Monday: Burning Up Western Style

Welcome to another post here on HJC, and happy halloween. If you haven't already chose a costume, find a Miroslav Satan jersey (preferably the red Sabres alternate) or any Devils jersey and a pair of dollar store devil horns and you're good and hockey related. If you really wanna go all out on a Devils costume, be the Devils fan from that one episode from Seinfeld.

Once again we had another dry week of jersey news, though we are less than a month away from the unveiling of the Las Vegas ________'s logos, script etc. as well as the likely unveiling of the Winter Classic, Stadium Series and Detroit's Centennial Classic jersey (Toronto's is all but confirmed to be 11/10 Arenas jersey that's been floating around on social media).

If you haven't already and are interested in joining The Season, please check out the little S on the side of the page with the social media buttons. Remember to read ALL the rules and to do your best to keep your concept semi-anonymous.

Furthermore I think we all know the drill with COTW...so you should do that...Please?

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On with today's 5 concepts, 4 of which involve Calgary, the other from Helsinki, Finland and playing in Davos, Switzerland.


Calgary Cowboys Concepts (By: Cole W.)

+ I really have enjoyed Cole's plausible "What If" series based on hypotheticals, and while the actual Cowboys folded in 1978, there was a plan as early as 1976 to get an NHL team in Calgary as the Cowboys and was rejected in 1978 after low season tickets, it wasn't absurd
+ The colour layout reminds me a lot of the Flames in this period
+ Striping is the perfect late 90s-end of edge jerseys
+ Good execution

- I feel like this is the absolute last year you could use this logo, but even by 2001 that logo would look out do date
- The angle of the numbers and logo would look better if they matched 
- The Flames had the issue on their red jersey in this period by using black NOB with black numbers, and just like the Flames they blend in too much with the numbers. I'd make the captain's C and NOB white

Rating: 7.5/10

Calgary Flames Concepts (By: Tyler M.S.)

+ Right away I have to say that I agree with the Steve when he said that scrapping the piping and flag patches save the jerseys, he was right! 
+ Please Calgary, put that shoulder patch on your jerseys now! 
+ Striping looks good, I'm actually surprised how good the curved side panels look 

- Primary logos are too small
- I'm not sure what font I'd replace this font with, but I think that at least straightening it would help it look less like Winnipeg's 
- Even though I know Tyler's point in this concept is to use a few changes as possible, I would prefer an actual hem stripe

Rating: 7.75/10

Calgary Flames Concepts (By: Andrew W.)

+ This likely is my dream Flames set, with the addition of black as an accept colour
+ That white jersey is still arguably the best of all time with this, it's absolutely gorgeous 
+ The red jersey is really saved by that black
+ Good execution
+ Again...Calgary...THAT SHOULDER PATCH!

- Sadly, the NOB and numbers are too close to each other 
- Again we have the issue with these jerseys where the red pants look great on the white jersey, but I'm not the biggest fan on the red jersey. It's completely subjective and we can agree to disagree but I'd use 2 pairs of pants. 

Rating: 8.75/10 COTW Nom from me!

Calgary Flames Concept (By: Andrew W.)

+ While I was a 'uge fan of the previous alternate, this would be an upgrade in several ways
+ The idea of using the shoulder patch as the centrepiece of a chest stripe is excellent!
+ Striping and colour placement (for the most part) looks fantastic
+  Good execution

- Same issue with the NOB & numbers 
- The logo features a lot of white in it, and the jersey needs some in the striping
- I would have used the black oversized horsecollar tie down from the previous alternate rather than using the same collar as the home 

Rating: 8.5/10

Jokerit (KHL) Spengler Cup Concepts (By: Mike F.)

+ So this series has been really interesting, and yes all the jerseys have looked the same but that's part of the fun, and they do have their own charm 
+ For some reason I really like that Yellow jersey. It's funny because the colour balancing is off but at the same time Mike did an excellent job of doing it as fitting to the time and it fits with their red & yellow alternate as well as their throwbacks in the past have used this colour scheme and move away from the usual blue & red
+ Good execution! 
+ Also thank you for adding information on the concept! 

- I know the pants would likely not be blank in the actual tournament, I wish they had something on them
- I would have also put the logo of each team (modern or throwback) on one shoulder and the flag patch on the other 
- The templating of each jersey as I feel they'd look better if you fiddled with arm striping to make them look different 

Rating: 8/10

Monday: Burning Up Western Style Reviewed by winnipegjets96 on October 31, 2016 Rating: 5


Avi said...

Andrew W's first Flames set for COTW. That would've definitely won the redesign contest if he entered it

Ben Shaffer said...

Third for Andrew W.

Unknown said...

@avi I would have entered it except that the jersey was based on their original jerseys and therefore made it ineligible.

Thanks for the COTW nom, you too Ben and jets

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