Tuesday: ONE. MORE. SLEEP.

THE NHL IS BACK TOMORROW BABY!!! I'm super excited for this year! I just can't wait to watch the Wild again! I can already hear LaPanta's (Wild's TV play-by-play) voice screaming "SCOOOOOOOORE!"

In jersey news however, the South Carolina Stingrays unveiled the winner of the contest and their 25th Anniversary jersey. Congrats to Benjamin Rajaobelina! It was a good contest, and the fans definitely chose a great jersey! 

We also have the Carolina Hurricanes redesign competition going on right now! So don't forget to get your concepts in! Here are the latest entries

Ryan C. 
John E. 
 Don't forget to Vote!!!!!

Concept of the Week Sep 30-Oct 6 Voting due Friday @ noon
COTW-September Voting due Friday @ noon
Carolina Hurricanes Redesign Entries Due Friday Oct 14th,2016 @ noon

 On to the concepts!!! 


Lucas D.- St. John's IceCaps (AHL)
 Lucas redesigns the St. John's IceCaps from last year! 
  • The Striping pattern keeps the Habs feel to it, but doesn't copy them exactly.
  • I really like the square yoke!
  • The white sweater is really red heavy, and could use some more blue
  • I know that the numbers have an outline, but it's just too thin, and really hard to see...
 My Rating: A great concept for the IceCaps, and something I would have loved to have seen them play in last year! 7/10

Zeke G.- Ottawa Senators (NHL) 
Zeke creates a road alternate in his concept today! 
  • I really like the half & half design
  •  Another good square yoke that works well with this concept!
  • I like the logo and font selection!
  • Good execution of the number 19 on the sleeves! 
  • The faux-white anywhere on the concepts just does not work. It bleeds into the white and you wouldn't be able to see it at all. 
  •  Your #OB is off-centered, and way to far down... Use the Habs number placement as a good example on how to place numbers on the back of a jersey with chest stripes
My rating: A very good concept, but could use some cleaning up. You're ALMOST there on this one. 6.5/10

Taylor S.- Buffalo Hockey Club
Taylor here tries an NFL-Buffalo Hockey history crossover! This also looks like your first concept on HJC!
  • It looks like a cross over from the Bills to a hockey jersey, but with the Old Buffalo Bisons logos on it. The striping pattern is identical to the Bills and it looks great! 
  • I like the old bills logo as a shoulder patch
  • I also like that the white jersey has a little bit more blue than the bills do!
  •  The hemline stripe on the white jersey doesn't really fit and clutters up an already busy look.
  • Faux shoulder yoke piping is a terrible Reebok fad, and is unnecessary...
  • I'm not so sure about visibility od the grey jersey's numbers. I feel like they would be very hard to read  
  •  Also there's no need to fill in the top of the socks on the white and alt. jersey. You're not going to be able to see that color anyways, because it would be under the breezers. You also may be thinking that you needed to add that to give a little more color, but that's just not the case. (If you don't understand, I'll explain more at the end of the post.) 
My rating: A very good start to your concepting career, but it still needs some work. Don't worry, you'll only get better from here! 6/10

Brooks F.- Sherbrooke Phoenix (QMJHL; CHL)
Brooks continues his QMJHL redesign with the Sherbrooke Phoenix! 
  • I really like the simplification of the sweaters. This striping pattern is much better than their current Nashville Predators template copy...
  • I like that you kept the faux-white jersey color for the light jersey
  • I really like the lightning bolt's on the jersey
  • The alt is fantastic, nothing to really complain about there! 
  • I really wish you would have kept the light powder blue in the color scheme, that would have really skyrocketed this concept. 
  • This is more of just a side note, but if I didn't know any better, I would think that this concept is for the Bolts! I mean you have actual bolts on the jersey, and Struman's name looks a lot like Anton Stralman's name too! (Okay, Phoenix on the alt is a dead give away for the team, but I just wanted to say this! Haha!) 
My Rating: I much better update for the Phoenix! 8/10 and my COTW Nominee! 


Now I'm going to finish out the post talking about stripe placement on socks...

The socks on the top picture are correct. Players often wear their socks in all different heights. A stripe closer the bottom of the actual sock create a normal effect on where the stripes are supposed to go. If the stripes are too high like on the bottom picture, then for a player to have the stripe visible he would almost not be wearing them! And as for green splotches on the top of the sock, you can see that the color spot would be almost, if not completely covered up by the breezers. One thing to remember when making socks, the top section is just a template cut that allows for flexibility and to wick more sweat away from the player. Other than that, their not used as an area to put stripes.
Well that's all I have for today! Come back next week for more from me! And don't forget to watch some REAL hockey tomorrow! (And, ya know, VOTE!)
Tuesday: ONE. MORE. SLEEP. Reviewed by Chase A. Carlson on October 11, 2016 Rating: 5


Ben Shaffer said...

Second Brooks F. for COTW- I'd love to see a Bolts concept with that design, too.

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 3rd Brooks for COTW

I really dig John's Hurricanes entry, should be a tough competition to win

Anonymous said...

Props for the concept with the old buffalo bisons bottle cap logo!

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