Thursday: An International Post

So I was originally going to leave this post without an intro to give you guys a Thursday break, but then the Flyers went and unveiled this...

Is it just me, or does this jersey look like Colorado's alternate with a regular yoke and bolder stripes? I suppose the striping pattern itself isn't bad, but it has absolutely no relation to the Flyers' history (if I'm missing something, please fill me in). I also like the idea of using gold, but I think it should be limited to number and logo outlines, because for one, it just looks terrible with the orange and clashes with the orange. And this one isn't quite as major, but I've seen a lot of "trying to be the Penguins now?" comments, so there's also that.

Say this is my Pens fan bias if you want, but I do think their regular home and aways are great, and the Penguins' home and aways from 2007 up until this year are pretty bad, so I'm capable of being unbiased.

What do you guys think of the jersey? Agree, disagree? Leave a comment!


We do have a few things voting wise again, somewhat making up for last week's absence. You got a week off, so go vote this week to make up for it.

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COTW Challenge Entries:

Danny R.


Brian B. - San Jose Sharks
+The Sharks could definitely pull off a modern design. 
+I like how this one brings in some of their current identity in the striping pattern.
+I like the move of bringing back gray/silver over orange.
-I can barely tell it apart from white when you have it on the concept, though.
-I think the road jersey is a little too empty, I'd add the side panels, because that would also fix the color balance and add enough teal.

Overall: 7.5/10

Burkus Circus - Russia vs USA
+For a hand drawn concept, this is pretty well executed, especially considering the size of the printed templates on what I assume is a regular letter sized page.
-I think there are better typeface choices here, and the red name on the USA jersey blends in too much. 
-The name and numbers on Team USA look a tad low too.
-I'm not sure the Russia jersey is white enough since the times have conflicting color schemes. Maybe remove the yoke stripes.
+I do like the striping pattern used though, as I do for the USA jersey.

Overall: 7/10

Jimmy T. - 2017 Winter Classic
+I really love the combination of the Blues' unused jersey with their inaugural one for their design. Looks great.
+With mainly yellow stripes and blue pants, the colors are balanced perfectly.
 +The Hawks jersey is pretty similar overall to their current home, yet it still looks new enough to work. Love the use of the old Indian head logo.
-The Hawks' shoulder patch doesn't stand out much.
+Really nice collar style choices, they both fit perfectly.

Overall: 9/10 and my COTW nomination

Tyler K. - Atlanta Gladiators
+I'm not exactly sure what that pattern in the striping is, but I like it.
-Though I think it'd look better on just the hem stripe and maybe the shoulder stripes too, as it gets a bit busy in the current layout.
+The colors on the black and red home jersey look great.
-Which makes me want to see some more black on the road.
+Good typeface choice.

Overall: 8/10

Vaughn R. - Team Canada
+This design is very out of the box.
+Reminds me of their classic Canada Cup jerseys.
-I think having leaves on both the front, and back hems, and the arms is a bit too much. I'd lose at least the leaf on the back, in part because...
-The numbers don't stand out very well.
-The WCOH patch is a little small.

Overall: 7.5/10

Vaughn R. - Team USA
-Red over the usual blue is an interesting choice, but considering that Canada is red, it makes more sense for the U.S. to stay blue. Maybe red could work for an alt.
+I'm a big fan of the USA wordmark design from the WCOH, so good logo choice in using it.
-The WCOH patch is too small/cramped on this design.
-I think I similar typeface would be better on the back, but at least take the current one out of italicization.
+I like the striping pattern, and it balances the colors well, but...
-They need to be much, much bolder. They're barely visible now, especially the blue on red.

Overall: 8/10

Zeke G. - England vs Germany
+I like the Germany jersey's pattern, it reminds me of the Flying V jerseys actually. I like how it uses the flag pattern as well.
+The England jersey has a solid striping pattern, and the yoke looks great. It actually doesn't look that bad without hem stripes.
-But I think it would look better with them.
+Nice job getting the numbers to stand out on the Germany jersey, that's harder to do with a chest stripe.
-The logo and back numbers for England look a little big.

Overall: 7.75/10

Thursday: An International Post Reviewed by Bpoe on September 01, 2016 Rating: 5


Jlnhlfan said...

The sleeves remind me of a mix between the pre-2007 jerseys, their current jerseys and the 2007 jerseys.
There's an outline on the logo not unlike that of the chrome jerseys.

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 2nd Jimmy for COTW.

Also the script used on the banner at the Flyers unveiling is really nice, I hope that's a new script.

The 50th anniversary jersey has the right colours in the right place, but it's very plain. I can see it's bad on their original jerseys on a more traditional template, but it's just so ...so plain. Also, I don't have the Pens bias, if people wanna compare this metallic gold to the athletic gold the Pens/Pirates/Steelers uses....then the Vegas team is going to have problems. What about the Royals? I might be missing something but the team dropped Vegas Gold or any shade of gold that isn't athletic, and 50 years is the gold anniversary. Not that I don't understand the sense of glee Pens fans must get seeing there currently inferior rivals using a colour similar to theirs they don't normally wear, but I really don't agree with it.

At the end of the day, not really worth the $150 CDN it'll cost...but I might get it because it could be rare in the future and I like Neuvirth.

Unknown said...

As a Flyers fan I really like this jersey! I'm surprised I like it but I do. I think I'd be happier with a thin black line to separate the orange and white on striping and yolk. That's the traditionalist in me. Right now, it looks a bit plain and very bright. However, That gold plugged into the central design of the jersey is more prominent this way and so it makes sense to keep that plain and bright feel as it creates space. I would prefer some more black though to even things out.

The gold isn't a rip off. Penguins don't even use it now. It's a 50th anny element that won't last and thus it gets a pass. Sure it clashes with the orange but it's a 1 season jersey so I'm okay with it. I also actually like that the C/A patches will also be gold and that the name has a touch of it. The outline on the logo combined with the thin gold in the name feels classy.

There's similarities to Colorado's alternate but how many teams don't look similar to another at this point? Dallas/Chicago Toronto/Tampa Detroit/Carolina. Again, since it's a 1 off, I'm not bothered. I'd own this jersey.

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