Friday: NHL Uniform Countdown - Part 3

Hello folks!  This week I'm continuing to countdown the best home and road uniforms in the NHL.  In case you missed it, I began this countdown two weeks ago with the teams ranked 30th to 23rd.  Here's who I had at the bottom of the league...

30.  Colorado Avalanche
29.  Calgary Flames
28.  Ottawa Senators
27.  Buffalo Sabres
26.  Anaheim Ducks
25.  San Jose Sharks
24.  Los Angeles Kings
23.  Nashville Predators

Last week I continued my ranking with teams placed from 22nd to 15th...

22.  Carolina Hurricanes
21.  Vancouver Canucks
20.  Tampa Bay Lightning
19.  Columbus Blue Jackets
18.  Arizona Coyotes
17.  Winnipeg Jets
16.  New York Islanders
15.  Dallas Stars

And now it's time to unveil the teams I have ranked from 14th to 8th, starting with the Florida Panthers and their new uniforms at number 14.

14.  Florida Panthers
I like the overall idea of Florida's new jerseys, they're a more modern take on the classic chest stripe.  I also like the unique details like the crossed laces and the placement of the secondary logos.  Ranking these jerseys at number 14 doesn't really do it justice, I think they'll move even higher up the list once I get more used to them.

13.  Minnesota Wild
If I was just ranking home uniforms, the Wild would likely be in the bottom 10 of the league.  It's not an awful jersey, but I don't like the yoke outline or the lack of any hem stripes, and I prefer the Wild to wear green.  However, their road jersey is so good it rockets them back up to number 13.  I love the road jersey's striping pattern, I love the pop of colour from the red numbers, and I especially love that their awesome logo is front and center (without a roundel).  Honestly, it may be my favourite road jersey in the NHL.

12.  Washington Capitals
I'm guessing this ranking will be unpopular.  The Washington Capitals use a wordmark instead of their popular Weagle logo, and their jerseys feature unconventional elements like side panels and arm wings (I don't know what to call those).  It's not the normal recipe for success, but I think it works for the Capitals.  In my opinion, their jerseys are a rare example of a good modern template, and, while I prefer their Weagle logo, I think their wordmark is good too.

11.  Pittsburgh Penguins
The Penguins always seem to get the better of the Capitals in the playoffs, and the result is the same on this list, with the Penguins finishing one spot ahead of their rivals.  It's a good thing the Penguins switched jerseys over the summer, because their last set would have ranked in the bottom five of the league for sure.  These new uniforms are classic and they just feel right, but as I've said before I think they could be even better if they were slightly updated.

10.  Boston Bruins
According to me, the answer to the question "who's the better looking black and yellow team" is the Boston Bruins, but just barely.  Their yoke design and yellow home socks score big points for me, and I can't complain about their arm or hem stripes either.  Their spoked-B logo is also a plus, although I do prefer the 1949-95 version without so many outlines everywhere.  I'd also prefer if their numbers used a single outline instead of double outlines.

9.  New Jersey Devils
The New Jersey Devils haven't changed their look since 1992, and I hope they never do.  There's really nothing I dislike about their jerseys, the striping pattern looks good, their logo is one of my favourites, and their font is nice.  If I was being very picky I'd wish for a bit more red on their white jersey, but I still like that jersey the way it is now.

8.  Toronto Maple Leafs
When I first saw the Maple Leafs new jerseys, I was aghast at the mismatching hem and arm stripes.  Then I saw the whole uniform and realized the the hem stripes match the pant stripes.  After that I was less bothered by the mismatched jersey stripes, and now I like the jersey more and more every time I see them.  Also, their new logo is great and I'm a fan of their new number font as well.

So that's part three down, next week I'll finally reveal who in the NHL I think has the best set of home and road uniform.  In the meantime, if you have any feedback on the list so far, feel free to leave a comment.


Here are the final contest entries for the Calgary Flames ReDesign...

Justin N:

Patrick N:


Tyler M:

Good luck to all those who entered!


The voting phase of that Calgary Flames ReDesign will begin sometime in the next 24 hours (as soon as Ryan has time to post the polls).  The new COTW poll will be added at the same time.

COTW Oct 21-27 vote (ends Friday, Nov 4 @ noon Eastern)
Flames ReDesign vote (ends Friday, Nov 4 @ noon Eastern)


Auburn University, by Ben S:
We'll begin our world tour of concepts today in the NCAA with an Auburn University concept from Ben.  He gives the jerseys a classic striping pattern including a chest stripe, which I think looks great with their UA logo.  I also the helmet stripe (which I'd like to see an NHL team try one day), and the placement of the TV numbers on the shoulders.  The only issue I have with this concept is the outer outline on the back numbers, it should follow the angles of the numbers (like the orange outline) instead of being completely vertical.
Rating: 8/10

Vancouver Canucks, by DT Concepts:
Our next stop is in Vancouver for a much desired green Cancuks jersey.  I'd be so happy if the Canucks unveiled a green third jersey, they're my favourite team and green is my favourite colour.  This specific jersey from DT Concepts would be a good option, the striping pattern is very nice, I especially like the subtle use of silver.  Surprisingly I don't mind the silver number outlines either, they look a lot better than I'd expect (although I still think blue outlines would be best).  Last of all, I'm not a fan of the oddly shaped collar, but I do appreciate the attempt at something new.
Rating: 8/10

HC Sparta Praha and Färjestads BK (Spengler Cup), by Mike F:
We'll now follow Mike overseas for a couple of Spengler Cup concepts, starting with HC Sparta Praha.  I'm a big fan of the entire premise of this series, from the additional teams, to the outdoor games, and especially the vintage uniforms (thanks for the description by the way, it makes my job much easier).  The design of the jerseys is good too, I like the high chest with the arched wordmarks, as well as the unique placement of the sleeve stripes.
Keeping with Spengler Cup tradition, each team in this series uses the same template, and here we see how it would look in Färjestads BK's green and gold colour scheme.  All the positive points I mentioned above carry over for this concept.  I also just noticed the flags under the back collar and the team names on the sleeve, those are both great subtle details.  The only change I'd make is to go with green pants and gloves, the black equipment looks out of place to me.
Rating: 9/10

Mikkelin Jukurit, by Jake M:
Our globetrotting adventure ends in Finland with a Mikkelin Jukurit concept from Jake.  The striping pattern looks good and it uses the colour scheme quite nicely, I like how red and yellow are always kept together.  Although, I do think the white jersey would benefit from some more blue, either a blue hem to match the dark jersey or maybe blue numbers instead.  Speaking of the numbers, I'm a fan of the font, it's unique but still somewhat traditional as well.  Jake's execution and presentation are also top-notch.
Rating: 9/10 and my COTW nomination!


That's all folks!
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