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Hello everyone, welcome back!

For those of you who use Twitter and follow HJC, you may have seen this tweet...

It hasn't been that long since it was tweeted, but I haven't gotten any questions yet, so either reply to that tweet or leave a comment on this post and ask me some questions. I'll answer anything that seems relevant enough to include, and the rest I'll answer, just not on the post.


This week we have the COTW vote as always, a 1 v. 1 this week, plus the Sens redesign vote. The Hurricanes comp. starts next week, so get your entries ready for that as well (don't send them in until next week, though).

COTW Sept 23-29 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
Senators Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)


Andrew W. - Switzerland
+This design has a very realistic look, keeping with the blocky and simple style of the Adidas WCoH jerseys.
+The "arm patches" on the white jersey to emulate their flag, great idea.
+The drop shadow on the numbers really helps them stand out, especially with the chest striping.
+These look much more like hockey jerseys than their current look...
-The addition of black seems a bit like black for black's sake, but it works well, so I'm not sure if this should even be a negative.
-I like the idea for a cross/C patch, but it just makes the C way too small.
Overall: 8.5/10

Justin N. - Ottawa Senators
+I like the prominence of gold in this one, and the colors are balanced really well.
+Good logo choice, but the alternate "O" (with or without the stripes behind it) may be a better shoulder patch.
+Great typeface. It fits perfectly.
-The gold numbers are a bit hard to read on the red jersey, though.
-It would be nice to see the equipment.
Overall: 9/10 and my COTW nomination

Lucas D. - Ottawa Senators
+Interesting take on the Sens with a sash design like that.
+As opposed to Justin, you made red the prominent color. I'm not really sure which I prefer, but neither are wrong. Good color balance regardless.
+The return of gold and the laurel pattern are good and add a uniqueness to their look.
+Good logo choice throughout.
+As basic as it may be, I love the alternate.
-It's currently not bad, but I think the font choice could be a bit better.
Overall: 8.5/10

Lucas D. - New Jersey Devils
+These jerseys look like a combination of eras for the Devils, I like it.
+The color balance on the white jerseys is perfect now, the current ones need more red.
-The striping on the red jersey looks a bit odd, especially the hem stripe. The thinness of the bottom white stripe makes the other stripe look too high on the hem.
-Seeing the equipment would complete the concept.
Overall: 8/10

Taylor R. - Prince Albert Raiders
+I love this color scheme and you've used it well. Good color balance.
+It's always cool when the stripes are exactly the same, or almost exactly the same, on both jerseys, including colors. You seem to be a big fan of this.
+Good font choice.
-Flip the stripes around on the white socks. They look like they're meant to be primarily green the way you have them. I thought it was the green sock at first.

Overall: 8.5/10


And that's the post! I hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you all again next week.

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Justin Nahhas said...

Thanks for the nom, Brendan!
I was torn on whether or not to use the "O" logo, but I figured I'd try meshing eras as much as possible. In the design process the gold numbers were a good idea, but in hindsight they are definitely hard to read... I appreciate the constructive criticism and I will prepare equipment templates to add to my concepts in the future.

winnipegjets96 said...

Andrew W for COTW

Unknown said...

Podcast Questions.
1. If the Canucks do another throwback, do they do WHL, Flying V, Orca Bay, or Blazers jerseys?

2. If an AHL team goes to Atlanta, do they use the Thrashers name and branding, or do they create new stuff.

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