Wednesday: Summer Slow-Down

So we enter the slow portion of HJC. With all the new jerseys released, the offseason dragging, we only have 4 concepts today. But that leads to a quicker read and more time to focus on this:


Yes, you can bring the excitement of the NHL Winter Classic to the international stage. USA-Canada. England-France. Russia-Ukraine. ANYTHING! Rewrite history and bring it to life on ice with our International Outdoor Classic Competition.

On to of that, you can create something else: YOUR OWN BLOG POST! That's right, HJC IS HIRING! Starting salary is a nice round $0/hr (get it? Zeroes are round? Ok, I'll leave after this post is over). Benefits include a sharper eye for detail, improvement of your personal writing skills, and most of all, if you stick around long enough, you might be able to get on to a podcast, so that your broadcasting skills can be put to the test as well! Click the banner above to get started.

Between the insanity of some of Donald Trump's comments and the ridiculousness of Hillary Clinton's attempt to reach out to millennials, the one thing about voting I can take refuge in is the Concept of the Week Vote. Simple, quick and effective. It's over there on the right. Literally right next to this paragraph. Yes, this way. ----->


COTW Aug 5-11 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
International Outdoor Competition (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
HJC Writer applications (due Friday @ noon Eastern)


Brooks F: Huntington Dragons (AHL) Concept

Ok I need to get this off my chest. If you do a quick lookup on a map, Huntington, NY is literally about 12 miles away from me. On Long Island. And yet this is a Devils minor league team. First of all, living here I can guarantee that there is no place for even an AHL arena in Huntington. Second of all, Something about a Devils team in Islanders territory rubs me the wrong way. Personal thoughts on that aside, this is a marvelous concept. The primary logo. The stunning alternate logo. The unique striping. The gradient underneath said striping. It gives me the bat-out-of-hell feeling, which blows me away. How this didn't win the Open is beyond me. Despite the dark numbers on a dark-ish jersey, it fits with the striping pattern.

Get off my Island: 96%

Lucas D: Edmonton Oilers Concept

"Hello, this is the design department of the Chicago Blackhawks calling. Dude, really?" I mean it is a nice look. But we've seen this before. They actually played hockey with something similar to this up in Minnesota. It isn't the best adaption I have seen either. I also do not see TV numbers. The striping ends too rigidly to carry the oil drop with it.

Brainstorming session, now: 20%

Lucas D: Philadelphia Flyers Concept

Ah much better. Although a common idea (Quakers-inspired jersey), a lot of people over complicate it with numerous stripes. Three stripes per set is a nice calm number. No white is a good call here. Solid jersey, but would be interested to see if the Flyers would bring the contrasting nameplates onto this jersey. If you (or Josiah who was credited) can make a back view to this template you'd be all set.

Flying High Now: 83%

Vaughn R: Quebec Bulldogs Concept

As part of his entry into the 365 Club (Which sounds like an awesome place in NYC, mind you), Vaughn chooses the Bulldogs, even giving them a new logo that should, in my opinion, be the primary on the main set. The original logo works only as a throwback, not as a major logo, which by the way, is stretched out way too much on the chest. I would've kept it restricted between the inner template lines and not stretched out all the way across the front of the jersey, because as it looks now, if it were worn, the Q and C would be visible on the sides of the jersey. As for the alternate, I like the logo. I hate the lack of white outline on that alternate jersey. Also the fleur-de-lis, a common design element in Quebec, looks awkward on the front of the jersey. Logo talk aside, lets get to the striping. And while the chest striping looks good, I am not a fan of the cuffs of the sleeves being the only place where color is applied differently from the rest of the sleeve. If you take a listen to the HJC Podcast, at about the 34:20 mark, I mention that I think that Montreal's white jersey is overrated, because the design on the sleeves is virtually non-existent (well a few minutes after that because I wanted to share some funny banter between me and Steven M). Point still stands. Too boring.

All bark, no bite: 65%

The winner of my Concept of the Week Nomination is:



Well that will do it for me. And while I left you hanging on which writer was leaving, I'm sure you have figured it out by now.


I won't spoil anything for you, but I'll save my tribute and welcome next Wednesday, the day after all the excitement happens here on HJC. So I'm sure you're interested in finding out who the new writer is.

Me too.
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Lucas D. said...

I'll second Brooks F. for COTW!

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