All Stars and De-Edgeification

Welcome to today's Tuesday post!!! We've got a few Canadian Hockey League concepts, and a couple NHL concepts. The LA Kings even unveiled the 2017 NHL All Star Game logo! No jerseys, but the game is in January, so I'm thinking a few months before new jerseys get unveiled, IF they do. Last years jerseys were kinda last minute too, so... 

Here's the new ASG logo (Courtesy of NHL.com)
I personally think it looks pretty good. It's not outstanding or anything, but the NHL did a good job on the logo. It's very reflective of Los Angeles, itself, but not so much the Kings. This is probably the way they wanted to go, and it definitely works!

My rating: 7.5/10

I would like to now take this time to thank everyone for welcoming me to HJC! I really appreciate it, and I'm very excited to be a part of the team! Thank you so much!

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On to the Concepts!!!


Brooks F.- Quebec Remparts (CHL; QMJHL) 
Brooks takes on the Quebec Remparts in his CHL redesign.
  • Love the Castle wall striping pattern
  • Good execution
  • The Alternate jersey is Fantastic!
  • Only thing that I can think of is that you have the same pants repeated on the concept 3 times. Maybe just add one pair, and clean up the presentation a little. 
My rating: Overall a solid concept, 8/10

Brooks F. Moncton Wildcats (CHL; QMJHL) 
Brooks continues his CHL redesign series with another QMJHL team, the Moncton Wildcats! 
  • The Wildcats current jerseys are really tame compared to these, the clawmark stripes really fit the branding.
  • I'm not really sure if the alt. is a throwback, because I don't understand the colors. Still a fantastic jersey!
  • The number font on the home and road was a good choice. 
  • Love the slashes in the back
  • I think the front of the jersey would be just fine without the slashes. It makes an already busy look, busier. 
  • On the left sleeve of the back of the white jersey, you forgot to fill in the rest of the of the sleeve cap, but no execution errors otherwise.
  • Same about the breezers above
My rating: While I feel like this could be better than your previous concept, some execution errors, and a little bit of cluttered-ness brings it down. 7.5/10

Lucas D.- Dallas Stars De-Edgeified (NHL)
Lucas's first concept of the day is a DE-edgeing of the Dallas Stars. 
  • Love the resemblance to the modern-edged Stars, and getting away from the Blackhawks St. Patrick Day jersey. 
  • Good choice on the black jersey
  • Love the Shoulder patches, much better than the roundels
  • Like the Black NOB (Name on Back) on the road jersey
  • No execution errors
  • The thin silver outlines on the numbers and stripes are barely noticeable on the green and black stripes and not at all on the white. It's kinda distracting, and doesn't add much to the jersey
  • I'd also like to see a little more complex collars... 
My rating: Very good de-edging of the Stars, that's still reflective of the brand. 8/10

Lucas D.- Anaheim Ducks De-Edgeified (NHL)
Lucas's second concept of the day is another set in his De-Edge series. Lucas tackles the Ducks here...
  • Very good logo choice. Much better than the tiny wordmark.
  • Very reflective of the Ducks brand, before the newest uniforms. 
  • Decent Execution
  • Logo's looked a little off centered
  • Would like to see some more orange in the set.
  • The set also feels a little too simple
My rating: A very good jersey for the Ducks, much better than the originals, but could use some work. 7/10

Taylor R.- Edmonton Oil Kings (CHL; WHL)

Taylor takes a shot at the Edmonton Oil Kings in the last CHL and last concept of the day! 
  • Wonderful Execution
  • Ties in perfectly with Oil Kings branding
  • Love the shoulder stripes
  • Collar designs are good  

  • Home jersey could use a little bit more blue
My rating: A wonderful concept that would look great on the ice. 9/10 and my COTW Nominee!!!! 


Well that's all for Tuesday this week! Come back next week for more and come back the rest of the week for all sorts of concepts!!! 


All Stars and De-Edgeification Reviewed by Chase A. Carlson on September 20, 2016 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

I definitely should have made the NOB and numbers on the home blue, no doubt.

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 2nd Taylor R. and issue a challenge
Use their alternate logo and make something nice

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