Sunday: A Tale of Two Teams Part 2!

Hi everybody. If you guys remember last week, I did a story on the San Jose State Club Hockey team and how they're trying to make a name for themselves on the campus. They were part one of my two part series.

This week, I'm talking about a team who plays not to get noticed, but because they still want to play. This team is in the shadow of the Juggernaut varsity team but they don't care. They'd rather let their record do the talking than the numbers in the seats. I'm talking about the Boston College Club Hockey team.

I've always had a love for the Varsity team because of the history and the schools identity has always been one of my favorites. So when the guys over at Rebirth told me that they had the task of giving the club team it's own identity from the varsity team, I felt that it was only right to give some recognition to a team who's success doesn't get as noticed as it should. So without further ado, I give to you the Boston College Club Hockey team's uniforms as done by Rebirth Sports.

All photos and mockups from Rebirth Sports
 After talking with Michael Gilfillan from the Club team, he stated that the club was trying to go with a past and present theme for the uniforms this year. For the crests, they choose to go with the Vintage "BC with eagle" logo and a "Boston College Script" on the Light, while using the current "BC with eagle" logo on the shoulders of both jerseys. The classic style striping is beautiful with the Red-Gold-White color scheme. Overall, I say that Boston College Club Hockey scored big with this whole uniform design. Unfortunately these beautiful creations aren't for sale to the general public, which is sad because I'd love to have one of these.

Like Michael said to me, they work hard in practice so they can keep the high standard of hockey at Boston College, regardless of who sees them do it. To the boys of BC Club Hockey, it's about the game. Not the fame.

We have a new competition going on this week so get your concepts in and don't forget to vote for all the COTW!

COTW Oct 14-20 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
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Chris Weidler- Neumann University Knights
Positives: I had to look this school up and they do have a hockey team and the jerseys are pretty basic. This gives them a much needed upgrade. The striping is much more attractive than the what they have now and it gives them a better identity for their hockey team.
Negatives: Chris I get that you go by "Deked 73 designs" but please put your name as well on the concept because for all we know you could have copied this off of another website. Those italicized numbers on the primary jersey don't really work on this overall design. And Finally, make the sock striping match the uniforms.
Overall: 8.75/10

Justin Nahhas- Carolina Hurricanes
Positives: Yes the hurricane flag striping is on this! getting past that, this is a pretty good looking design too. The minimalist approach that you take actually works with this design compared to what the Hurricanes actually wear. The white jersey also looks really nice too with the red ends.
Negatives: Why the red pants for the alternate? Also, get rid of that white on the socks. Finally, why does this look like a picture?
Overall: 9/10 COTW NOMINEE

Lucas Daitchman- Carolina Hurricanes 
Positives: The striping on the primary set looks really good and it impresses me a lot. It give me a 90's vibe but looks traditional at the same time. As for the alternate, love to see the flag logo on the front and part of the striping as well.
Negatives: That striping on the dark primary is kind of strange as compared to the light. Just make the one stripe white and there you go, two identical looking uniforms.
Overall: 8.5/10

Danny Romkes- Carolina Hurricanes
Positives: I have no problems if the hurricanes change to the alternate logo as the primary on the jersey. Also, that striping is actually pretty interesting. Sure, it boarders being too much but it works for a team called the Hurricanes.
Negatives: I'm not sure where you were going with that alternate jersey. It looks sub-par compared to the primary jerseys. The design of the alternate overall is really nice, minus the white on the sleeves, but what is with the H logo? It looks like something a Junior Canadian team would use in the 80's.
 Overall: 8/10  

Well that's all I have today guys. No I have no club hockey team to talk about next week. This is more a monthly thing and the two teams were something I wanted to try. How did you guys like it? I'm leaving it off to Jets for Monday and you guys have a good rest of the week.
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Justin Nahhas said...

Thanks for the nom!

To answer your questions: I'm using red pants with the black jersey for the same reason I'm using black pants with the red jersey, just to make sure that the colour balances nicely between one another. The reason the concept looks like a picture is because noisy filters are like my watermarks. If it takes away from the concepts somebody let me know! Lol...

As for the white on the socks, I'm not quite sure I follow... The only white on the socks are part of the road uni, figure I'd need it there!

Unknown said...

My alternate jersey is a fauxback based on the New England Whalers. And the logo is based off the Lethbridge Hurricanes original logo.

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