Sunday: Jersey Reveal!

Hi everyone. I've got a big intro this week so I'm going to get right to it.

As it's become pretty obvious by now, I like to write about the teams from the ACHA, the largest hockey association at the college level. That's because I feel that those teams deserve some big attention. Those kids go out there an play hockey without a scholarship, pay for most things out of their own pocket, and still have to maintain a high GPA. That's what I call a student athlete. And while I do write about teams done by Rebirth Sports (No I don't work for them or am being paid) it's because their beliefs line up with what a lot of us here at HJC believe in: giving everyone the chance to have a custom jersey at an affordable price.

Moving on, The current team I'm writing about today is a west coast team that has been around for 25 years and has seen a lot of success at the club level. They're also as old as the NHL team from which the City they represent. I'm talking about San Jose State University's Club Hockey team. Being that my high school was the Spartans and I have really like San Jose State's logo, I was surprised to see the design that SJSU went with this year. Not that it's a bad thing, it just contradicts everything that they've had in the past.

Prior to this current season, SJSU used a custom Spartan logo as the crest patch on the Blackhawks winter classic template (the kind the IceHogs use). It was a pretty good look and the logo looked sweet, but it didn't really give off the look that they were affiliated with the University.

Photo from San Jose State Club Hockey Facebook

Winston Adams took over this season and decided to make a change with the team to better fit a look that aligned with the university. So without further ado, I present the the primary and upcoming alternate jersey (revealed right here!) for the San Jose State Club Hockey team.

All Photos and Mockups from Rebirth Sports

So I have to start off by saying that the White jerseys haven't been made yet. Also, the team doesn't have yellow helmets at this time but are working on that. Everything else shown though is what they currently wear and it is glorious.

As described to me by Mr. Adams, the team wanted to go with a design similar to what the football team wears, including having two different pants and two jerseys (for now), giving them multiple choices. This design clearly lines them up with the university branding and will give them the "We have a hockey team" recognition that every club team wishes to have. Now some might say that it's a bad idea to go with yellow pants and are wondering if a all-yellow game has happened yet. The answer is that it's going to happen but there is no set game for it. So far they have done blue-yellow-blue and yellow-blue-yellow.

Photos from Winston Adams
I love the design and idea of doing with a multiple combination of uniforms. The plain socks work for this design and the simplistic design really works well overall. It'll get people talking about the hockey team and will make them look how exactly they should look: like a college hockey team. Unfortunately, the jerseys are not for sale to the public and are only for the team, but I can't wait to see that white jersey lined up with the yellow pants. Best of luck to the San Jose State Club Hockey team and great choice of uniforms guys.

We have a lot to vote on this week so get on that.

3rd Quarter Vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern) 
COTW Oct 7-13 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
Hurricanes Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)

Glen Wilson- Chicago Blackhawks Vs. Dallas Stars
Positives: First off, I think that a color rush could work in the NHL. As for the uniforms, the Dallas uniform looks awesome. It's nice to see that you kept the striping similar to the current jersey but added more green.
Negatives: That whole Blackhawks uniform is just a negatives to me. I understand that you want to do a white jersey as the color rush for the Blackhawks but that gray just isn't working at all. Also, you're TV numbers are too little and/or could be moved up from the stripes. Also, need a back of the jersey.
Overall: 6.5/10

 Jimmy Teed- Ottawa Senators
Positives: This uniform set is a beaut. It combines the style of the original Senators jerseys and gives them a much more modern twist by just using that chest stripe and a bottom hem design similar to what they had in the 90's. Overall this is a good mix of eras.
Negatives: Get rid of that "vintage white" and you have a perfect jersey.
Overall: 9.5/10 COTW NOMINEE

 Lucas Daitchman- Texas Stars
 Positives: The striping is really unique and works really well with the overall feel of this jerseys as well as the collar. I get that you were going with the WCH collar and you made it work to perfection. As for the striping, the mixture of colors and keeping the black on the ends of the light jersey work really well in a harmonious manor.
Negatives: Those numbers are underwhelming. It would be nice to see a outline on the numbers or a 3-D style element like on the star to the numbers.
Overall: 9/10

 Zeke Goldsmith- Ottawa Senators
Positives: The simple striping with the gold trim is a great idea for the senators. Also, that "UNITED IN RED" on the inside of the collar is a nice touch.
Negatives: The shoulder patches don't fit the overall design of the jersey. Put the profile logo on the shoulders. Also, make that black Adidas logo on the red jersey white.
Overall: 8/10

Well that's all I have for you guys today. Come back next because I talk about a club team who tries to find it's individuality from the juggernaut varsity team that it sits behind. Have a good week and I'll see you guys this time next week.
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