Wednesday: Save, REBOUND SCORE!

With many good saves come a juicy rebound, and I got it. Last week Ryan made the save (thankfully) and I hope to redeem myself on the rebound attempt this week. We have 5 great concepts for you guys.

DESIGN NEWS: New logos are abound.

First, the simple: You can finally ditch the Lake Erie/Cleveland debacle, as the Monsters have settled on Cleveland.

Rating: 100% relief the identity crisis is over.

Second, the eventful: The 2017 Winter Classic logo has been unveiled.

Obligatory "Winter" script, snowflakes, and of course the Gateway Arch. Good looking logo

Rating: 100% Cold

Third, the bold and the beautiful:

(all above images from sportslogos.net)

So I guess the Sharks' graphic design department was not happy with the loss in the Cup final. So let's reflect that anger in the shark itself. Gone is the hockey stick, and now the shark's mouth is open, and I would assume hungrier than before. These are only alternate logos, at the moment. Could these possibly be the next phase of the San Jose Sharks? They may, because the first logo will be seen on a fans-only jersey, given away in October with the words "Los Tiburones" underneath. Full press release here.

Rating: 100% GET ME THIS NOW

We also have a NEW COMPETITION! Overlapping a vote, too. I believe this is a first for HJC and hopefully Ryan can confirm this. So this competition will draw inspiration on the rumored World Junior Championships plan. The 2018 World Juniors is set to take place in Buffalo, NY and I hope to be there for it, because I would LOVE to attend a USA-Canada match. But I may need to pack some extra layers, because sources have told TSN that the USA-Canada match will be held not at the First Niagara Center, or the Harbor Center, but at nearby Ralph Wilson Stadium in Orchard Park. Anyone that knows a thing or two outside of hockey (or even within the sport for that matter), knows that Ralph Wilson Stadium is the home of the NFL's Buffalo Bills. WE ARE TAKING IT OUTSIDE! A first for the IIHF. The stadium also hosted the first Winter Classic, in which the Penguins defeated the Sabres in a shootout by a score of 2-1. So with that in mind, lets take something else outside! Could be IIHF-run, could be NHL-run, doesn't matter. Just pit two nations against each other outside, and send it to us here! Entries are due not this Friday, but the following Friday.

The vote for the 365 Club continues on so make sure to get to that and our regular COTW vote, but also the COTW-July vote (or as I like to call it, Concept of the Month).

Also are you jealous of me? Probably not, but if you are, then apply to join the HJC Writing Staff. It's an exclusive club being opened up again. Click on the above tab to apply. There you will get all the information you need to create your own HJC sample post with your own writing and reviewing style. Therefore if you think my reviews are full of crap, you can be the new judge. Or at least, a new judge, cause I'll still be here with you.


COTW-July vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
COTW July 29-Aug 4 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
365 Club Top 4 Vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
International Outdoor Classic Entry phase (due August 19th @noon Eastern)
Tuesday Writer Mock Post (due August 19th @noon Eastern)


Jimmy T: Edmonton Oil Kings (WHL) Concept

Jimmy tries to improve a calm set the Oil Kings already use (nuclear apocalyptic alternate jersey thing notwithstanding), by giving it a look we have seen frequently of late here at HJC, and that of course is the colored upper sleeve. Narrowing the red and yellow as a trim color is a decent idea, allowing the blue and white to dominate both jerseys. However, due to some yellow-on-white syndrome, the striping looks like it uses two different shades of yellow and red. Looking closely it doesn't, but from a distance that's not a good thing. Speaking of yellow and white, why change the original logo to create that problem? I'll assume the absence of a hem stripe on only one of the jerseys was intentional, but whether it was or not, I still am no fan of it. Execution note: Left shoulder of the white jersey, from the back view, there's no color on that panel. Fix that.

Just have to wait to be King: 63%

Lucas D: Dallas/Edmonton Identity Swap Concept

Having basically seen this concept earlier this week, and noting no changes beyond color from the Oilers' main set, the only thing I need to review is the logo. It is almost as awkward as the Oilers/Devils mash-up logo. I get the angled numbers because of the sleeve outline being angled. Get creative with these. There is so much potential with identity swaps beyond what you have presented here.

Benn there, done that: 45%

Taylor R: Iowa Wild (AHL) Concept

I hate script logos, so thank you for putting the roundel logo here. But Taylor, as a veteran designer here at HJC, I need to ask this: why there is vintage white next to actual white on the white jersey? I love that striping pattern on the red though, but transitioning it to the white is hard if you keep the vintage white on the outside. The double yoke outline is a nice look that I've tried to utilize a few times in my work. I'm not feeling this one at all.

Wild color choices: 74%

Truman K: Colorado Avalanche Concept

Here Truman changes up the logo to remove most of the blue, as to not clash with the jersey. While I understand that thought process, it's easier to just add an outline, because I'm not a fan of the changes you made here. But despite that, the removal of black is good, the striping is nice (though a matching sock pattern would help), and you use a design element that I feel is under-utilized: a white yoke. On top of that, the nameplate in the yoke works well. Execution note: Inside the collar surrounding the brand tag should be white because of the yoke the tag sits on.

Nailed some, wiped out on some: 79%

ZOK KONSEPTS: Minnesota Wild Concept (or Konsept, I guess)

Yellow-on-white syndrome strikes again. However it only affects the numbers because of the thickness of the yellow everywhere else, as well as the shade of yellow used. What makes it cool is that the use of those colors in the order you have them in creates a bit of a rough gradient, going from bright colors to dark, and I like that a lot. Two execution notes here: remember when Ryan posted something here a while ago about using the number 1 in a two digit number? part of the two should overlap the sleeve in order to properly center the number. Also those numbers on the sleeves which I just mentioned look a tad too big.

Tamed the Wild: 83%

The winner of my Concept of the Week nomination is;



Well that will do it this week for me. Send in those competition entries. Send in those mock posts. Vote. And find out which writer is being voted off the island* on the next "Survivor: HJC"!

*the use of the word "island" has no connotation to Long Island. Because I'll see you next week.
Wednesday: Save, REBOUND SCORE! Reviewed by Unknown on August 10, 2016 Rating: 5


Steve Marc said...

And no I'm not the one leaving. I am just changing days. Sorry Phil, no more shenanigans.

J3 said...

Taylor's Iowa Wild concept looks strangely similar to one I made last year...


Ryan said...

No, not really.

winnipegjets96 said...

Call me crazy, but I'm a fan of the Cleveland Monsters look, including the jerseys. same with the Sharks "Tiburon" logos, primary those asap

I'll second ZOK for COTW, the addition of yellow looks great

Burkus Circus Concept said...

Did anyone else notice the Black S under the shark in the logo? And if this logo isn't in use by 2017-18 I'll, uh, ROOT FOR THE CZECH REPUBLIC IN SOCCER!!!


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