Saturday: Double J

The winner of the COTW vote for August 26 - September 1 was JJ!

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The winner of the COTW Challenge Competition and thus the winner of the COTW vote for August 19-25 was JJ...again!

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August was without a doubt one of the most ridiculous months in HJC's six-plus years. But it's behind us now and as HJC readers you are tasked with determining which concept will rise from the ashes of this tumultuous month and be crowned the COTW-August winner.

Entrants can be seen by clicking the link in the red poll or by going to the COTY 2016 tab. That poll will only appear to those logged into their Google account. Votes will be counted up until Friday at noon Eastern time.

The first set of September COTW nominees have been posted in the black poll on the side of the page. There's only two of them, which may make your decision easier. You can see the concepts on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page. All of the same voting rules that exist for the monthly vote apply to this vote as well.


A new competition has sprung to life. This week we are taking our competition in a little bit different direction. Click the World Cup banner at the top of the page to read all about this comp. I really hope you guys like the idea and give it a shot. Entries are due on Friday at noon Eastern time.


Last week I asked everyone how they felt the teams would do in the World Cup and your simple thoughts regarding their uniforms and the event logo. Team Canada came away as the clear winner, while the Czech Republic and Team Europe took your wrath head-on.


The poll this week will likely reflect how old you are and what country you live in. For all our readers outside of North America I'd be interested in your point of view on this...


I don't want to say it because it opens the doors to a place I don't want to see the NHL go. However the SAP sponsorship logo on all of the jerseys is not offensive at all. The colours don't interfere with any of the uniforms and it's small and simple enough that it really doesn't distract out on the ice. Of course this line of thinking is the gateway to allowing ads on NHL jerseys. Eventually the ads will get bigger and bigger, and try to grab your attention with contrasting colours. Let's just forget I said anything.

Reading the comments this week two items really grabbed my attention. One was hand drawn concepts and the balance of the concept versus its execution. The other was DT Concepts' US Election concepts and whether or not they are portraying DT's personal points of view.

In my opinion execution is very important when creating concepts, thus a hand drawn concept will never be able to match-up against a digital concept in that regard. As for the political concepts, it's my opinion that they do not send a political message and are a fun jab at all US Election candidates.

You'll notice that I used the word "opinion" twice in the previous statement. That's what HJC is. You send in concepts because you want to hear others' opinions. You leave comments because you want to state your opinion. You read the posts because you want to hear the writer's opinion.

The key to HJC is that everyone does have an opinion. Provided everyone can state their opinion in a clear and productive manner then HJC can be the fun place that everyone enjoys. Always try to remember that all of us writers each have our own opinions and they all may differ from each other. That's okay, that's a good thing.

Just because one writer doesn't like a concept doesn't mean that everyone doesn't like that concept. If you disagree with a writer we would love to hear about it in the comments. Just be sure to state your opinion on the writer's opinion in a clear and productive manner. What you'll get out of these respectful conversations will keep you coming back to HJC day after day.


COTW-August vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
COTW Sept 2-8 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
World Cup Design Comp (entries due Friday @ noon Eastern)
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Alexei said...

I'll still have to respectfully disagree about the political jerseys. A fun jab on the Sanders one would be a NOB poking fun at his age. Having "Commie" on his jersey is equivalent to having "Hitler" on the Trump jersey. Those are both names that have been thrown around by their opponents.

DT Concepts said...

I'm not going to say any of my personal political views, but every candidate I made a jersey for had a "jab" at them. For example, Trump is "Chump", Kasich is "Who?", etc...

All in the name of fun, right?

Alexei said...

I agree about every jersey having a jab, but "Commie" has extremely negative connotations, unlike the other names used.

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