Thursday: Slow News Week

Hello everyone, welcome back!

Another slow week in terms of jersey news, so nothing to report here. I would imagine to expect some of these to release soon, but I've seen no dates announced unless I managed to miss something.

But another short intro leaves you more time again to go vote, so stop by the COTW and Flames comp page and leave your votes! Also, if you're taking part in The Season your entries are due NEXT Friday, the 11th.

COTW vote Oct 21-27 (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
Calgary Flames ReDesign Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
The Season Entries (due Friday, November 11 @ noon Eastern)

Well let's just get on with it then.


Ben S. - Bemidji State University
+This design looks like a mix between the Red Wings and Nordiques, which are both solid jerseys. Sensible move for a college team.
-Slightly uncreative, though.
+The tree pattern looks pretty good on both jerseys, I like how it's identical on each down to the color. Good choice keeping it on just the hem too, it'd get busy if it was on the arms.
+The script logo on the white jersey looks pretty good, and the wordmark on the green is also a college hockey look.
-I think a logo would still look better, though.
+Good choices with the equipment designs. Everything fits the simple look.
Overall: 8/10

Glen W. - Team Canada
+I'm surprised I don't see more double red concepts for Canada, it makes things more interesting than just red with white and more logical than red and black.
+If you're gonna keep black, it should remain as trim like you have it.
+A simple design fits Canada well.
-Keep the striping patterns consistent, though. The bottom light red stripe on the arms is thicker than on the hem. The hem stripes go up a bit too high, too.
-Logo looks a tad small.
-Good font choice.
Overall: 8/10

Scott G. - Centennial Classic
+For a vintage looking game, these are very vintage and historical looking jerseys.
+Really like the red accents in the Leafs' design.
-Full red numbers may be a bit too much though...I'm on the fence about that.
+Great font choices.
-The back number on the Wings jersey looks slightly off centered.
+I actually like the vintage white on the Wings' jersey. I usually don't like vintage white.
+The canvas gloves are great, and canvas pants would be something worth experimenting with.
-I think the Leafs would look better with their current logo on the chest. The one you used looks a bit more modern than it should be.
Overall: 9.5/10 and my COTW nomination

Spencer R. - Alberta Flames
+This only seems like a logical possibility if the Oilers move or fold, but if it did happen adopting the Atlanta Flames logo is a good idea.
+If the intention was to separate from the Calgary brand, using black as the primary helps with that.
+I really like the font you used, it fits perfect on a modern design like this.
-It's a bit too plain of a design though, it's barely anything more than solid colored side panels, which isn't a great template to use anyways.
-The pant stripes go up too high, they should cut off at the waist.
-The road could use a bit more black to balance the colors.
Overall: 6/10

Taylor R. - Saskatoon Blades
+You seem to be one who likes keeping home and road jersey patterns the same, down to colors. I always like when that's possible, and it works pretty well here.
+You took advantage of their color scheme well. The subtle light blue accents look great.
+That font fits perfectly.
-The numbers may be just a bit too condensed, though.
+I think just the sword from that logo would look better as the primary if you could isolate it. Or the shoulder patch, but I think that's still better suited to the shoulder.
+Good consistency through the set.
Overall: 9/10


And that's all for today! I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you all again next week.
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