Wednesday: On the Move

Las Vegas isn't the only city getting a new team soon. Laval, Quebec is getting the St. John's IceCaps. It seems like the trend of moving AHL teams closer to their parent club. Falcons have moved to Tuscon, AZ this year, last year we had seven relocations, although one of them was basically in re-affiliation only, as the Hamilton Bulldogs moved to St. John's.

Funnily enough, the relocation of the IceCaps to Laval may be in name only as well. Currently the IceCaps are planning on existing for the 2017-18 season. They did not specify whether they will stay in the AHL, maybe the Q (unlikely)? Maybe the E? We'll have to see. Maybe they'll pair up with the new Las Vegas team.


So Steve thought I'd challenge you to some Islanders thing, but HE WAS WRONG! MUAHAHA! What I am challenging you to do is a hard task: Make a RANGERS set (home and away) that uses their primary logo on the front, and not the diagonal wordmark. It CANNOT use the Lady Liberty logo. It must use their current primary. Good luck!


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Blake S: Edmonton Oilers Heritage Classic Concept

While I do enjoy more orange in the Oilers set, Color Balance is a major issue here. The logo is predominantly blue, everything else is predominantly orange, except the shoulder numbers, but that's because of the orange shoulders. I've never been a fan of numbers on the yoke, but the Oilers have been able to get away with it to an extent. But with those numbers come the execution notes I'm about to give. The numbers on the shoulders are spaced differently on the left as opposed to the right, in relation to the collar. Also the name and numbers on the back, One thing that may help the balance is thicker number outlines. I also feel the striping is too small for my liking, but that's personal preference. Not a fan of the glove stripes. Pants?

Rating: 65%

Blake S: Winnipeg Jets Heritage Classic Concept

Same execution issues here as before, plus the sleeve numbers are too close to the stripes. Plus the stripes are low too. Color balance is a little better. I wonder if you could put a shoulder patch on there. Still not a fan of the glove stripes. Still need pants.

Score: 68%

Eric T: UNB Varsity Reds (CIS) Concept

Without question the best logo to choose for UNB, though it could use a bolder outline. Comparing to what they normally wear, they have black Sens alternate copies (Script logo alt), as well as the Sens primary set copied. I'm have a bit of OCD so I apologize for this, but that thick black stripe on the bottom is irritating me, in relation to the other stripes. Numbers look a little small. Also stitching is supposed to stop at the hem stripes. Would like to see the equipment.

Grade: 72%

Jordan R: Port Huron Flags (IHL) Concept

You designed a quality roundel logo, reminding me a bit of the Sabres logo, in that it's quite literal. There's a bridge in Port Huron, and there's a set of flags on hockey sticks. Why aren't you using it on the front of any of the jerseys? Color balance is beautiful. As I said to Eric, stitching stops at the striping. I like the lack of white here, as it makes the set even more bold. It's tough to pull off a color scheme with all three primary colors.

Evaluation: 86%

Lucas D: Washington Capitals Concept

Every now and then, Someone tries a Capitals concept merging eras, bringing the modern logo set with the 90's/early 2000's colors. And as always, the logo looks like that, because that's the way it should look with this color scheme. This concept is a lot brighter than the original, and I like it, however I'd like to see equipment to see how that would work with this jersey, since the original set had black equipment. Color is balanced perfectly.

Appraisal: 89%

Ryan C: Hartford Whalers Concept

I'm surprised that the choice for no hem stripe worked well here. Originally, as we all know, when this version of the Whalers logo debuted, it was on a blue jersey. It works well on green, so there's no reason they shouldn't have gone with green in the 90's. My only two complaints here is 1) why is there a white shoulder patch on a white shoulder? Pucky the Whale looks so good in green too. And 2) The blue dominates the white jersey a little too much for my liking, as opposed to green being the dominant color on the home. A very realistic set if the Whalers existed today.

Assessment: 87%

Ryan H: Team Canada (WCH) Concept

My biggest gripe in Canadian hockey is the use of black for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Black is not a national color for Canada. You don't see it for Canada Soccer or Canada Basketball. Rant aside, The striping pattern is appropriate for reasons beyond Adidas nonsense. The logo is based on threes. Three parts to the leaf, three points on each part of the leaf, three veins. For parallelism purposes, I'd like to see a white outline between the main red numbers and letters and the black outline currently there. The shades of red also look different from the logo and numbers to the striping. I'd like to see the back of the jersey and equipment.

Judgement: 74%

The winner of my Concept of the Week Nomination:



And with that, I should be in Lancaster, PA right now on business. So I hope you enjoy the week ahead and I will see you next Wednesday.
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Steve Marc said...

I said probably something Islanders but good challenge that I will definitely take if you do mine.

Lucas D. said...

Ryan C.'s Whalers for COTW

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