Tuesday: Round Two. FIGHT!

Afternoon everybody. Happy belated Canada day and 4th of July for the American readers, such as myself. If the title didn't give it away, the concepts for the second round of the HJC open are due at 5PM EST TODAY! That being said, I would like to congratulate all the entries who made it to the final 16 and wish you the best of luck.

Before we get to the main course of today's meal, I need to give you guys the small side salad without any type of dressing. Vote for the dang COTW. Takes two minutes. If I have time  to do it then so do you.

HJC Open entries (due Tuesday @ 5pm Eastern)
HJC Open Quarters Final vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
COTW June 24-30 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)

Onto the Concepts!

Brooks Freeman- Windsor Spitfires
Positives: Brooks going for the crazy sleeve stripping again and nailing it. The first thing that I got from the sleeve striping is airplane wings and with all this nod to military going on in the hockey world recently, this helps them stand out. As for the alternate jersey, The stripes in the yoke look awesome. It reminds me of Indiana University's Club Hockey Team. Also, using an old style logo looks good as well.
Negatives: Those sleeve numbers look really cramped on the arms of the primary set. Also, perhaps something could be done on the pants? nothing too crazy though.
Overall: 8/10

Jay Schreyer- Detroit Red Wings
Positives: The darker shade of red that you chose ot go with looks really good on this set. It reminds me of the Rangers' Alternate jersey. Also, thank you for taking the time to make sure that you left no grey spots on this template. I know this can be a hard template to use so it really looks nice when you take the time to fix the small stuff.
Negatives: The sleeve stripes would look better moved down a bit. Also, as much as I like the subtle Adidas branding, it would be nice to see some type of special memorial patch or something to commemorate all the great Red Wings players of the past.
Overall: 8.5/10

Jay Schreyer- Toronto Maple Leafs 
Positives: The old style sleeve striping is a must on this. Also, while I usually don't like the partial waist stripping, this gives it a different feel. Also, the centennial is a nice touch on the sleeve.
Negatives: There's a reason why the Leafs got rid of that design from the 70's and early 80's. It didn't work then and still doesn't work today.
Overall: 7.75/10

Jordan Roberts- Detroit Vipers  
Positives: Always good with the presentation, I really like the modern logo for the Vipers. Also, the hem striping and Throwback jersey are a nice touch.
Negatives:  The sleeve striping isn't my favorite but it flows with the whole jersey.
Overall: 9/10 COTW NOMINEE

Jordan Roberts, Grand Rapids Owls 
Positives: Another modern updated logo that always looks nice. As for the whole jersey set, I'm just loving it all. While most of the time these colors don't mesh, you did it in a cohesive way that doesn't make one color more predominant than the other so good job.
Negatives: The logo looks a little strange and not really like an Owl. It looks more like a Pheasant.
Overall: 8.5/10

Jordan Roberts- Houston Aeros 
 Positives: I'm digging the tequila sunrise you added to the new logo as a reference to the Astros and even made an alternate jersey look like it too. As for the Primary set, The waist striping looks really nice on this and gives it a modern touch.
Negatives: Once again, those sleeves just aren't working and why did you make on end of the throwback's hem to be curved to a point while the other is just straight?
Overall: 8.5/10

Ryan Christensen- Toronto Maple Leafs
Positives: The simple but effective design is really nice because the arms match the hem and socks (take the hint Toronto) and the yoke gives it a different look than what they usually have.
Negatives: It just looks a little too plain and familiar.
Overall: 8.5/10

Well That's all the time I have this week. Remember, get to voting and and I'll see yinz next week. Now I'm going to hand it off to Phil n'at.
Tuesday: Round Two. FIGHT! Reviewed by Steve Marc on July 05, 2016 Rating: 5


DBro Alexander said...

Oh man, It's a close one between Jordan's Houston Aeros and Detroit Vipers concepts..... but I want to nominate the Houston concept for COTW

Ben Shaffer said...

Jordan's Grand Rapids for COTW.

Caz said...

I'm going to second Jordan's Vipers concept. I'm also going to need that to become a reality.

Alan John Herbert said...

Jordan Roberts Houston Aeros concept for COTW!

Unknown said...

Ill 3rd Jordans Vipers Concept

Zeke G said...

Dumb question, but on the HJC Open page, is there any way to pause or slow down the slideshow? They go by in like three seconds. Way too quick...

Lucas D. said...

@Zeke: Click the "View Album" button above the slideshow, where you could scroll through the entries at your own pace.

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