Wednesday: WHAT TIME IS IT?


It's finally here! WELCOME TO THE 2016-17 SEASON! And we have four premier rivalry games to kick it off, with more rivalries tomorrow, two all-Canadian match-ups and two all-American match-ups too keep both TV companies happy

First we have the new-look Maple Leafs visiting the need-a-new-look Senators in an early preview for the race to the bottom on Rogers SportsNet.

An hour later on NBCSN in the States we get a pleasing game in terms of design as the Blues travel to Chicago to play the Blackhawks.

Then after the first game wraps up, we travel to the Battle of Alberta to see if the Flames can get back to their form from two years ago with newly resigned Johnny Gaudreau, against a team looking to finish their rebuild in the Oilers.

Shortly afterwards, two-thirds of California go at it, as So-Cal visits No-Cal: Kings and Sharks from the Tank.

And to keep up with the excitement, we have a redesign competition for the Carolina Hurricanes. Get going! Here are some more entries for today's viewing pleasure:

Lucas D:

Cole W:

Brooks F:

Two votes this week: Concept of the Week and COTW-September.

Concept of the Week Sep 30-Oct 6 Voting due Friday @ noon
COTW-September Voting due Friday @ noon
Carolina Hurricanes Redesign Entries Due Friday Oct 14th,2016 @ noon


Brooks F: Saint John Sea Dogs (QMJHL) Concept

This is what I call dynamic striping. The main set flows with the logo almost perfectly, the alternate calms things down a little bit but not too much. I've never been a fan of that alternate logo itself but the jersey makes things a little better. The fonts are a great choice. I love the pant stripe. No need for shoulder patches on the main set.  I have nothing else to complain about, except maybe shifting the logo down slightly so that you can have a properly sized QMJHL logo there. Brilliant.

Rating: 92%

Cole W: Saskatoon Blues Concept

Back in the 1980s there were plans to relocate the Blues to Saskatoon, SK. While those plans were ultimately unsuccessful, it seems like an interesting story that CBC will present to us in documentary form next year. Cole decided that the only changes were to simplify things in the striping. However Cole presents it to us in a flawed manner. From an execution standpoint, the name and numbers on the back are too small. On that CCM cut, numbers would more often than not overlap or directly border the portion of the jersey the fight strap was sewn on to, and that area was much lower on the jersey than we see here. Secondly, the logo is a bit small. It seems off centered, but that's due to the shape of the logo itself. Thirdly, YOWS. Any loyal HJC reader will know that means "Yellow-On-White Syndrome". That shade of yellow isn't bold enough to stand on its own against a white jersey. That is why the Blues' original white jersey's yokes were more complex than you have them here. from a distance you couldn't tell that there was yellow on that yoke and the yellow arm and hem stripes are too faint to see. Back to the drawing board before we go back to Canada.

Rating: 63%

Taylor S: Team USA (IIHF) Concept

Taylor, remember when I was lambasted for sending in concepts without ID? Normally I do but I was lazy in those cases and sent in concepts that were incomplete without triple checking them. Take it from me. Don't do what I did. That aside, I want to point out some execution notes before I comment on the patterns themselves. First of all, and this isn't necessarily against you, more against Reebok, I hate working with that template. Secondly, the name and numbers are not consistently sized on each jersey, as the dark jersey has wider numbers than the white jersey, and neither of them are centered properly. Third, TV numbers? Fourth, stitching ends at the hem stripe, and coloring the hem below existing striping looks bad. Fifth, the stars exceed the template lines on the top of the yoke, and the way they are positioned, its as if two stars are touching each other on the shoulder view as I'll demonstrate below:

This is an approximate recreation of the top view of your jersey. Notice the stars are touching. Give them some breathing room. Sixth, since when did the USA play in the NHL? Get that branding out of here. Seventh, speaking of branding, that Reebok logo is not only poorly colored (black against navy blue with white insides), it is also outdated. Eighth, the inside of the navy jersey is not colored properly.

As for the design idea itself, It's not too  bad of a look, especially the navy jersey. The one thing I'd do to improve the white jersey is to make the entire area under the hem striping blue, and make the lower arm panels white. I don't know why the jersey cuffs are white on any of the jerseys. Maybe make that logo a bit bigger and dump the numbers on the front. They were dopey when the Islanders had them and I'm glad they're gone. Buffalo fans I still feel bad for you with them. The Sharks dumped them for good this year after replacing them last year with the 25th Anniversary patch. The gold striping is a nice touch considering the logo used but without the blue surrounding it on the hem, it's hard to see. Considering this is only your second concept I've seen here from you, you have great ideas but you need to clean up your presentation big time if you want to have a shot at Concept of the Week.

Rating: 45%

Zeke G: Philadelphia Flyers Concept

That name on the back is extremely short, but in height, not length. Gostisbehere is one of the lengthiest names in hockey, so unfortunately it doesn't help with the look on the back of it. The other thing that doesn't work IMO is the vintage white, but I've just never been a fan of it ever. It's a nice vintage look look right now but at the same time I think this would look spectacular with normal white and a deeper orange, maybe a black collar too?

Rating: 82%

The winner of my Concept of the Week Nomination is:



It's the most wonderful time of the year!
When the puck is a droppin
And fighters are poppin
And goals cause great cheer!
It's the most wonderful time of the year!

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Unknown said...

I'll admit the series got off to a rough start, haven't done many concepts for a while. Hey it's not a bad start. (I don't think I fix the Numbers size going forward, oh well)

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 2nd Brooks F. a vast improvement over that the Sea Dogs wear these days (

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