While the NHL didn't unveil any news lately, regarding design and stuff like that, the NFL did. The Color Rush program was unveiled and all 32 teams have a new alternate uniform, mostly monochrome, oftentimes basing their looks on a trim color, such as the Jaguars' all-gold look. Which begs the question: Why do I mention this on a hockey page?

BECAUSE I HAVE A CHALLENGE FOR YOU! NHL COLOR RUSH!!! I want you guys to design jerseys for as many of the 30 NHL teams as possible, even if you have to be conservative with your designs, because the Packers were conservative with theirs by adding only white pants to their normal away sets. Just don't be THAT conservative.

COMPETITION INCOMING! It's Phase III of the World Cup of Hockey Competition. Phase I was the logo design, Phase II was the jersey design, and both of those were before all the logos and jerseys were unveiled. Phase III brings to you a challenge to design championship gear. I hope no jinx applies to this competition in comparison to the regular tournament, unless Canada gets the jinx and loses to the United States. Hat and T-shirt, in addition to anything else you want to have. But you must have that hat and t-shirt to celebrate the championship.


Burkus Circus:

Votes abound! COTW and COTY-August! GO VOTE!


WCoH Design Contest Entries: Due Friday @ noon EST
COTW (Sept. 2nd-8th) Votes: Due Friday @ noon EST
COTW August Votes: Due Friday @ noon EST


Lucas D: Carolina Hurricanes Concept

I've seen a logo like this used a lot lately, and it's a classy look for the Hurricanes. Warning flag striping is a plus. While the red jersey is perfect in terms of coloring, the white jersey needs work, specifically outlines. I'm not a fan of the TV numbers differing in color from the back numbers, and without a black outline, those back numbers looks incomplete. Not a fan of the silver because it's not strong enough to stand alone as a stripe separating white from more white on the white jersey. Definitely a step in the right direction though.

Rating: 79 %

Lucas D: Hartford Whalers Concept

While I criticized the lack of number outline on your Canes concept, the reason why no outline is the best choice here is because of the logo. The logo doesn't have any outline on it. So with the green numbers and blue lettering, it parallels the front of the jersey. And with no outline necessary on the back, no outline is necessary on the sleeve numbers. Striping is reminiscent of the classic Whalers away jerseys, but now on white. I would love to see the Whalers back, first and foremost, but wearing this as well.

Rating: 90%

Noah B: Pittsburgh Penguins Concept

Well this is... interesting. Possibly a Stadium Series concept? It's definitely revolutionary enough to be one. With this striping pattern, however, I think a yellow outline was not the best choice for the logo. The striping forces the jersey to only fit one set of TV numbers, something we've seen in the NHL before with Atlanta. I wasn't a fan of that look, and I'm not here, but I can understand the reasoning for it. One thing i would've done is add more yellow to the sock pattern, making it identical to the jersey striping: one white stripe, space for black and then the rest of the sock yellow. Definitely out there.

Rating: 75%

Ryan C: South Carolina Stingrays (ECHL) Concept

We have another concept from the king of colored shoulders, Ryan C. These concepts base that idea for the rest of the jersey in a simple way, and a way I think the Islanders should've gone for their first Edge jerseys instead of the pajama sleeve mess we got instead. The uniformity of the striping throughout the jersey is perfect. South Carolina's logo is based on a half and half design, and that bolsters the look of the sleeves. The collar adds boldness to the jersey (though blue would be my collar of choice on the white jersey).

Rating: 92%

Tyler M-S: Calgary Flames Concept

One thing the Flames struggled with for their original set was the notorious white-on-yellow syndrome, and this is no exception. You can barely tell that there are outlines on the names, numbers and logo, especially on the white jersey. I did see you try to avoid that with your striping for the most part, but unfortunately that created another issue for you here: color imbalance. The yellow dominates the white jersey in the striping while used only as a trim color for the logo, name and numbers. Plus with red pants, I don't think that would work too well.

Rating: 73%

Tyler M-S: Colorado Avalanche Concept

Tyler's second concept brings us the Avalanche's alternate re-colored and re-purposed. First things first, that logo needs to be slightly bigger. Secondly, I think that between the navy numbers, navy pants and navy in the logo, that this concept could use some more navy in it, even if its another stripe on the arms and hem, as well as trim for the numbers of the burgundy set. That would definitely take this from a simple re-coloring to a better jersey. It's OK to use existing jerseys as inspiration, but build on the existing jersey and make it more than that.

Rating: 70%

The Winner of my Concept of the Week Nomination is:



3 DAYS UNTIL THE WORLD CUP! And if you guys behave, I may bring about a surprise for you as the NHL season approaches. I'll tell you about it after I talk with Ryan and the other writers.

SIDE NOTE; Welcome to the writing team Chase! Great first post and here's to many more posts!
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winnipegjets96 said...

Ryan C for COTW

Caz said...

Lucas D's Hurricanes concept for COTW! Also, I love the direction Noah went with that Penguins concept. I'm really excited to see more from him.

Chase A. Carlson said...

Thanks Phil!!!

And I second the notion of Ryan's SCS Concept for COTW

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