Monday: Keystone Concepts

Welcome to the Monday post!

While it isn't really traditional jersey news, we saw a team trade out a long time alternate for a more recent outdoor jersey, as the Boston Bruins have dumped the modernized 20s jersey they've had since 2008/09 and using their fauxback 20s jersey from last years Winter Classic, funny enough close to the 1 year anniversary of that jersey being unveiled (that being today). Overall I'd call it a lateral move, as both jerseys are pretty good and it all depends on which style you prefer. Personally I like the fauxback logo a little more, but preferred the modern jersey a little more due to it using true white rather than wheat. If only Montréal would use their WC as an alternate so a) the people who got Price on that jersey wouldn't be so SOL and we'd have a chance to see that jersey take on the Arenas jersey the Leafs will likely wear for the Centennial Classic in January (won't comment on it until it's officially unveiled but it looks all but confirmed).

Let's check out the Calgary Flames Redesign entries that have come since last post:

Zeke G.

Ben S.

Cole W.

David K.

Avi S.

Nice stuff, don't forget you have until Friday at noon to get your entries in, and remember to read all the rules carefully before sending your entry in, especially if you plan on taking until right up to the deadline.

COTW has reset for the week, cast your vote on the side of the blog!

COTW Oct 14-20 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
Calgary Flames ReDesign entries (due Friday @ noon Eastern)

On with today's 4 concepts:


Pittsburgh Penguins 50th Anniversary Logo Concept (By: Lucas D.)

+ While I love the Pens current patch, I do enjoy the simplicity of Luca's redesign, it's very clean, but not boring
+ The shape of the logo is very appealing, the yellow triangle makes for a great shape to base itself around
+ Nice typeface/logo choices as well
+ Great execution

- A small presentation note, I wish the logo was slightly larger as it doesn't take up even half of the image, though I do like the striping pattern on the right of the image 
- It's a toss up which looks better, but swapping the 50 and logo may look better, but I understand wanting to put some separation between the two numbers
- Scrapping the edges of the ribbons and using just a simple curved banner would make the logo look even cleaner 

Rating: 9/10

Philadelphia Flyers Concepts (By: TG)

+ I'm loving all the variations people have come up with for the Flyers striping while keeping the pattern intact, this is a good example of it, and a good edge remix of the 2001-06 alternate in a way
+ It's so simple but I love the numbers on the shoulders
+ Black alternate looks good
+ Good execution

- The black upper arms would look better if they were like the white jersey where the main thick stripe is black and the underneath remained orange (hope that makes sense)
- It's not the worst example of it but I'm not crazy about the vintage white on the black jersey
- If you're going to use a template that shows the front of a helmet, don't forget the helmet numbers

Rating: 8.5/10

Philadelphia Flyers Concept (By: Lucas D.)

+ While I like the Flyers current 50th logo, something as simple as a 50 with wings looks just as good, and is a little more creative
+ The upper jersey looks fantastic, with the welcomed return of the Hextall era striping
+ Good execution for the most part
+ Keystone captain's patch

- The bottom of the hem stripe or lack there of is dreadfully plain and it kills the upper jersey. To fix this, add a white hem string of the same thickness, that's it
-The left back arm is missing a TV number
- The placement of the anniversary logo is odd, looking number on number, when there's room for it on the front of the jersey

Rating: 8/10

Arizona Coyotes Concepts (By: Justin N.)

+ Right away this is one of the fullest concepts we've had on HJC, featuring not only a full uniform kit but merchandise and an ice surface. Love the effort!
+ Custom logo is a good mix of the Kachina pattern nostalgia loves and the current logo
+ Jerseys are almost identical, but I like how the home looks like Boston's alternate and the away looks a little more traditional, but they still match decently
+ The great looks great, that jacket has a solid retro vibe to it, as does the ice
+ Brown great that doesn't look vintage
+ Good execution

- Not really getting why putting beige on the white jersey was necessary

Rating: 9.25/10 COTW Nom from me
Monday: Keystone Concepts Reviewed by winnipegjets96 on October 24, 2016 Rating: 5


Lucas D. said...

I will second Justin for COTW. Wow!

Anonymous said...

Avi's Calgary redesign looks eerie similar to his Senators one, just sayin'

JJ Anderes said...

I'll second Justin N. for COTW. Those jerseys are gorgeous.

winnipegjets96 said...

@Anon- Different font, yoke shape, different striping patterns, different gear colour....The only similarities is maybe in colour layout and even then that's weak....Just sayin'....

Avi said...

Thanks WPGJ96 for the support.

@Anonymous: Are they similar in style? Sure, actually most of my concepts are relatively classic and not over the top. But in no way are the two separate concepts you mentioned the same. You can hide behind your keyboard all you want. But let's see you contribute to this site in some type of manner other than to troll other people.

David P said...

TG's philly for cotw... love it! 9/10!

i do have two minor changes to add though. lose the alternate, and remove the black near the armpits on the home. then 10/10!

here's a mock up http://imgur.com/a/F0wmw

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