Monday: Qoncept Quartet

Welcome to another Monday post on HJC.

Safe to say I'm not really happy with the Jets as a whole this year, but players like Tanev, Ehlers and of course Laine/Buffs/Scheifele/Wheeler have been doing their parts, but goaltending needs to improve if this team doesn't wanna be out of the Central by January and fighting with Vancouver for the #1 draft lottery choice. I'd expect Burmistrov to be traded within the month and something done about goaltending by the new year if not sooner. I'm not calling this season lost, but it's time to kickstart things! Again, I'm not calling things bad, but they aren't good and don't expect Nashville to stay slow for the whole season.

Not much to discuss in jersey news, we've seen a few veterans day/remembrance day jerseys in the CHL and as a reminder remember to buy you poppy in Canada (not sure what the equivalent  in the US but do that) and donate to your local legions! Usually teams will auction off their specialty jerseys to donate to their local legion and veterans charities so if you want to pick up a special jersey and do some good then throw some bids into the charity auctions.

I will say I am a huge fan of the SSM Greyhounds' jersey.

We won't have a new redesign competition until Friday so stay tuned for news on that. I can tell you it'll be a very patriotic contest and say nothing else.

Stay tuned for more news on The Season and those who entered (and you know how you are) get your entries ready for this Friday. Voting starts on Saturday. If you have any questions or wanna look at the 3 divisions, check out the S on the side of the blog or the most recent Weekend Update. Have to say I like the 3 black, gold & white teams (Bruins, Penguins & Brynas IF) in the same division, but I have a feeling we'll see something unique from every team, and those 3 particularly will hopefully be a great example of how colour schemes can be used to make a team unique.

As usually COTW has reset for the week, so don't forget to vote for that!

COTW vote Oct 28 - Nov 3 (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
Get your The Season entries in by Nov 11!

On with today's 4 concepts!


Philadelphia Flyers Concept (By: Zeke G.)

+ While I have mixed feelings on the Flyers 50th jersey, I am a huge fan of their previous alternate and would have liked to see something like this- a white version of that jersey with a few tweaks
+ Good colour lay out through most of the jersey, especially keeping the numbers black on the back
+ Gold outline 
+ It's a simple jersey, but it does its job
+ Good execution

- Sock stripes are much too large and should be the same thickness as the stripes on the arms and hem
- Primary logo and NOB are a bit too small
- The collar either needs some colour or adding a black yoke with an orange outline would make this jersey look a lot fuller on the top half, either works

Rating: 8.5/10 

Team British Columbia Concepts (By: Cole W.)

+ Absolutely love the idea behind this series, and can't wait for the rest of the series
+ Colour scheme matches the BC flag very well
+ Simple striping, but it works with the relatively simple logo

- NOB is much too small
- Striping is a little too thin, but more of an issue is the stitching not ending at the hem stripes
- I would heavily avoid using white pants, blue pants would look much better with the white jersey
- Pant striping should stop at under the top part of the pants 
- More of a preference thing but I would have swapped the primaries, so the mainly white logo is on the blue jersey and vice versa

Rating: 6.75/10 

East Carolina Pirates NCAA Concepts (By: Matt D.)

+ I love the black and white alternate, don't change a thing
+ I do like the colour layout on the front of the purple jersey
+ The bone stripe or under primary logo logo is a unique idea

- The template is REALLY simple, a little too simple for my taste
- There's not black stripe on the front of the purple jersey when there is on the back
- The colour balancing between the home and road is really off, and on top of that the striping is far too simple to balance them well
- No TV numbers, or pant stripes, or shoulder patches

Rating: 5/10

Pittsburgh Penguins Concepts (By: Zeke G.)

+ I love the idea behind this concept, a good blend of the old alternate and something the Pens have never done, a traditional chest stripe jersey 
+ Colour layout is perfect
+ Logo choice is excellent 
+ Also a fan of the numbers on the shoulders 
+ Good execution

- It's minor, but matching the collar insert white would add some colour 
- NOB is too high 
- Sock stripes are every too slightly large and should the the same width on that hem stripe 

Rating: 8.5/10 COTW Nom from me! 

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Ben Shaffer said...

Second Zeke's Pens for COTW.

Unknown said...

Cole W for COTW, very good use of the BC Minor Hockey Logo

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