Wednesday: That Double Post Sometime This Week.

I for one can't wait for the new writer. But yesterday showed us that we must wait. In the meantime, MEGA POST! So less ramble at the top for me and more ramble in the concepts.


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Andrew W: International Classic (USA-MEX) Concept

Based on the fact that you put the first game in Columbus, Ohio (But not at Mapfre/Crew Stadium) tells me that the score of this game is going to be 2-0 (#DosACero), but since it's hockey, probably more like 8-0. And the US could win more often in Azteca if it were hockey and not soccer. Regardless, both teams will look good, but with the exception of Mexico's equipment. Red pants, green helmet. That would look much better. As far as the jerseys themselves, while your work makes me ask team USA "Where's Waldo?", I could counter that look with the American flag. It has horizontal stripes and makes this look good, especially with something in a tournament called "Classic". Blue equipment balances the look and provides for the blue field in the flag. For Mexico, the chest stripe. The shoulder stripes, the hem matching the shoulders and not duplicating the chest stripe. Very balanced and something I'd expect from Mexico.

Not Dos A Cero: 84%

Artyom S: Florida Panthers Concept

I would not mind if the rumored Florida alternate looked a little something like this red jersey you have here, although the logo would be slightly bigger. The problem exists with the road whites. The jersey is predominantly navy, with the exception of that awkward red yoke. Red is best as a secondary color on that one, despite being the base color for the home jersey. The gold on white looks weird from a distance. Would be nice to see the Panthers new font on here to complete the re-branded look.

Seeing too much red: 77%

Avi S: Philadelphia Flyers Concept

I've seen this jersey before and it had silver, but upgrade it to gold for their golden anniversary. Although the 25th anniversary didn't see this alternate unveiled. It is a better look than with the silver, especially since Anaheim proved that this color scheme can work when gold is minimized and orange maximized. It's also a better look than what the Flyers unveiled for their anniversary alternate. My main complaint is that it isn't totally new and original. While I can assume you drew the striping by hand, it's still the same look as the pre-Edge alternate.

Gilded: 70%

Burkus Circus: New York Rangers Alternate Concept

So since I'm assuming this was sent in at the same time as your previous concepts, I think you get the idea about execution, in regards to rulers and striping. Case and point as to why it's important, look at how the angle of the white stripes change between the wordmark area placed by the computer (could be placed a little further down and to the right) and the hand-drawn portion. Now I see you've taken on a more complex task, and that is to show off the Rangers logo as a jersey, a move I've tried with the modernized alternate logo found on the shoulders of the Lady Liberty jersey. Definitely a good idea from the perspective of a fan jersey, but I wouldn't want to see this on the ice only because the 90's began 26 years ago (holy **** I'm getting old), and a reason why I think Team Europe has the WORST World Cup jerseys (the half and half jersey is awful). This is, however, the best way to make that logo into a jersey. There are some execution details you got right (red coloring on the inside of the front view), but some you got wrong (number spacing too wide, shoulder logos unevenly spaced with respect to the shoulder). Colored nameplate actually helps this jersey. Alternate captain patch font seems boring compared to the nameplate font, so I would've kept it the same as the nameplate.

Home Improvement: 75%

Jimmy T: Vancouver Canucks Concept

A simple jersey with what should be the Canucks primary logo featured. I do like the darker shade of blue used here in comparison to the current shade used by the team. Definitely makes things stand out more. While the green is a nice trim color, I would prefer if it were a bit thicker on the white jersey, because from a distance it looks just like a gradient from navy to white. Nothing special here, nothing too bad here.

It's not easy being green: 78%

Lucas D: Pittsburgh Penguins Stadium Series Concept

I absolutely HATE numbers on the shoulders. HOWEVER, it's a growing trend in the NHL, and I would not be surprised if it happened in the stadium series. The striping is heavy, but fit for the modern outdoor game, especially when you see the logo parallel to said striping. As such, the shoulder is the only logical place for the numbers, as there's no room elsewhere. My only request is a white outline. Now I know I've talked about WOY before (White on yellow), and how it's usually bad, but the Penguins' shade of Pittsburgh Gold, as I believe it's called, works well next to white as you can see on their new away jersey, and even on the striping here. Maybe name and number outlines? Also where would you place a Stadium Series patch?

Weird, but a good kind of weird: 80%

Matt G: Arctic Classic (SWE-FIN) Concept

As part of the International Outdoor Classic series, we head to Scandinavia for Sweden and Finland and my, how beautiful those new logos are. A wonderful modernization of the timeless Three Crowns of Sweden, and a needed update on Finland's IIHF crest. The only complaint I have is the font choice. It seems too gimmicky, and not sporty enough, as if you typed the name and numbers in basic fonts found in Microsoft Office. The event guide is a mice touch as well to bolster the event and plan for the future, even if this event is fictitious.

Almost there: 82%

Matt G: Montreal Wanderers Concept

The 365 Club's Montreal Wanderers had a sad end as there arena burned down, causing the team to almost literally wander around Montreal looking, albeit unsuccessfully, for a place to play. A Classic modernization that distances itself from the Red Wings despite using the same red and white two-color look. I question the white pants on the away look, but am OK with it for the alternate, as it would look more historically accurate (especially since it's an off-white). The number and logo fitting entirely within the stripe works to create a modern throwback alternate, however per NHL rules, a nameplate must be on the jersey if it is to be worn as a regular jersey. If you remember, the Maple Leafs back in the 70's didn't like that rule, which was new at the time, and put the names in blue on blue jerseys and in white on the white jerseys, before the NHL forced them to have different colors between the name and jersey.

Newly classic: 83%

Noah B: Florida Panthers Concept

Noah sends us a set on two different images (I'll explain that mention later) for the Florida Panthers that I feel needs work. Oddly enough it's similar enough to Artyom's set that it has the same problems, although different enough to add a little more criticism. Red yoke looks awkward on a predominantly blue jersey, logo is too small and the TV numbers are too small, especially considering how thin the striping is and how much open space is on that sleeve. I would like to see that new Panthers font here too.

Size it up and balance yourself: 75%

Noah B: Philadelphia Quakers Concept

Noah sends us a set on ONE image (now you see why I said that earlier) in order to revive the Philadelphia Quakers. The use of white here is interesting, and while I've seen concepts work without it, I see this one working WITH it. The white adds something interesting to an otherwise dark color scheme, and allows you to have a matching white jersey with orange and black both included. I like the black yoke stretching down past the numbers, an underrated look in my opinion. No outlines needed, as the logo helps make it look natural without one. But one point I find fault with: What's with the orange sock on the white jersey?

Puck not entirely across the goal line: 82%

William B: IIHF International Outdoor Series (CRO-NED) Concept

Looking at Euro 2016 it was awesome to see Croatia in a checkerboard pattern as their primary kit, and the Netherlands wearing.... oh wait... street clothes as they watched the entire tournament at home. So let's include them here. The checkerboard pattern is nice here, especially the sublimated look on the bottom of the jersey's body. The Dutch HAVE to be in orange, or if not, have black or blue with orange trim, so William, our HJC Social Media guru, does that, plus adds the Dutch flag pattern in the orange and white striping. The logo looks like a legitimate IIHF logo, with a nice design within the vertical view of a hockey rink. And this is an interesting venue that I think would be awesome to watch a hockey game in, though I'm not sure how feasible it would be.

Ancient Wonder: 84%

The winner of my Concept of the Week nomination is:

A TIE! So my tiebreaker vote goes to:




And I'll be back next week. See ya!
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Burkus Circus Concepts said...

K y'all, I need your help...
To answer the question:...
Paint.net vs Photoshop vs whatever else vs google drive and colored pencils (what I use)

Pros and cons of each

I'll switch over Christmas Day.



Matt G said...

The Finland and Sweden fonts are actually the official fonts for each country from their online style guides. I thought they were unique, so that's why I went with them. You'll have to take up the gimmickry with their governments!

Noah B said...

I was actually looking for the panthers font, but couldn't see it anywhere. Would you know where I could find it?

winnipegjets96 said...

Avi S. for COTW

Unknown said...

Matt G.'s Arctic series for COTW.

Avi said...

Phil I'm not sure why you had to be so passive aggressive about my Flyers design. I even stated how it was essentially a re-colored, modernized version of their chrome unis over on Icethetics and CCSLC when this was posted.

Unknown said...

William Butala for COTW!

Matt G said...

Noah, I used to use fontsbyconrad. He would recreate just about every team's font. Sadly, his blog dissappeared before he made the new panthers font. I would do some deep googling to see if someone else has recreated it or visit free font sites and try to find one that's similar.

Anonymous said...

Finland is not in scandinavia...

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous for all intents and purposes it is.

Bpoe said...

Matt's Wanderers concept for COTW

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