Monday: International Concept Post

Welcome to another HJC Monday post!

Today's post features some concepts from the league formerly known as the IHL, the NFL crossing over into hockey and a Canucks concept. Lots of variety. However before we get to those...

COTW voting has reset for the week!  Check out the 5 concepts up for vote this week! Lots of variety, and every concept is connected in some way. Tell me in the concepts what you think the connection is.

Congrats to those in the HJC Open to get through the pool into the round of 16. There were lots of great entries and we have some fantastic entries to come I'm sure. You'll have to wait until tomorrow after 5 EST to see the entries, but that's only 24 hoursish away.

HJC Open entries (due Tuesday @ 5pm Eastern)
COTW June 24-30 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)

On to today's concepts!


Denver Grizzlies IHL Concepts (By: Jordan R.)

+ Right away, awesome choice of league to do, and on top of that it's a good mix of throwback and new stuff. This is going to be a great series
+ A team called the grizzlies with what at the time was a good logo it's a good update
+ Great colour scheme and layout, on top of the detailed striping pattern
+ Throwback is beautiful, I'd buy it instantly if it wasn't expensive on eBay
+ Great execution

- The alternate needs some back in the striping and numbers to make it as good as the rest of the set
- While I get Jordan wants to keep things accurate, using the same numbers are the first 3 jerseys on the throwback would look fantastic

Rating: 9/10

Vancouver Canucks Concepts (By: Ryan C.)

+ Perfect logo choices
+ The colours are laid out perfectly aide from one issue with the blue jersey
+ Wide font numbers look great
+ Good execution

- The green yoke seems a little pointless to me, and the jersey would look better without it
- The pants should have a white stripe
- Primary logo is too large

Rating: 7.5/10

Denver Broncos Concept (By: Jay S.)

+ Large blue panels on the sides of the jersey is a great way to tie the jerseys to the actual football jerseys, and frankly don't look bad. This is a good conversion of the Broncos design
+ The striping pattern chosen works well on the orange jersey, and okay on the blue jersey with one unfortunate coincidence
+ Great execution

- the arm striping on the jersey looks too similar to the Bears striping
- Why not use the Broncos current font, it'd make the jersey a great conversion
- I get you wanted to use a shoulder patch, but the awkward full body Bronco was not the logo I would have gone with. It's not bad but I'd think an orange D would work better

Rating: 8/10

Dayton Gems IHL Concepts (By: Jordan R.)

+ Wow, the logo Jordan has designed, while I wouldn't call a literal gem, looks great. Reminds me of some weird 90s space outpost logo. I dig it
+ Striping matches the modern logo the side bard work on all 3 of the modern jerseys
+ The jerseys are a good mix of the 60s and modern as well, it feels like a Dayton Gems jersey
+ throwback is a good throwback, nothing special but it fits

- I'd swap the red and blue on the striping on the white jersey, but as is it looks good
- I'd be interested to see the blue jersey with a script

Rating: 9.5/10 COTW Nom from me!

Dallas Cowboys Concepts (By: Jay S.)

+ Lots of grey and navy, and none of that mediocre bluish grey the cowboys use on their pants
+ The striping and colour layout makes the jerseys look like their blue thanksgiving jerseys, and the amount of white reminds me of Roger Staubach era Cowboys
+ As a hockey jersey it works better than just a simple crossover, and the old school Stars shoulder patch recoloured looks fantastic.
+ Good execution

- If you wanted to go for a modern Cowboys look, I would have dumbed the white shoulder yoke on the blue jersey all together
- NOB is too small

Rating: 8/10

Cincinnati Cyclones IHL Concepts (By: Jordan R.)

+ Jordan...sell the Cyclones that logo to use and it would make their logo better than what they have now. It's awesome
+ I like the possibly unintentional Cleveland Barons looking striping on the white jersey, it works across the board
+ The black jersey has a collegiate feel to it I like, the script works as a primary
+ I really like the throwback, aside from the dated look

- The red jersey would look better with white cuffs and maybe a white yoke
- The black third jersey would look better without a yoke

Rating: 9/10


That's the post!
Don't forget to get those COTW votes in, and keep working on those HJC Open entires for the Round of 16 competitors. Can't wait to see them!
Have a great week!
Go Jets, Moose & Mooseheads!

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Unknown said...

I'll second Jordans Gems concept for COTW.

Lucas D. said...

I give up... What's the connection?

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