Monday: Ice...Cold....Concepts.....

Welcome to another Monday post here at HJC! The title is in reference to one of the old beer jockeys at Rogers Centre....only instead of brews, I give you hockey concepts, free of charge!

Jersey News:

In Swift Current we got a taste of the Bronco's 50th anniversary jerseys, based on what the team wore as the Lethbridge Broncos before moving back to Swift Current in 1986 after leaving in 1974.

Photo from @SCbroncos

Now while the Broncos could never full time bring this colour scheme back because it's too similar to the Prince Albert Raiders...I love these jerseys. The original jerseys didn't feature the black but like in most cases, adding black to this colour scheme works well. The yellow numbers work nicely against the black gear and yoke. I'd make this a full time alternate any day of the week. It's a good fauxback and goes well against their standard classic set.

Rating: 9/10

In Charlottetown, PEI, the Islanders have changed their home and road a little, revolutionizing jerseys as we know it by adding a logo on the front of their jerseys.

Photo from @IslandersHKY

Charlottetown has worn the Preds template after dumping the Sens/Lightning/Pens one with the rebrand and I think it works pretty well, keeps the team from being a Pens rip off, but my biggest problem with the Islanders in their 3 seasons not as the Rockets is opting for a very plain Rangers diagonal script instead of a real logo...and considering their logo is one of the best in the QMJHL, it's a shame. Now that problem is fixed the the gorgeous logo is out in front for all to see. We also get a beautiful shoulder patch that says Charlottetown PEI with and outline of the island and a crown underneath with hockey sticks crossed. Honestly this is what we should have had since day one. The vegas gold alternate remains and I'm unsure if the white jersey will use the logo but I'm 99% sure it will (why wouldn't they match, this isn't Minnesota?).

Rating: 8.5/10 (Go Mooseheads)

Photo from sportslogos.net
The Binghamton Senators (see I can spell it right) are relocating to Belleville, Ontario. They will be known as the Belleville Senators likely because the OHL Bulldogs still own the rights to the name. There could be a purchase of the rights soon...but it's nice to get another Canadian AHL team (Laval/St.John's, Toronto, Manitoba, Belleville). Don't worry, Binghamton faithful, the Senators are working hard to ensure you keep an AHL franchise. I think we'll likely see Albany, Springfield or Bridgeport relocate, maybe even Hartford under the right conditions. Look forward to the Belle-Sens concepts!

What do you think happens to the Binghamton ___________? What would be ideal for you? Why not send in some concepts of your ideas while you're at it?!

Let's check out some of the Ottawa Senators Redesign Entries that have come in since last post:

Lucas D.

Justin N.

Spencer R.

Brooks F.

Spencer BR.

Great stuff! Entries are due this Friday at Noon EST

Don't forget to vote for COTW!

COTW Sept 9-15 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
Ottawa Senators ReDesign entries (due by Friday @ noon Eastern)

As mentioned last post there will be a Start of the Season podcast amongst writers/social media handlers. Submit your questions as questions to the posts leading up to the podcast. The more questions, the better!

On with today's concepts!


AHL Heritage Classic Concept (By: Vaughn R.)

+ Right away I like the idea, and while Bakersfield is nowhere near Canada, they're still the Oilers AHL and I like the eras Vaughn has chose to replicate
+ The Moose jersey is exactly as Vaughn says, a mix of the original AHL jerseys and the ones from the Corey Schneider years. It's a good mix and the colours are nicely laid out
+ The striping on the Condors jersey is nice, good mix of colours
+ Good execution

- Presentation is a little cluttered
- The logo on the Condors jersey is much too larges and I would have made the oil drop white to match the numbers
- Captains A is a little too small on the Condors jersey
- NOB on the Moose jersey is too high

Rating: 7/10

Ottawa Senators Concepts (By: Lucas D.)

+ Taking inspiration form the 1992 jersey and the pre-edge alternate is a good mix
+ Side logo is always nice to see
+ While some may prefer the Sens in red, I think a black/gold mix works well
+ Good execution

- The O logo doesn't really work into the set, the Peace Tower logo would work better
- Kind of disappointed by standard boring block numbers, the rounded numbers look better
- The white jersey needs a little more black on it, a stripe on top of the old one would fix that

Rating: 8.5/10

United States Air Force Academy Falcons Concept (By: Patrick N.)

+ Looking at the plane Patrick based his concept on, he's done a good job transferring the layout of colours on a plane, to a jersey. I dig the greyscale
+ The helmet is amazing, enough said
+ The jersey itself reminds me a lot of a flight suit and having the US flag, airforce logo and very simple typeface, you get the military vibe without it being in your face
+ Good execution

- The plane itself seems to have to yellow on it seems, adding that yellow to the stripes would be interesting to see that added there and around the script
- A hem stripe would do wonders for this jersey

Rating: 8.5/10

New York Islanders Concept (By: Phil B.)

+ After nearly half a decade of black jerseys with the Islanders, we have a whiteout....this is awesome honestly, I love the idea (despite it being Winnipeg's idea IN THE FIRST PLACE)
+ The striping pattern with the 4 orange stripes in the arms and numbers look awesome!
+ Brooklyn tab on the hem stripe looks excellent
+ Surprisingly, I like the Islanders classic logo in monochrome

- Phil....ID your concepts!
- It would be interesting to see the NY logo in black, which would add some colour to the front of the jersey, maybe add some blue too
- NOB is slightly too small

Rating: 9/10 COTW Nom from me!

Boston Bruins Concepts (By: Lucas D.)

+ The colour lay out is a good mix of the pre-edge, Orr era and current jerseys
+ Striping is simple, but it works
+ Great colour balancing, something Boston has had trouble with at points in its history (Neely era)
+ Good execution

- The shoulder patches would work better, and call me crazy, if they were arm logos and you had shoulder numbers. I could be wrong but it's work a try
- NOB is too small and thin, an outline would fix that

Monday: Ice...Cold....Concepts..... Reviewed by winnipegjets96 on September 26, 2016 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

Wow.. Brooks' comp Jersey.. eliminating the red was a gutsy move, but I think it paid off. That set looks fantastic!

Anonymous said...

If cbj were to make their 3rd home, would a beige away work?

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot. I wanted to try something with the send that has never been tried before.

JJ Anderes said...

Oh my gosh Justin Nahhas I am in love with those Senators jerseys.

Unknown said...

Beige/vintage white away jerseys do not work. Look at the Rockford Ice Hogs cream-colored alternate, a reversal of the Hawks 2008 Winter Classic look. Not a good move.

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