Thursday: A Comparison

So, I've been seeing it in the comments lately, and I didn't have much else to write for an intro really, so I'll address it here.

This will most likely be more useful for beginners, or those who may be thinking about becoming more advanced from where they already are, but today I'll be doing my view on pros and cons on several different graphics programs/methods that can be used for concept creation.

Hand drawn:
+Probably the easiest (for a beginner) and most accessible method of the bunch.
+If done well, it can really show some talent.
+A computer is not necessarily needed, as templates can be hand drawn. Any sort of device isn't needed at all actually, but you won't be able to submit to HJC or post elsewhere without one.
-You need to be most exact with this method, as there is no easy undo (if any at all) for mistakes or making changes.
-Probably the most room for error and inexactness/sloppiness.

Overall: The easiest to access, but the hardest to perfect.

+Free program
+Easy to use, so good for beginners.
+HJC has a tutorial page for it, which is how I got my start on concepts.
+Covers the basics of concept creating.
+Many templates are made for Paint.net and similar programs
-Only on windows.
-Not a very advanced program if you're looking to get more into graphic design.
-Final products can look pixelated/sloppy if not done properly (especially pixelated, technically anything would look sloppy if not done properly.)

Overall: Great program if you're a beginner to designing (it's also where I got my start), or if you're just creating concepts and doing design stuff as a side hobby. This is no longer my program of choice as I'm getting serious about design for my future (and I use Mac), but it's definitely a great starting point.

Photoshop/Gimp (correct me if I'm wrong about gimp being similar to photoshop, I've never used it):
+Great for photorealistic templates.
+Can also be used for other bitmap templates that paint.net uses.
+Good for other things, such as photo editing, if you're into that also.
+Good to learn if you're thinking about a future in design.
+Gimp is free.
-Photoshop CC, if not pirated, is pretty expensive. 
         -An alternate option for Mac users is Affinity Photo, one of my current programs of choice. It's $50, and a great alternative to photoshop. Very similar, with some additional features. Still not as expansive, though. The program is coming to Windows as well, if you have a Windows computer and would be interested, just search it, I'm not sure what stage they're in now.
-Final products can look pixelated/sloppy if not done properly.

Overall: Something good to learn if you're thinking of design as a career, but not necessary for concepts.

Vector program (Illustrator, Inkscape):
+If you use no bitmap images or editing, your final product should not look pixelated at all.
+Can be scaled up and down to any size without losing quality.
+This is what logo designers use, and the lossless scaling is crucial for the many applications of logos.
+When you learn how to properly do so, complex shapes and features are a lot easier to create/manipulate.
-Can take some time to learn.
-Can be expensive for a good program (such as illustrator)
     -As with photoshop, my other current program of choice is Affinity Designer from the same family. This Illustrator type program from them is also $50, and just about everything I said about Affinity Photo also applies here. I highly recommend these programs if you'd like to get more advanced in design. 

Overall: Great program for the more advanced and serious designer/concept creator. What I currently use for my concepts.

The Wheeling Nailers also unveiled some new jerseys yesterday.

Photo from Wheeling Nailers
They were definitely heading in the right direction with the white jersey, a nice, classic design, nothing wrong with that. But then there's the black one. How did that one even come to be, any why have it inconsistent with the white? If it was a decent design it wouldn't be so bad, but it's a mediocre reebok edge cookie cutter. Not a fan.

White jersey: 8/10
Black jersey: 3/10


Also, this tweet is completely unrelated to anything else I've talked about, but it's funny (to me) and logo related, so I figured I'd share it here.


Pretty easy week voting wise, only two votes, and some pretty small ones at that. Not much to do, won't take much time, so just go leave a quick vote for each!
COTW Aug 26 - Sept 1 vote (ends Friday, Sept 9 @ noon Eastern)
COTW Challenge Top 3 vote (ends Friday, Sept 9 @ noon Eastern)


DT Concepts - Bernie Sanders
+Interesting idea to do jerseys on the nominees for the upcoming election. Can't say I'd have thought of it myself.
+I'm going to avoid making these reviews about the actual politics involved or any viewpoints on the candidates themselves, but I must say I love your little NOB easter eggs, whether I agree with them or not.
+As a Penguins fan, I'm definitely a fan of this design template in general.
-But for the love of god, don't fall to the same problems the Pens have, keep things consistent. Change the white arm stripe to blue, and the red/blue one into solid white, or vice versa.
-The color balance isn't great though, you've got light blue, red, and navy blue all fighting for dominance.
+I wouldn't say it's great, but that logo isn't too bad on the front of a jersey.
-The typeface chosen for the name/numbers isn't really fit for a hockey jersey though, especially how the terminal of the 6 comes back in contact with the bowl (or, how the top comes back to touch the bottom part, in case I got the terminology wrong).
-The sock stripes are way too high.
-The US flag on the shoulder should be flipped, it's currently in the wrong orientation.
+Update: Thanks to Phil's comment, I now realize this is not an error, rather than a nice touch.
-The background is a bit distracting, I'd put a white background behind it and lower the opacity of the image.
+I will give you credit though, the concept still stands out surprisingly well in spite of that.
Overall: 7/10

DT Concepts - Donald Trump

-Just since it's still fresh on our minds, the same issue comes up with the US flag on the shoulder and the background.
+Update: Same comment as above about the US flag.
+The typeface choice on this one is much better.
-The numbers look a bit thin though, they'd be better bolder.
-TV numbers look a tad big.
+Good color balance.
-I think it would have been a better idea to single out the TP in the logo, and use the stripes on the right hand side as inspiration for your striping pattern.
Overall: 8/10

Lucas D. - Montréal Canadiens

+Looks to be a Habs away jersey that takes their current one and styles it like their current home, with some possible inspiration from the Maroons as well. Not a bad idea at all, I've tried a Maroons inspired one myself.
-The numbers don't stand out well enough on the back, and the name looks a tad small. I think the TV numbers would also look better not overlapping the stripes.
-The C patch also looks a bit vertically condensed.
-The hem looks a bit bare considering the amount of arm stripes.
-The back collar is just really messy...I have no idea what happened there. The Adidas logo is a bit messy/pixelated as well.
Overall: 8/10

Noah B. - Chicago Blackhawks (Winter Classic)
+Vintage white is a good choice for a Winter Classic.
+The simplistic style is also fitting.
-The stripes are a bit thin though.
-I don't think the modern logo really fits here, it looks too modern for this. The multitude of colors on the logo also looks out of place on this one. Not sure why this one in particular, but it does to me.
-C patch and TV numbers look a tad small.
-A lace up collar might look better here.
+I like the recolored C/Tomahawks logo on the shoulders.
Overall: 7.5/10

Noah B. - St. Louis Blues (Winter Classic)

+This jersey definitely looks somewhat modeled after the original Blues jerseys.
+I really like the color balance on this one.
-I'm not a fan of the yellow socks though. Stick with blue socks that match the design.
-I think a vintage Blues logo would also look better, probably their original.
-The logo really blends into the jersey as well.
-Again, I think a lace up collar would be better here.
Overall: 8.5/10

Tyler M - Anaheim Ducks

+The Mighty Ducks jerseys were probably the best in the Ducks' history, it would be nice to see them return.
+The logo recoloring looks great.
+That font isn't a bad look on this jersey.
-I think a block font would be better still.
-The sock stripes look really small.
-The concept isn't the most creative in general essentially just recoloring a few things and taking the Mighty Ducks' striping, but I suppose that isn't completely the point here.
Overall: 8.5/10 and my COTW Nomination


That's all for today! I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you all again next week.
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Unknown said...

No problem with the flag in the opposite direction, as that's how it appears on military uniforms.

Unknown said...

I thought political concepts were banned

Ryan said...

These concepts are just for political people, not a political message.

Alexei said...

"Commie" isn't a political message?

Bpoe said...

Thanks for pointing that out Phil, I was not aware of that for some reason.

Ryan said...

The writer, Brendan, has the right idea on how these concepts should be viewed.

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