Tuesday: Read It and Weep! (Over how beautiful these jerseys are!!)

Welcome to this Tuesday's post! And it's a long one! There's nothing new for jersey news today, so I've decided to say more about me! First I wanted to say that I'm a finalist in the Icethetics.co Stingrays competition, if you read that too... Second I'm going to show you my top 10 favorite hockey jerseys from anywhere, any time! I just thought I'd say something more about what I think are great designs! There may be some unpopular opinions, but hey! It's my list! And this is in no particular order...

Boston Bruins Road jersey : Current
I just absolutely love this look! I hope they never change!

Detroit Red Wings road jersey: Current
The iconic look of the Red Wings is amazing! From the arched nameplates to the colored sleeves... Beautiful!

Edmonton Oilers road Jersey: Current
It's the kinda jersey that makes you think of Wayne Gretzky and company!

Hartford Whalers Road Jersey: 1992-1997
 Hard not to like anything from the Whale! Most people don't like the silver, because it messes up a great logo. This is true, but the addition of silver on the stripes was wonderful! 

Minnesota Golden Gophers Home Jersey: Current

It's definitely a modern classic! And the yellow helmets are outstanding! 

Minnesota North Stars Road Jersey: 1978-1988
My semi-unpopular opinion is that the North Stars always looked much better without black... That's why I love these green ones. They were best in N-Stars history. The colors just popped, and the drop shadow on the numbers and logo is fantastic! 

Minnesota Wild Road Jerseys: ALL TIME

Not counting shoulder patch and template changes, the Minnesota Wild have always had great white jerseys! I'm proud to own both! 

New York Rangers Home Jersey: Current
Gotta Love a classic!!!

San Jose Sharks Road Jersey: 1991-1998
The Sharks inaugural jerseys were the definition of perfect! I'm glad they threw back to them this year, but they should have never changed! That striping pattern is perfect!!! 

Well that's all of them!!! 

We also have the Sens redesign competition going on right now in the voting phase! So don't for get about that! Also we have a new week to vote for on COTW

COTW Sept 23-29 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
Senators Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)

 On to the Concepts!


Zeke G.- New York Rangers (NHL)

 Zeke redesigns the current Rangers Alt. into a road one!
  • The Rangers have tried Cream before, for the 2012 Winter Classic, and both really work! Props for that...
  • The Rangers shield logo on the shoulders adds a little more color
  • I like the blue heavy striping. The Rangers to me have always been a more blue-first team so, good choice there
  • Like I said before, I like the blue heavy look of the concept, so the wordmark in red kinda disappears into the cream, and doesn't look as good.
  • Where's the arched nameplate??? The NOB is also going up to the right...
  • The #OB look a little too far apart
  • Some pixels are leaking onto the outline of the template, just be careful in things like that
My rating: A very solid jersey that fits in nicely with the branding of the Rangers, a very classic look. 6.5/10

Phil B.- Minnesota Wild (NHL)

Phil tries his hand here at fixing the look of my favorite team, the Minnesota Wild! 
  • I like the unity between the two sets
  • The Red outlining on the home numbers adds some red without really forcing it into the sweater
  • Red numbers on road, like current looks good!
  • I really like the shoulder yoke that looks more like the striping pattern. 
  • I like the red collar on the road as well
  • The colors of the logo on the road should be reversed, as it doesn't look too good in red. The green stars and WILD part of the logo are really hard to see because they blend right into the red workmark. It's a little too much red compared to the green jersey, and the logo being green will definitely help balance it out.
  • NOB (Name on back) on the road jersey should be green as well.
  • The stripes on the pants give off an upside down feel compared to the striping pattern. I can't explain this real well, but the smaller stripe should go to the right of the larger one. It would just feel more in unison. Also ditching the stripes in the breezers might make this concept a little less busy as well...
My rating: A lot of good ideas, but it could definitely be improved a cleaned up a little... 7/10 

Lucas D.- Carolina Hurricanes De-Edged (NHL) 
Here we have Lucas continuing his De-Edge series, with the next inSTAALment as the Hurricanes!
  • Return of the Flag pattern is a great decision!
  • Current number font looks great on these jerseys! 
  • I like the dropping of silver, it really simplifies everything. Bringing back more black on the red jersey is great too.  
  • Love the collars
  • Stripes on the sleeves are way to far down
  • There's not enough black on the white jersey. Maybe try black numbers like the current jerseys? 
  •  The white jerseys also seem a little bare compared to the reds. 
My rating: Overall a much more fitting look for the Hurricanes! 8.5/10 

Lucas D.- South Carolina Stingrays (ECHL) 25th Anniversary Jersey 
The South Carolina Stingrays have been hold a jersey contest through Icethetics.co, and this is Lucas's entry! 
  • The simplicity of the sweater is very nice, and works very well with the Stingrays identity. 
  • Striping pattern looks great! 
  • I love the silver added to the color scheme. 
  • The Silver is very hard to see on the numbers and stripes, as it blends into the white. However it works well as being a very subtle, yet significant part of the sweater. Very nicely done!


  • Not much here, other than the grey in the logo is a little darker than the silver elsewhere. 
My rating: An absolute fantastic jersey, and I hope it does well in the competition! 9/10 AND MY COTW NOMINATION!!! 
(And As a side note, I wrote the critique about your jersey on Sunday night. I chose it as my COTW nominee that night too. Monday afternoon, they unveiled the Finalists. I was very surprised that you did not make it. Mine did, and I was very worried about losing to your concept, as it was a whole lot better than mine! This is an outstanding concept, and I hope you do well in the COTW!)

Ryan C.- Team North America U23 (WCofH; NHL)  
Ryan redesigns the Team North America from the WCofH!
  • I really like the matching sweaters!
  • Love the addition of more orange on the White sweater
  • Collars look fantastic
  • I really like the striping pattern
  • I'm really disappointed in how much little orange there is on the black sweater compared to what the actual team wore. You have white a lot more prominent than the orange. I like the striping pattern, but the black sweater doesn't look as good as the white.
  • Where's the arched namplates? I really liked those...
  • Also, the number font change was a downgrade, as the number font you used doesn't really match the logo nicely.
 My rating: Definitely more traditional sweaters, but maybe for a team that doesn't need them? Still a very solid concept! 7/10


Well that's all for today! Don't forget Vote! See you guys next week!
Tuesday: Read It and Weep! (Over how beautiful these jerseys are!!) Reviewed by Chase A. Carlson on October 04, 2016 Rating: 5


Lucas D. said...

Thanks, Chase! Good luck in the finals, you definitely deserve to be there!

Chase A. Carlson said...

Thank you Lucas!!!

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