Thursday: Q&A

Last week, I told you guys I was doing a Q&A this week. I only got one question in the past week. So I'll leave the offer open for another week if anyone has another question. Just leave it in the comments!

Let's get to the question asked for today...

Quick answer: No

I know a good few people may disagree, but I also think you can't really look at the league as a whole for this question. There are some teams who ended up with major upgrades through the edge redesign, like Boston, Tampa (logo wise), and San Jose, in my opinion. A few ended up downgrading: Pittsburgh, Ottawa, Edmonton, Dallas, many more examples. Other teams (excluding those whose design didn't change) just made a lateral move, I'd say Columbus, Washington, and Vancouver, at least, are among that group. So overall, I think the league's designs would have been better off in 07-08 if the designs didn't change, but I think it was for the better overall, as many teams have fixed their terrible original Edge designs, and there's still progress to be made, but I like the modern direction the look of the NHL took with the Edge takeover.

A few things voting and entry wise this week. The usual COTW vote is still on, along with the COTW September vote, and the Hurricanes comp. entries. Go leave some quick votes, and if you're feeling really inspired, drop us a competition entry.

Concept of the Week Sep 30-Oct 6 Voting due Friday @ noon
COTW-September Voting due Friday @ noon
Carolina Hurricanes Redesign Entries Due Friday Oct 14th,2016 @ noon

Hurricanes Comp Entries:

Danny R. 

Justin N.

Ryan H.

Avi S.


Bradley D. - Las Vegas Desert Knights
+Always have to give credit for designing your own logo, its tough when you aren't a professional.
+Good choice of coloring.
-I'm not sure the diamond behind the helmet is necessary.
+Having the poker chip design as the plume is a really nice idea.
-Although that plume, along with the rest of the helmet, looks really flat and blocky. Add a bit more of a neckline and the protruding "visor" of the mask especially, and it'll look much less flat.
Overall: 6/10

+Same thing about commending you for designing your own logo.
-Realistically, I believe Vegas was trying to stay away from gambling references. This is a concept though, so why not do whatever you want?
+This is a pretty solid secondary, and uses both gambling and knight symbolism well.
-I'm not a fan of the cards in the middle, they look out of place. I do think something should go in the middle though. Only one card could possibly work. 
-I'd keep the outlines pointy instead of rounded on the pointed corners. This may just be my personal design style, though.
Overall: 7/10

+I can say I've never really seen a design like this before. It would be smart for Vegas to do something to set them apart from the rest of the league.
-The black jersey looks a bit plain, I'd color the hem just like you did on the white jersey.
-The black outline helps, but I still think black numbers would be better on the white jersey.
-The logo could really benefit from removing the diamond in the back when you put it on the jerseys.
+Good color choice, and I think sand would be a good addition.
Overall: 8/10

Brooks F. - Val-d'or Foreurs
+This also is sure a unique design.
+Great logo choice, that primary really needs an overhaul. The one you chose isn't exactly incredible, but it's an improvement.
+The striping pattern itself looks good too.
-The bottom of the hem looks a bit empty.
+I like the traditional direction the alt takes.
-The pattern is a little busy though.
Overall: 9/10 and my COTW nomination

Cole W. - Saskatoon Blues
+I love these alternate history series, I'd like to make one myself if I had an idea. 
-First think I notice, the name and number are way, way too small. I also think the diagonal text should be a bit closer to a square.
+Similar to what I said earlier about how Vegas would be smart to make a design that stands out, it would also be smart here to break into a new identity.
+The amount of color on these uniforms look great.
-The front numbers make the front of the jersey look crowded, and that wasn't really even a thing until the 2000s as far as I remember.
Overall: 7.75/10


That's all for today! I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you all again next week.
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winnipegjets96 said...

funny enough, The Blues actually considered what Cole came up with in the mid 70s, but opted against it in favour of the yellow yolk jerseys.

I feel like I've bene saying this a lot this week but once agin COTW Nom to Brooks F. I really like choosing the mid 200s alternate logo
I also really dig Ryan's alternate for the Canes contest, that's pretty creative

Anonymous said...

Brenden, I have one question:

How did Austin Matthews happen?

Bradley D. said...

The concept for the logos were based off the Army Black Knights' logo. Since they couldn't use that name, I figured their logo would use similar styling. That is why I did not put much depth to the logos. If that was what you were referring to?

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