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It's October, meaning hockey season is just around the corner. That means it's time for me to make predictions that will undoubtably be wrong in multiple aspects but hey, it's a yearly tradition. Last year I got a few things right, like Florida and Philadelphia making the playoffs, but I also had both Stanley Cup finalists missing the playoffs, and had 4 Canadian teams making the playoffs instead of 0 (then again most people picked Montréal).

Let's start this post in the East, we'll do the West next week.

Atlantic Division

1. Florida
2. Tampa Bay
3. Montréal
4. Buffalo X
5. Detroit
6. Ottawa
7. Toronto
8. Boston

Oh yeah...I'm pulling out all the stops on this one. Florida is dangerous, and people know it. The difference between this year and last year is now the Panthers have playoff experience as well as a starter they can depend on if Luongo gets fatigued. Reimer very will could be a co-starter this year. Tampa as far as I'm concerned will be the team to pick up Trouba...and with that they will become even stronger. Their problem comes will consistency and if Bishop becomes injured again. If he doesn't then look for them to win the division. Montréal will have a rebound year (barring another catastrophic injury) and while the Habitant faithful would prefer Subban, Weber will be a major factor. Buffalo is going to be a playoff team, they are heavily improved and I think are in the top 4 of their division. Detroit & Ottawa are in the same boat, missing a few pieces but on the right track, though Detroit has the edge in-terms of goaltending. Toronto and Boston will battle for 7th, and call me crazy, but the Leafs are much better than the Bruins. What they lack in experience they make up for in youth and mobility. The Bruins are old and injury prone. Sure they have youth but it's not the Providence Bruin are not the Toronto Marlies. I'd be optimistic in Leaf land and pessimistic in Bruin land. That being said Toronto could very well have another terrible year and Boston could be in the playoff hunt in April and losing out on the last game...but I just don't see that this year.

Metropolitan Division

1. Pittsburgh
2. Washington
3. New York Islanders
4. Carolina X
5. New York Rangers
6. New Jersey
7. Philadelphia
8. Columbus

This year I'm not skeptical of the Penguins, the goaltending question is over, if Fleury can't do it then Murray will. For the first time in nearly decade I wouldn't be surprised if the Pens repeated as champions. Washington has a more experience Holtby and the always dominant Backstrom/Ovechkin...but the clock is ticking... they need to win and win now! The Islanders have one of the best goalie tandems in the league, and getting rid of Okposo and signing Ladd, while a minor improvement will keep this team in the top 3. The addition of Taylor Hall alone, along with the  dominant Corey Schneider should keep New Jersey in the playoff hunt, but I see Carolina...yes THAT Carolina...making a playoff run similar to last year. Optimism is high and we could see the first playoff hockey in Raleigh since 2009. New York and Philly are in the same boat, I can't see either a playoff team, but for opposite reasons. Philly needs to invest in Neuvirth or trade him...because Mason is not working and keeping a starter on your bench. The New York Rangers might have a better team...but like the Bruins they're getting old...and one injury to certain players could end their playoff streak. Columbus on the other hand is the one team in this division I know will miss the playoffs. They're always on the edge of my radar but without a healthy roster...they're done early... If they stay healthy they could compete into February and March but I'm sorry Jackets fans, this could be another long year.

Lemme know how wrong I am in the comments...below...

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Time for today's 5 concepts.


Edmonton Oilers Concepts (By: Lucas D.)

+ Not much changes in the striping, but don't fix what ain't broke
+ I love the idea of the oil drop in the stripes 
+ Navy blue looks better than the lighter blue
+ Good execution

- The oil drop on the white arms would look better with a blue outline, similarly to the white outline on the blue jersey
- I would have ditch the coloured hems under the striping, like the current jerseys have

Rating: 8.5/10

New York Islanders Concept (By: Zeke G.)

+ One problem I have with the current Islanders black jersey is how thing striping is on it, the stripes here would be a nice thickness
+ The NY logo looks fantastic on a chest stripe
+ Good execution

- The tv numbers look pressed up against the yoke and even cutting into it. You have two options to correct this, thin the striping out length wise, and  lifting them there, OR you can put them on the shoulders
- The NOB is too high up and don't look centred
- I certainly would have added the B patch on the hem

Rating: 7.5/10

Calgary Flames Concepts (By: Tyler M-S.)

+ That white jersey....oh that white jersey, it's a work of art, nothing needs to be changed
+ The red jersey also looks good, thought I'm not a fan of one change made
+ Good execution, Tyler, you're improving!

- I would not be a fan of yellow numbers, NOB maybe but not the numbers
- Primary logos are too small, especially on the red jersey
- One thing that would save the red jersey from just being a rehash would be some black outlines
- Would be nice to see the shoulder patch from the previous alternate on the shoulders

Rating: 6.5/10

Team Europe WCoH Concepts (By: Ryan C.)

+ While Europe's white jersey really grew on me and because a tournament favourite, I would agree putting that logo on a more traditional jersey
+ Colours are really well laid out, the blue jersey matches the logo really nicely
+ Good execution!

- These really look like Dallas copies, especially the white jersey, it's almost identical to it. It isn't a terrible thing but I've seen this striping a lot from Ryan
- With the angled block logo, the curved numbers don't really match
- Forgot the nation flags/WCoH logo

Rating: 7.75/10

Colorado Avalanche Concepts (By: Phil B.)

+ The avalanche stripes that match the logo are gorgeous, it's my first time (to my knowledge) seeing this idea and I love it
+ Colour balancing is perfect, great work on that
+ Big fan of the lack of black gear
+ Good execution

- Would love to see the C shoulder patch on the pants/helmet
- I think the numbers are the right size, but the smaller yoke makes them look smaller and further away then they actually are

Rating: 9.25/10 COTW Nom from me

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Unknown said...

Columbus is a guarantee miss the playoffs? lol no. New Jersey is pushing for the playoffs after getting a player who scored 65 points with better linemates and because of a good goalie who has yet to push them into the playoffs? A team that whose top 4 defencemen consist of Andy Greene, Damon Severson, Ben Lovejoy and John Moore? I mean Taylor Hall carried his team from being in the bottom 5 teams over the past how many years. Please...

1 - Washington Capitals
2 - Pittsburgh Penguins
3 - New York Islanders
4 - Philadelphia Flyers
5 - New York Rangers
6 - Columbus Blue Jackets
7 - Carolina Hurricanes
8 - New Jersey Devils

1 - Tampa Bay Lightning
2 - Florida Panthers
3 - Detroit Red Wings
4 - Buffalo Sabres
5 - Montreal Canadiens
6 - Boston Bruins
7 - Toronto Maple Leafs
8 - Ottawa Senators

Just to mention,
15-16 goal totals
Brandon Saad - 31
Boone Jenner - 30
Cam Atkinson - 27

Burkus Circus Concepts said...

Yes Tayor! Here are the top 5 reasons why the CBJ will make the playoffs:
5: Sam Gagner:
- Great short term solution to Johansen being traded. And a veteran to train the young guns. Plus that shootout move vs Nashville... I hope we see that when it counts...

4: World Cup of Hockey 2016:
- What's the main problem the Blue Jackets have had forever? Slow start. The WCH shook out the rust for Brandon Saad, Seth Jones, Ryan Murray, Sergei Bobrovsky, Brandon Dubinsky, and Jack Johnson. That's enough for an opening lineup! Plus those last two, plus Torts, will need to redeem themselves after an 0-3 preformence with Team USA.

3: John Tortorella:
- Enough said. Plus the USA redemption thing.

2: Zach Werenski, Oliver Bjorkstrand, and Pierre-Luc Dubois:
- Werenski tore up the AHL Playoffs on his first 16 games of professional hockey. And he's been a boss in the Preseason. Oliver Bjorkstrand scored 4 goals and 8 points in 12 games last year. Extend to full season for and that's 27 goals and 27 assists.(!) Dubois has also shredded the preseason, and is out to prove himself over a certain #4 draft pick. All of them will fight to get and maintain NHL jobs. In my opinion, they will

1: Goaltending:
- If Bobrovsky stays healthy, he could return to his good ol' Vezina self. If he doesn't, you have Joonas Korpisalo and Anton Foresberg. Korpisalo when 10-2 with over .910 save percentage in his first 16 NHL games. Anton Foresberg went 14-0 in the Calder Cup Playoffs. Both will push Curtis McElleighny (think I spelled that right) to be better. Goaltending is NOT an issue in Columbus.

Go ahead. Call me biased. I am.

Metropolitan: Atlantic: Central: Pacific;
1: Washington 1: Tampa Bay 1: Chicago 1: San Jose
2: Pittsburgh 2: Montréal 2: Dallas 2: Los Angeles
3: NY Islanders 3: Florida 3: Nashville 3: Anaheim
--- --- --- ---
4: Columbus --- 4: St. Louis 4: Edmonton
5: NY Rangers 4: Detroit --- ---
--- 5: Boston 5: Minnesota 5: Vancouver
6: Philadelphia 6: Toronto 6: Winnipeg 6: Calgary
7: New Jersey 7: Ottawa 7: Colorado 7: Arizona
8: Carolina 8: Buffalo


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