New Day Tuesday

Hello Everyone! My name is Chase, and I am the new Tuesday writer for HJC! 

So I should probably start out with a little bit about me. I live in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. (GO BEARS!) I have always been in love with hockey. A couple of years ago however, I got really interested in the jerseys, and I discovered this website along with many others. After that I tried my hand at making some concepts. I found a few apps, and have been making them ever since!!! 

Of course, with how much I love hockey and the jerseys I have quite a few!! 

These are all the jerseys in my collection, and if you couldn't tell, I'm a huge Minnesota Wild (And MN hockey in general) fan! But enough about me... 

Alright Don't forget to vote for COTW and COTW for August! 

WCoH Design Contest Entries: Due Friday @ noon EST

COTW (Sept. 2nd-8th) Votes: Due Friday @ noon EST

COTW August Votes: Due Friday @ noon EST 

Lucas Daitchman- Chicago Blackhawks Winter Classic

Lucas here shows off what he thinks the Blackhawks Winter Classic Jersey will be. 

  • The simplicity of the sweater is excellent
  • No execution errors that I can see! 
  • Good logo choice
  • LOVE the tiedown collar!

  • Not much here, but the positioning of the back numbers looks a little cluttered...
My Rating- 8.5/10

Lucas Daitchman- Grand Rapids Griffins

Lucas's second concept of the day is for the AHL Grand Rapid Griffins!

  • The Griffins have one of my favorite branding in Minor League Hockey, and this jersey would fit right in! 
  • Love the New Logo that you created
  • The colored sleeves look very good here
  • Good execution

  • The logo and numbers on the back look a little cramped with the tail stripe being pretty high. A little lower would be perfect!
My Rating- Very outstanding concept! 9/10 and COTW NOMINEE from me!

Ryan Christensen- Columbus Blue Jackets

Ryan puts out his spin on the Jackets in his concept today. 
  • Good simple striping!
  • Very good choice bringing back the cap logo!
  • Like the shoulder yoke pattern
  • The pants don't have the same striping pattern as the rest of the stripes. 
  • Number font feels a little out of place for a Blue Jacket concept
My Rating: It's overall a solid concept, but feels like it's missing something... 7/10

Scott Garland- Grand Rapid Griffins

Scott has the second Griffins concept of the day, Also including a custom-made logo!
  • Very good striping pattern, kinda a mixture between the Habs and the Red Wings 
  • Number font was a good choice
  • Well done on the logo!
  • All of the numbers and lettering looks really small, and the back numbers are off centered
  • AHL patch on back is also off centered...
My Rating- Very good logo to go with a good jersey, just some execution errors. 7/10

Tyler Meil-Skewis- 

Tyler redesigns the Flyers here, and adds a Quakers fauxback...
  • Execution is good
  • All jersey patterns are simple yet look good.
  • Love the darker orange on the Quakers jersey
  • The main jerseys are a little too simple'
  • Needs some more black on the hem stripes
  • Numbers are really big
My Rating- Good, but could use a little work... 7/10


New Day Tuesday Reviewed by Chase A. Carlson on September 13, 2016 Rating: 5


JJ Anderes said...

Welcome to HJC Chase!

Unknown said...

Welcome Chase!

winnipegjets96 said...

welcome to the HJC Writers, Chase. Good first post

I'll 2nd Lucas's GR concept for COTW

Unknown said...

Welcome to the writing team Chase. But I'll have to disagree regarding Ryan C's Columbus concept as I'll nominate it for COTW.

Steve Marc said...

Welcome to the HJC writers block. Finally glad that I'm not the new guy.

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