Monday: Mix-N-Match

Welcome to a proper Monday post on HJC. These things happen and Ryan handled it professionally and the writers all did our best to pull through. Thank you for your patience, dear readers. Now let's get into the jersey news.

Jersey News:

We'll start in Naples where the Florida Everblades have unveiled their new jerseys for this season, and if you didn't like when Ottawa, Minnesota, L.A. and Dallas mismatched...you should look away now!

Photo from @FL_Everblades
To me at least, these jerseys look like they had two sets of jerseys and couldn't decide on which set to pick so they picked one from each. The green jersey is okay, but not great. I do like the team using green as the primary colour but the lack of hem stripe and addition of piping seems lateral at best. I will give them credit for the hem piping using all 3 secondary colours and at least adding something to the jersey. The front numbers shouldn't be squished against the CCM logo under the collar. The white jersey on the other hand is a mess. Sure it's a more traditional template but the lack of green almost anywhere on the striping doesn't connect it to the dark jersey at all. The idea of having the mismatching stripes surrounding the teeth striping is baffling. The silver looks so out of place and takes colour away from an area that desperately needs green. Then there's the always loved arched script over numbers or as I call it the NCAA. The script chose is extremely bland and without and outline it really kills what they were going for. The front of the jersey honestly looks unfinished.  All they had to do was stick their usual logo the team has used since 1998 and boom, simple and easy. If this were an alternate it would at least make sense why they'd attempt this, but why go to such a length to distance the white jersey from the green one?! Look at this photo of a player actually wearing one; usually jerseys look better in person than on templates, but this jersey somehow looks less thought through than on the template.

Green: 6.75/10
White: 3/10

Continuing to the SPHL, where the newly founded Evansville Thunderbolts (which are replacing the Icemen of the ECHL as they will relocate to Owensboro, Kentucky; name pending) have unveiled their jerseys for their inaugural season...

Photo from courierpress.com
Oh boy, another set of jerseys where one jersey is really plain (no pun intended) and the other being a hot mess and neither matches. Using the Capitals template isn't fooling anyone and while I understand teams may want to save money on a jersey by using a template, it simply doesn't work. Said template is meant for the Edge cut and taking it out of that makes it look very awkward. The lack of a shoulder patch doesn't help. The white jersey looks like a variation of the Windsor Spitfires' current home jerseys. The layout of the colours is okay, but the arm striping is a blatant fill job. On top of this, their logo is a lesser variation of an existing team by the same name's logo. These aren't exactly the best photos of these jerseys so maybe they'll look better on ice, but as is I'm not very impressed.


Red: 3.5/10
White: 5.25/10

Finally, to give you a really nice jersey unveiled in the minors, the Hershey Bears introduced their new alternate for this season, drawing back to the 1950s.

Photo from @The AHL
The Calder Cup finalists have the advantage of being one of the oldest and most popular AHL franchises and have many inspirations when it comes to fauxbacks. Here, they're nailed it. The striping is insanely simple, but the main focus of the jersey is the almost football sized front numbers, with a subtle script. It's weird how this script works, but if I had to guess it's because the script isn't arched. The recoloured Bear head from the previous alternate looks fantastic, and it may inspire some concepts. It isn't a direct throwback as they are using the Reebok Edge style of uneven arm stripes, but I think that's for the better. I'm always a fan of numbers in stripes but I think the striping on the socks would look great across the jersey.

Rating: 8.75/10

The Springfield Thunderbirds will be unveiling their new jerseys a week from tomorrow (September 13th) so look forward to that.

Also in the process of making a desktop background package for my computer, I decided on the theme of "Best NHL Goalies of All Time". I think I have a good package here but tell me if you'd add anyone in the comments.

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On with the concepts!


Philadelphia Flyers Concept (By: BurkusCircus)

+ The idea of a black Flyers alternate excites me. It's been nearly a decade since we've seen one, and basing it on the Flyers WC jersey is a good idea
+ The colours are laid out well for what BC wants to do
+ Love the round numbers
+ Appreciate hand drawn concepts

- As some of the writers have mentioned at this point, the thing with hand drawn concepts is they shades of the pencils used need to match the outline around the logo nearly exactly. You also need to watch stroke marks that unintentionally may give some parts of the jersey lighter sections,
- The outlines of the numbers and stripes are uneven, use a ruler
- If you can, try to use a scanner to scan use a copy of your hand drawn concepts rather than a photo.

Rating: 6/10

Team Russia WCH Concepts (By: Vaughn R.)

+ I like the striping pattern chose, though I have seen it before from Vaughn a couple posts ago
+ The black gear is well done
+ Good logo choices/placement

- I don't really feel on the jerseys black goes with everything, especially when it's against the dolled blue numbers on the red jersey
- Across the board, the colour layout on the stripes does not work, I get you wanted to use the colours on the eagles but it doesn't fit with anything Russian hockey has ever done or will do
- Hem stripes above the black are too thin
- WCH logo would look better on the shoulders and larger

Rating: 6.5/10

Kunlun Redstart KHL Concepts (By: Zok Koncepts)

+ After a much needed logo update, the Redstar will likely update their jerseys, and while I didn't hate what they came up with originally, this is an improvement
+ Colours are decently balanced, better on the black jersey but at least okay on both
+ Big fan of the dark red gear with the Chinese stars as a logo, looks excellent
+ Good execution
+ While I'd have to see all numbers to see how the font would look, it goes well with the logo

- If you wanted to nail colour balancing on the white jersey, it would be improved by making the yoke black

Rating: 8.75/10 COTW Nom from me!

Grand Rapids Griffins Concept (By: Steven M.)

+ Since the Griffins lack the decades of history the Red Wings have, they can pull off the Stadium Series look better, right down to the G (which looks better than the D)
+ The addition of black on the logo/cuffs/collar/striping helps the jersey pop
+ Good execution

- If this was to be a full time alternate for the team, it would look better for the team to put black on the numbers/NOB to match the logo
- The shoulders are depressingly bare on the back, and the whole jersey would look better with a shoulder patch (GRG crest)
- Execution note: Small thing, the inside of the collar are of the jersey should be the same colour as the area of the shoulder yoke behind it unless the pattern is sublimated onto the jersey (which I doubt a team would bother doing for a bare red area)

Rating: 8.25/10

Team Czech Republic WCH Concepts (By: Vaughn R.)

+Despite breaking Czech sports code by doing so, I did prefer the Czech jerseys just using the Bavarian shield
+ I do like the striping pattern chosen

- If this were for team Bavaria it'd make sense, but for Team Czech Republic, it does not look like a Czech jersey. Again I understand why Vaughn en this route, but id doesn't work as a Czech jersey
- The Flyers stitching template would work much better for this striping than trying to sublimate it onto a standard Under Armour jersey
- WCH logo would look better on the shoulder instead of the chest and larger

Rating: 5.75/10

Canada V. USA Outdoors Concept (By: Lucas D.)

+ Both jerseys tie excellently into the hockey history of the nation. The US jersey is a good modernization of the Miracle on Ice jerseys, and the Canada jersey are a mix of several jerseys, going back to the classic double stripe pattern Canada has used forever, the 2010 and 2014 Olympic jerseys, as well as being its own design
+ The gold collar insert on the Canada jersey is a small detail but it does add to the jersey
+ Good job on the logo for the event, interesting but not overcrowded
+ Great execution

- NOB is too small and narrow
- The narrow font chosen for the Canada jersey, especially on numbers 9, 8, 6 & 3, get lost in the middle of the red stripes

Rating: 8.75/10

Toronto Maple Leafs Concepts (By: Jimmy T.)

+ Taking more inspiration from the font of the 2000s and striping from the 60s and adding a square yoke all seems to mix well
+ It's hard to come up with new designs for the Leafs without leaving tradition behind, but if the Leafs wore this it'd be something partially new
+ Good execution

- TV numbers are too small
- The collar blends into the yoke, and white it looks okay on the white jersey, it doesn't on the blue jersey. It's a very grey area in design but I prefer when collars stick out

Rating: 8.5/10

Monday: Mix-N-Match Reviewed by winnipegjets96 on September 05, 2016 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

Personally, I wouldn't have Roloson, Elliott and Rinne there, but to each their own.

To add: Vezina, Hainsworth, Malarchuk, Vernon, Vanbiesbrouck, Benedict, Quick, Barrasso, Vachon, Fleury, Khabibulin, Worsley, Burke, Thompson, Lumley, Moog, etc.

Burkus Circus CONCEPTS!!! said...

Wow. It's called Hockey Jersey CONCEPTS!!! Not Hockey Jersey EXECUTION!!!

Burkus Circus for COTW.

That, if it was a computer concept, would have gotten 10/10. Pleas, in the future, rate my concepts on the concept of the concept, not execution.



winnipegjets96 said...

@Burkus- The first point I made was that I liked the idea, and I mentioned I appreciate the effort making a hand drawn concept takes. That being said execution is a major part of concepts if not just to help you better yourself as an artist. I try to offer constructive criticism to help you improve your concepts, to help get your ideas across and show your artist skills. You can choose to take that or not. I agree hand drawn concepts are concepts too, and because of this I will rate it like another concept. I hope you keep sending in hand drawn concepts and improve

Steve Marc said...

Burkus- We aren't saying that you have a bad concept. What we are saying is that you have to take execution into consideration here. Think of it as if you're presenting it to a board of directors or a GM of a hockey team. They'd probably say something along the lines of "Nice drawing now make me a mockup." I like to think that way and don't take it personal. There is a reason we put the Paint.net up there and the free CS2 suite link in the template section. I believe that you have the ability to only get better if you try to use a computer.

Unknown said...

Execution is a MAJOR factor in any concept, and when I review concepts I am EXTREMELY nit-picky with it, moreso on the computer-made concepts because on the computer you have the resources to make it perfect.

Let's take a real world example. If you had a plan to design a product or build a structure of some sorts, if your plan isn't presented well, it's going to get torn apart, because the people you present it to will refer to you as amateur, not ready for reality, etc. even if your plan is the best solution to a given situation.

I'll even give you an example here. I had the brilliant idea of giving the Ducks a white version of their then-alternate jerseys, which ended up being today's road jerseys. However when I designed it, it was sloppy. The lines were all over the place, the sides of the jersey did not match, and neither did the front or the back match. A brilliant idea, one that was eventually used in real life, and poorly executed (4/10 was the rating I believe).

On the computer I pay attention to every single pixel I use to design a jersey. You should do the same for hand-drawn concepts. Attention to detail is key in any form of art. You don't have to use the computer if you don't want to, but be neat with your drawings and pay attention to detail.

Unknown said...

Also side note: you can't nominate your own concepts for COTW, and you need a google account to make a nomination in the first place as per HJC policy.

Burkus Circus Concepts said...

Yeah, sorry guys. Was in a bad mood, saw the concept review, and took it out on you guys. Personal apology to all of you. I really respect the work you guys put in to your stuff. I don't know, maybe in the future, when I use Photoshop or something, I'll do a redo series of the best hand-drawn concepts I did. Or I'll stay a "Hander" forever. And Phil, I know about the self-nomination and non-google stuff. Like I said, bad mood. Hope we're all good.

Burke out. Peace!


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