Cole W.- Team Alberta Concept 
Cole continues his Canadian Providential concept series with Alberta today! 

  • I really like the logo, and how you incorporated the Team Canada skating man part of the logo. Very good! 
  • I also like the simple striping and yoke
  • I really like the gold chin strap. I don't really know why...


  • NEVER EVER EVER use white pants... They look like giant diapers on the players, and really throw off the color balance. If you used the blue pants for the white jersey, it would add some much needed blue and yellow to the jersey.
  • The names are WAY to small... They would be unreadable from the stands
  • I'm also not sure the Shoulder patch and flags are necessary... You already have Alberta mentioned on the logo 

My rating: A decent concept that could still use some work. 6.5/10

Lucas D.- Minnesota Wild (NHL)
Lucas gives us a new update to the Minnesota Wild with his concept today! 

  • I really like the main logo front and center on the regular home and road
  • I also like the road jersey that's mostly the same, including red numbers!
  • I don't know why you flipped the stripes compared to our current alt. and road, but it looks great!
  • Very, very, very impressed with the Alt. I love that jersey! It keeps the same look and feel of the Current home, but adds a striping pattern that matches the home and road. Fantastic!!! 
  • I also like the sublimated tree pattern...


  • While I like the tree pattern, the light green on the green jersey doesn't work as well... It also could benefit for some more red, so maybe try the trees in red?

My rating: A very solid concept for the Wild, and one that matches the striping pattern! 9/10 and my COTW NOMINEE!!!! 

Zeke G.- Arizona Coyotes 20th Anniversary Jersey (NHL)
Zeke created a faux-back jersey for the Coyotes' 20th anniversary season this year!

  • The Kachina pattern making a return is great! 
  • I really like the Chest stripe! 
  • Good choice on the jersey font! 


  • Your anniversary patch has a different shade of brick red than on your jersey...
  • The logo is decent choice, but the burnt orange on the logo stands out like a sore thumb... When the Yotes used that logo, they used it on the green and burnt orange desert jersey
  • The #OB is too low, off centered, and needs a MUCH thicker outline around it

My rating: A very nice looking anniversary jersey, but a few execution errors are holding you back... 7/10

Well that's all for today! Don't forget to VOTE!!!! Definitely for COTW if you're underage, or Canadian... If you are the Legal American Voting Age, then go vote twice! Once for us of course!

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