Sunday: Coming to a Computer Near You!

Hi everybody. Happy Sunday. We have some good concepts today so before we get going I'd like to remind everybody to get your Concepts ready and rolling for the Canes competition as well as voting for the COTW and COTW-September!

Concept of the Week Sep 30-Oct 6 Voting due Friday @ noon
COTW-September Voting due Friday @ noon
Carolina Hurricanes Redesign Entries Due Friday Oct 14th,2016 @ noon

Onto the concepts!

Brooks Freeman- Grand Rapids Griffins
Positives: Really loving that primary and shoulder logo for the Griffins. I was honestly disappointed that you didn't win the competition but they had a lot of good designs. Anyways, it's really neat to see a reference to the GR coat of arms. Also, that color scheme looks really good.
Negatives: I've noticed of the course of the time of my writing that you, Brooks, look the curved and non-traditional striping. That's not a bad thing, but this design misses the mark on what is such a great logo set. the striping is just to busy and toning it down would make this perfect.
Overall: 8.5/10

Cole Wintringham- Calgary Flames 
Positives: Loving the white "Flaming C" logo on the home jersey. Also, the simple accent stripes look really good on the half colored arms. Finally, I like that you brought in the Flames newest alternate logo. I hope that we could see it again soon.
Negatives: Not enough black on the primary set. It looks unusual with no black on that design. Either add more black to it or just eliminate it.
Overall: 7.5/10

Lucas Daitchman- Springfield Thunderbirds 
Positives: What I really appreciate about this design is that it gives a reference to the parent club but makes it it's own jersey at the same time. The chest and sleeve striping is beautiful and works perfectly. Honestly, if you added any more striping it might have been too much. Also, the yellow collars and accented ends of the jersey really pull this whole design together.
Negatives: A big pet peeve of mine is when someone reverses the striping from the body to the sleeves. It's a little bothersome in most cases and the stripes would look just fine with the blue stripe on the bottom of it like the chest.
Overall: 9.5/10 COTW NOMINEE

Patrick Neff- Air Force Falcons 
Positives: Pat I must say that I really like this series you are making. You have done a perfect job of creating a uniform that represents a Korean War era aircraft. The striping looks great and the numbers on the front are a nice touch to it, as well as the Korean service ribbon and the USA flag on the shoulders.
Negatives: My only issue is those diagonal arm stripes. I really wish that they weren't so long and covered most of the arms. This would be a good "less is more" situation.
Overall: 8.25/10

Taylor Roy- Moose Jaw Warriors 
Positives: Love the arm stripping. perfect reminder of the current logo. Also, the jersey overall is really cohesive to one another.
Negatives: That logo just doesn't do this design justice on the chest. put the original logo on the front and that logo on the shoulders and you got a great set.
Overall: 8.5/10

That's all I have for you guys today. Come back next week for some more concepts. Also, we just wrapped up recording the newest podcast. I must say that it's a great listen and you get to hear Myself, Jets, BPoe, and Phil talk about jersey and joke around with each other. Also, BRASS BONANZA (maybe)! Have a good week everybody and I'll see you guys next week.
Sunday: Coming to a Computer Near You! Reviewed by Steve Marc on October 09, 2016 Rating: 5


DLowry said...

I'll nominate Brooks' GRG concept.

Alan John Herbert said...

Taylor Roy's Moose Jaw Warriors concept for COTW!

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 2nd Taylor R. for COTW, Excellent use of the Thrashers template

Zeke G said...

I'll 2nd Lucas D. for COTW

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