Monday: Cannonball Run

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As I'm sure by now you're sick of the reviews of the Vegas Golden Knights logos, I'll keep this short I like them but I don't love them. One thing worth mentioning is the use of red with a shade of gold and black has been done a couple times by the Bruins on their anniversary logos in 1999 & 2004, While I can't say I'd want the Bruins to do this, I am glad a team is doing this not named the WBS Penguins. That being said it is a very early 2000s design choice, something that former HJC writer Caz W. brought up after the unveiling. The primary itself is nice, the hidden V and the simplicity make it appealing, but the lack of red hurts it. We already have descriptions of the jerseys, so now we wait until those are unveiled and the roster is made in June and we'll have the Golden Knights we'll know and love in NHL 18.

The Penguins stadium series jerseys are a 9/10 from me, but it got me thinking about what the Flyers are going to wear. Philly doesn't have the steel town look to play off of but I'm thinking we might get some industrial looking jerseys from a  team that traditionally goes very traditional hockey or curvy. This will be the last major team jersey unveiling until the Leafs give us the St. Pats jersey in March, and perhaps more throwbacks (cough cough, Arenas jersey). We're also coming up on ASG jerseys, which I predict will be silver, black and white with some sort of unique aspect to it either in the striping, logo or numbers like the past couple of seasons. Last year's jerseys were saved by not only a great set of games, but also the font used....yes...the font saved those jersey from being the worst.

We did get an unveiling in the AHL, where Bakersfield has shown the world what Edmonton could have done with the Heritage Classic to give the fans a new jersey. Of course they are just slapping their logo on the original Alberta Oilers white jerseys and making them vintage white/creme.

Photo from Bakersfield Condor Official Twitter @Condors
I really like this jersey, I was looking forward to seeing it at the HC but this is the next best thing. The only issue I have is the collar. The originals had thicker blue outlines and that would add some much needed colour. The creme works in the logo's favour, as condors neck brace looking things are more creme coloured in real life. The only other nick pick comes with he numbers not being in the yoke, but I get they had to make room for the parent club logo and event logo, which otherwise would be crowding the front of the jerseys.

Rating: 8.25/10

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On to today's 8 concepts!


Lake Erie Monsters of Cleveland Concepts (By: Bradley D.)

+ If memory serves correctly the Monsters used that M logo as a primary logo in the early edge days, and yeah I think it makes for a better primary that the current primary with this colour scheme 
+ Colours are pretty well balanced on the away jersey 
+ Good execution

- White jersey and socks need more blue on it
- Gloves are much too dark
- While I like the font chosen on the back, it doesn't really go well together with the angled logo

Rating: 7/10

Lake Erie Monsters of Cleveland Concept (By: Bradley D.)

+ Despite the CLE logo being used as a parent club logo, it looks pretty good outside of the Blue Jackets design 
+ Good colour balancing on the jersey, the dark colours work in favour unlike on the home and road
+ Good logo choices 
+ Good execution

- The CLE would look better in white to match the numbers
- Same issue with the numbers not matching the logo 
- Collar should be a different colour in some way to help it stand out 
- Primary logo is pixelated

Rating: 6.75/10

Pittsburgh Penguins Concept (By: DT Concepts)

+ I've always liked the idea of blending the 70s baby blue (something that if you're sick of baby blue in sports now you'd hate the 70s) and the robopen era jerseys, this really works. I'ms sure some will think otherwise but I like this idea
+ There are clearly 3 eras of Penguins history and that would make for a greta 50th anniversary jersye
+ The integration of the Robopen era striping isn't perfect, but it works pretty well, more of a sublimated pattern than an actual yoke
+ Goo deduction 

- Should like to see the Robopen on the shoulders 
- Numbers NEED an outline! 
- While I can understand why the yoke would need to be sub laminated, the arms don't 

Rating: 8/10

Columbus Blue Jackets Concepts (By: Avi S.)

+ Nice to see the cannon out of the roundel, looks great
+ Striping looks excellent, the non matching hem striping works well and the stars are always a nice touch 
+ The jersey itself as a whole reminds me of the Cleveland Crusaders jerseys
+ Great colour balancing 
+ Excellent execution

- More of a preference but I would have gone with inverted laces

Rating: 9.75/10 COTW Nom from me on the alternate 

University of Vermont Catamounts Concepts (By: Taylor R.)

+ Nice bright colours help make up for the lack of those colours in the logo
+ Striping looks excellent and matches the V
+ Excellent execution, adding the NCAA hockey conference logo, and good logo choices 
+ Great colour balancing 
+ Curved name bare

- Captain's A is a little too large
- I would have changed the outline of the yoke to match the stripes, white yoke, yellow interior outline, white outer outline 

Rating: 9.5/10

Pittsburgh Penguins Concepts (By: Avi S.)

+ While we're all fans of the Stadium Series jerseys in most ways, this is the yellow alternate that'd be widely loved full time, excellent edge conversion
+ New font looks excellent & nice inverted laces
+ Yellow gear looks great, would have thought it wouldn't work but I stand corrected
+ Excellent execution 

- Part of me really digs the yellow gear, but it should be used sparingly, that being said the helmet should remain yellow on both (and get the yellow helmets on the white jerseys on occasion)
- It'd be interesting to put the Robopen as the primary, or a roundel, experiment to try to move this away from a direct copy 

Rating: 9.75/10

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