Friday: NHL Uniform Countdown - Part 2

Hello folks!  Last week I began to rank the home and road uniforms of every NHL team, and I'll be continuing to do that today.  In case you missed that post, here's the list so far...

30.  Colorado Avalanche
29.  Calgary Flames
28.  Ottawa Senators
27.  Buffalo Sabres
26.  Anaheim Ducks
25.  San Jose Sharks
24.  Los Angeles Kings
23.  Nashville Predators

Also here's the link if you want to go check out that post.  That's enough about last week though, let's get to the teams ranked from 22nd to 15th...

22.  Carolina Hurricanes
Despite having no hurricane-flag pattern, I still Carolina's jerseys have a few things going for them.  I like the white jersey, especially the name in the extended yoke, and I'm also a fan of their font and red pants.  I don't like the red jersey though, simply put it just lacks character.

21.  Vancouver Canucks
The Canucks are might favourite NHL team, so you might be surprised to see them this far back on the list, and to be honest I didn't expect to have them in the bottom ten either.  They have one of my favourite colour schemes in the league, and I also like the striping patterns of both jerseys.  But I have some major issues with the jerseys as well, I don't like the main logo, I'm not a fan of their number font, and I think the collars need some green.

20.  Tampa Bay Lightning
I think Tampa Bay's jerseys look quite good.  They're also very plain, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but in my opinion they could be improved by adding some unique elements from their original jerseys (like victory stripes and contrasting shoulder yokes).  I do like the Lightning's logo, but I don't think it needs a wordmark on the road jersey.  I also love the lightning bolt on the pants, but I dislike the addition of black to it and the numbers.

19.  Columbus Blue Jackets
There's nothing I really dislike about the Blue Jackets' home and road uniforms.  The striping pattern is very simple (especially on the home jersey), but don't think it looks bad.  I think the red pants are key, I wouldn't like the simplicity of the jerseys if they wore blue from head to toe.  I also like their logo, and they have a decent enough number font for me.

18.  Arizona Coyotes
I was surprised at the negative reaction towards the Coyotes new jerseys when they were unveiled prior to last season.  I liked (and still like) the design, it's simple without being generic, it's modern but not too crazy, it's something I wish I thought of.  Their new number font and shoulder logos were also big improvements in my opinion.  My only complaint is there's too much black on the white jersey once you add in the black pants, I almost think they should go with maroon pants on the road.

17.  Winnipeg Jets
Coming in at number 17 is the Winnipeg Jets.  I like their colour scheme, and I think their have decent logos and a good number font.  Their striping pattern is good as well, it's a good balance of modern and traditional.  The sleeves stripes crossing the yoke on road jersey isn't my favourite, but it doesn't ruin the jersey for me either.

16.  New York Islanders
The New York Islanders have classic uniforms.  They use bright colours, an old school logo, and a traditional striping pattern.  It's a good look, but I think they're the wrong version of their classic uniforms.  I'd prefer the variation they wore during their dynasty in the 1980's, which used a different striping pattern for the blue jersey, and had an extra blue outline on the white jersey's logo.  Their current jerseys aren't bad though.

15.  Dallas Stars
I love the colour green, and back in 2013 when we found out the Stars were getting new jerseys I had high expectations.  Apparently I let my expectations get too high, because I was disappointed even though the Stars unveiled good looking jerseys using a great shade of green.  My problem is the home jersey looks like a Stars jersey "in the style of the Chicago Blackhawks", which does look good but I'd prefer if the Stars create a style of their own.

I know some of these rankings will be unpopular, so feel free to tell me why I'm wrong in the comments.


The COTW vote will be reset sometime between now and tomorrow's post, here's your voting reminder for once it's up.  There will also be a new competition announced tomorrow, which Ryan may or may not have hinted about last Saturday.

COTW Oct 14-20 vote (ends Friday, Oct 28 @ noon Eastern)


Belleville Senators, by Ryan C:
My first reaction upon seeing this concept was "I've seen this before".  It turns out I haven't, it just feels that way since Ryan has already used this exact striping pattern at least once before, and this specific font for at least five other concepts (1, 2, 3, 4, and 5).  I bring this up because I don't think anyone can improve their concepts by recycling their old ideas, the only way to improve is by trying something new (also, seeing the same idea over and over again is boring).  Putting that aside, the design of the concept is pretty good, and I like the decision to use red pants.  However, I think the wordmark in the logo should be flipped, so that the top of the letters are on the inside.
Rating: 8/10

South Carolina Stingrays, by Ryan H:
We also have a concept from the other Ryan, which if  he hadn't procrastinated would have been his entry for the Stingrays contest held on Icethetics.  I like how the stripes are red on one half of the jersey and white on the other, it's unique and matches the logo.  The shadowing on the numbers are also unique and match the logo, but unlike in the logo they just don't look 3D to me (I don't have any suggestions how to fix it, I could never figure this shadowing out).  Lastly, the crescent moon and palm-tree shoulder logos look great.
Rating: 8/10

Victoria Royals, by Taylor R:
Taylor, who's been impressing us lately with his WHL concepts, takes on the Victoria Royals today.  These are a huge improvement over the Royals current jerseys (which actually aren't too bad by CHL standards), I like how the striping pattern avoids looking generic even though it only uses hem and arm stripes.  I'm also a fan of the blue helmet, and the decision to use the Winnipeg Jets font.  There's really nothing here that I don't like.
Rating: 9/10

Vancouver Canucks (Original 7), by Lucas D:
We'll finish up today's post with an "Original 7" Canucks concept from Lucas.  I love seeing the old school Johnny Canuck logo, yes it's very dated but that's exactly why it works so well for this concept.  I also think emphasizing green over blue on the jersey was a good decision, it gives the jersey more character.  The striping pattern is also good, the font fits well, overall everything is very believable.  I've got no real complaints, but on a day when both Taylor and Ryan C scored points for equipment choices, I will suggest adding some equipment.
Rating: 9/10 and my COTW nomination!


That's all folks!
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