Ain't no 'back like a Throwback

Welcome to this Tuesday's HJC post! There's not much in hockey news, other than Team Europe upsetting Sweden the other night in OT! Pretty interesting to see Team Europe vs. Canada for the Final! 

Not much for jersey news either, but there is a few new changes.
First, the Flames announced their throwbacks as permanent alts. 

As much as I like these throwbacks, I'm still a little disappointed that the current...errr... now old alts are gone. I really enjoyed that wordmark and western font. But still, these look a whole HECK of a lot better than their current jerseys. 

And secondly, the Red Wings will add a Patch to their jerseys to honor the late Mr. Hockey, Gordie Howe. These small patches will be worn all year.
So that's it for news! Moving on!

We also have a Senators redesign contest going on!
Here are some of the entries!
Avi S. 

Anthony G.
Don't forget to get your entries in by Friday!

Also don't forget to VOTE!!! 

COTW Sept 16-22 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
Ottawa Senators ReDesign entries (due by Friday @ noon Eastern)

On to the concepts!!

Vaughn R.- ECHL Heritage Classic (Tulsa Oilers vs. Norfolk Admirals)

Vaughn here does an Under Armour design for an ECHL Heritage Classic.
  • I like the pattern on the Ads jersey, and love the throwback colors!!! 
  • The sleeve-length yoke and blue middle section looks cool
  • The Ads number font really works with this jersey.
  • There's a lot of execution errors...
    • TV Numbers on all both jerseys are a little small
    • Numbers on the back of the Tulsa jersey are a little off centered and a little high
    • The team affiliate patches are very oddly and inconsistently placed between both jersey
  • I don't really think the half and half breezers for Tulsa works, maybe all blue to balance the yoke and tail stripe
  • Your presentation of everything is very cluttered... The equipment, logos, and even the jerseys are in different locations and are all different sizes. Just try working on cleaning up the presentation for your next concepts. This won't take away anything but it's just something to think about
My rating- I don't really see the throwback or fauxback elements of these jerseys, but they're still very good jerseys! 6.5/10

Lucas D.- Calgary Flames De-Edge (NHL)
Lucas adds the Flames to his list of De-Edged NHL teams.
  • Love the colors. Keeping black was a good choice. 
  • Love the N&#OB (Name and Number on back) font used here. 
  • Minor detail, but I love the black collar on the white jersey. 
  • Sleeve length yoke was a good choice in combining the different eras of the Flames. 
  • The NOB in black with white outlining was a problem for Flames fans in reading it, and so they reversed it. To hold the concept to a realistic standard, these should probably be reversed.
  • The sleeve numbers also are a little squished on the yoke
  • Would also like to see tiedowns, but that's just me... (No points deducted for this, it's just my opinion!)
My rating: A wonderful de-edgeification for the Flames! 8/10 And my NOMINEE FOR COTW!!!

Vaughn R.- WHL Heritage Classic (Edmonton Oil Kings vs. Brandon Wheat Kings) 

Vaughn's second concept of the day is another concept for another Heritage Classic, but this time in the WHL. 
  • Throwback feel is much better than the last set.
  • The Oil Kings set has a very Whalers-esc look. 
  • Equipment looks good
  • No execution errors
  • The jersey based off of the Clubs is very interesting for a team based in Brandon, but Winnipeg is pretty far away for Brandon to consider it part of the hockey history there.
  • Again, your presentation is very cluttered...
My Rating: Definitely a better fit for a Heritage Classic, but could still use some work. 6.5/10

Patrick N.- U.S. Air Force Academy; Legacy Series-(NCAA)

    Patrick creates a jersey for the USAFA NCAA team based off of old-school planes. These ones are based off of the Vietnam War F-4 Phantom II's.
    • LOVE LOVE LOVE the Bomber face helmet. Wonderful touch there!
    • Good logo choice 
    • Badges and the Flag is a great idea!
    • Gives off a clean yet still Military-esc feel
    • I had to look up some images of these planes, and they didn't really have yellow, so I'm not sure where that came from... 
    • N&#OB are a little small and the TV#s are also way to small
    My rating: Very good military concept! 7/10

    Phil B.- New York Rangers (NHL)
    Phil B. goes for an absolute shake up of the Rangers, and gives them and very futuristic look.
    • Love the use of the current font, Drop shadow and all
    • Interesting idea of breaking the Rangers Tradition of Wordmarks, but the logo really works well with the striping pattern.
    • Would have liked to see the Arched nameplate still be present. 
    • The Breezers should also match the new striping pattern.
    My Rating: An absolutely wacky concept for the Rangers that somehow, works! 7.5/10

    Well that's all for today folks! See ya next time, and don't forget to vote!
    Ain't no 'back like a Throwback Reviewed by Chase A. Carlson on September 27, 2016 Rating: 5


    winnipegjets96 said...

    I'll give Vaughn credit, while the idea doesn't really fit with the Wheat Kings, he's the first person I've seen attempt to make a Winnipeg Clubs concept. Idea for a contest perhaps?

    As I've mentioned before, of the two Flames original jerseys, the white one is an 11 while the red one is an 8, I'd like to see that instead. It's a shame to see their 2013 alternate go, it was their best jersey since 2006.

    Avi said...

    My senators entry isn't showing up :(

    Chase A. Carlson said...

    Should have fixed the Sens concept now, Avi!

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