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Today's post is going to be shorter than usual. As the summer is drawing to a close, us teachers are hard at work prepping for the new school year. Result being that I don't have time for my weekly short article. Apologies. I'll make it up to you all next week.

We've got important votes this week, and the HJC Open has reached the semi-finals!


HJC Open Semi-Final entries (due Tuesday @ noon Eastern)
2nd Quarter Vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
COTW July 8-14 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)

Team USA Concept - Ryan C.

Positives: Clean execution and presentation. Red/white stripes are a good move. Typeface is easy to read. Moving numbers to the shoulders is on trend. Not using hem stripes gives your eyes some relief from the business of the arms and side panels.

Negatives: I would avoid doing pant stripes with an Adidas template, because the Adidas stripes on the side panel will present an unsettling clash with the pant stripes. There are way too many stars; it doesn't draw your eyes in so much as trap them.

Overall: Subtraction would be the best addition here. (7.5/10)

Calgary Flames Alternate Jersey Concept - Connor L.

Positives: Shadow effect makes for interesting presentation. I like the minimalist approach there. Execution is clean.

Negatives: The name and number need to outlined in black, or left black (assuming you are avoiding using white). As it is, the name and numbers are hard to read from even a moderate distance from the screen. The organic logo communicates aggression and motion, but the stripes communicate tradition and solidarity. One part wants to move, the other stationary. Either own the logo's aesthetic and change the striping pattern, or use a different logo.

Overall: Not wild enough. Name/numbers need clarity. (6.5/10)

Chicago vs. NY Rangers "Original Six Night" Concept - Lucas D.

Positives: We see this Chicago striping pattern often in Blackhawks throwback concepts. The dark versions are usually overwhelming, but the white here helps even out the copious stripes. Color on the Rangers jerseys is perfect. Execution and presentation is clean and professional. The faux-sweater style collar is a good choice here.

Negatives: Missed opportunity to actually use the Rangers wonderful shield logo, which I prefer to their diagonal scripts. 

Overall: Do we really need more nostalgia games in hockey? Not using the NYR shield feels like a missed opportunity. (7.5/10)

House Arryn (Game of Thrones) Concept - Matt G.

Positives: The Arryn sigil looks good.  Typeface is clean, but with some small unique details. The alternate is fairly basic, but works well. Not many artists will make a light alternate, so I appreciate that.

Negatives: The cuff stripes would be hidden by the gloves. I'm ok with the birds on the shoulders, but not the pants. If you must, the socks would be a better location.

Overall: A fairly straightforward set at first sight, but with a little madness in the details. I think it fits the personality of the house. (8/10)

Elmhurst College Blue Jays Concept - Deked73

Positives: The detail is amazing. Highly professional work here. It's traditional, but has enough small details to encourage you to look closer and discover how unique it is. The striping pattern on the home/road is just different enough to be interesting. The colors are balanced well. Typeface really works with the design and wordmark. The alternate is essentially a Blackhawks jersey, but considering the location of Elmhurst within their sphere of toxic influence, it's excusable. Typeface legibility is a huge thing for me, and the home/alt just pop off the jersey in the best way. I like the design of all three, but the white jersey is the one to own here.

Negatives: It's got the detail that I love to see, unfortunately there are some nagging execution errors. First, there is a shoulder logo that hasn't been colored properly on the home jersey. Second, there is a cuff that was left dark blue on the road jersey. Third, (and I am splitting hairs here, I know) the word "crest" is black instead of navy blue like the rest. Presentation is a little messy. There are too many logos, seven in total.

Overall: A wonderful set. It's a pity...a five minute proofread and it would be near perfect. (8/10) 

Saskatoon Prairies Concept - Fernando M.

Positives: Designs like what you see here with the home/away don't work about 80% of the time because the home will be too light and the away will be took dark. Not so here. The color scheme enables Fernando to emphasize more yellow in the away jersey, thus giving you more color without being too dark. It's a good move. The alternate isn't flashy, but it is different. The red numbers really stick out.

Negatives: I'm not a fan of the black equipment on the home/road. I think green pants would look better on both. The number outlines overlap a little.

Overall: An great set. Ditching the black equipment could make it exceptional. (8.5/10)

Peoria Rivermen Concept - Jordan R.

Positives: I really like the color scheme. It kind of feels like 90s Islanders, but the logos help make it feel more modern. Execution and presentation is really good. I appreciate all the work that Jordan puts into these concepts, as he is typically making 3-4 per concept and creating his own logos. 

Negatives: The striping doesn't have much character to it. I'm not feeling the lighter blue sleeve numbers. I'd leave those white and compensate by adding some lighter blue trim to the striping. The primary logo on the third jersey seems a bit large.

Overall: Solid designs, but some more adventurous striping could help set it apart. (8/10)

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Unknown said...

Chris W for COTW

Unknown said...

I don't know why it does this but every now and again when I export an image from Inkscape it drops some colors off the image. Yes the use of the hawk's jersey style was delibrate.

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