Sunday: Not The New Guy Anymore!

Hi everyone. Hope your weekend went well. First off, I'd like to welcome Chase to the HJC writing group. We finally have someone from the great state of Minnesota. I hope you like the Tuesday spot. It's a nice spot in the week.

Anyways, The World Cup of Hockey has started and I must say that the jerseys don't actually look too bad. Not amazing but not that crap Nike puts out at the IIHF every freaking year. I'm sorry but No Canada Jersey should have a large black shoulder yoke on it. It looks like the Lithuanian National Team.

Anybody who didn't read yesterday's post about a said team in the SPHL has contacted HJC and told us not to use their name or logo. As far as I know this is the first time EVER to happen here and like Ryan said; the designers are, in a way, promoting the brand so it's an unfortunate situation. So I'm asking the team to contact us and work with us. I think it's important for both sides to hear each other out and find common ground. 

I understand it's their identity but we create those concepts as an appreciation of there organization and we're showing our support for them in our own way. So I'm opening the dialogue for a conversation to that team so we can resolve this.

You want to know what you can do on this website. Vote for the COTW. It takes a minute a most and it doesn't come to bite you in the butt. Actually, that's not a guarantee.

COTW Voting September 9-15th ends Friday @ noon
WCH Championship Competition voting ends Friday @ noon

To the concepts!

Jon Gabor- Team Canada U-14
Positives: While these kids weren't around when this design was, I really like this whole theme you have here. I get a roller hockey design going on with this and having the current logo as a chest patch looks really nice. Also, the numbers in the yoke actually don't bother me with that square yoke.
Negatives: There is a lot going on on those sleeves. I understand that they would need to have a sponsor on the jersey and the sleeve placement works. However, adding that different color at the bottom of the sleeves with the maple leaf all on the sleeves really makes it look busy.
Overall: 7.5/10

Jon Gabor- Team Canada U-16 
Positives: A lot of nice things going on here. First off, that logo is beautiful. Second, the number placement on the front of the jersey and the simple striping on the sleeves look beautiful. Third, I forgot to mention that I like the little tag at the bottom of the collar stating what team it is on the jersey.
Negatives: While you fixed the problem on the sleeves, now you have a ton of things going on in the yoke. Why didn't you leave the current logo where you had it on the first jersey? Also, that hem bottom could be moved up a bit. It looks like the red is the inside view of the jersey from the front.
Overall: 7.75/10

Jon Gabor- Team Canada U-18 
Positives: The number placement on the front and that nice hem stripe really look good. Also, good to see the current Canada logo on the front of the jersey. It gives it that progression look.
Negatives: Why the half black sleeves? that's a little too much black to have for a Canada jersey. Also, not a negatives but something I wish, go with the vintage theme and use the late 80's to mid 90's logo for the front and move the numbers back to the yoke for uniformity.
Overall: 7/10

Lucas Daitchman- Nashville Predators 
Positives: The bottom of the jersey is a knockout. While it reminds me of the Penguins pre-edge jersey, adding that blue has a hem bottom looks really nice with the angled stripes and different colored sides.
Negatives: I'm conflicted on that sleeve striping. It doesn't look awkward at the top of the sleeves but at the same time that might not be the best placement. Also, bring back the Predators numbers.
Overall: 8/10

Lucas Daitchman- Seattle Thunderbirds 
Positives: The simple striping works so well with this. the blue ends of the jersey and that green stripe is all this team needs.
Negatives: Where's the dark jersey Lucas?
Overall: 9.5/10

Taylor Roy: Calgary Hitmen 
Positives: This is a perfect jersey set that commemorates the original jerseys yet gives the team a new look. Some people might not like the colors but hey, they're called the Hitmen for a reason.
Negatives: That yoke doesn't have to be black on the white jersey and the mask can be black on the light jersey for the shoulder patch.
Overall: 9/10

That's all the concepts I have for you guys today. Once again, welcome to the HJC writers club Chase. Have a good week everybody and I'll see you guys next Sunday.
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