Wednesday: It's FINALly Here!

The Stanley Cup Final. From 30 teams, we went down to 16, then 8, then 4 and now 2. But only one will be victorious. So today, with Game 2 looming tonight, I want to rate the match-ups between the two teams in a segment we are calling:


...Actually that's a really bad name. Let's try:


...Eh screw it. Let's just leave it as:


OK so we saw how the teams looked side by side in game 1, so let's analyze that further. 

(image via Mercury News)

Definitely the better of the two looks. Pittsburgh with their retro third jersey/soon to be primaries (although I think the yoke of the new jerseys will be squared off to fit the newer template, see the Hamilton Bulldogs new jersey for context), up against San Jose's road whites. 

I've been a fan of San Jose's use of orange over silver, and the white jersey helps the orange pop. I think having orange between the center and bottom stripes look better, helping to balance the striping. I'm glad that this season the numbers on the front were scrapped, first for the anniversary patch and now for the SCF patch. What i don't like is the bare hem. It just looks incomplete. The yoke being dropped from the previous set actually looks like the right decision for the whites. 

As for Pittsburgh, THANK GOODNESS THE YELLOW IS BACK! Vegas gold is disgusting. This looks much better, But the one thing I cannot stand is the sock pattern. So bland, and it doesn't match either the arms or the hem. I'm OK with the mismatch between the sleeves and hem, but pick one of those designs and make that your sock striping. 

Game 3 on Saturday will provide an interesting look, because it is one we have actually never seen before on ice. Every time since San Jose's new set was debuted, the Sharks have worn their alternate black jerseys, except one game this season where they wore their heritage jerseys. So we'll post the two sets separately. 

(images via nhl.com)

Same thing for the Sharks jersey, just at home, though the black yoke from their previous set would help big time. 

The Penguins jersey is just an Edge-ified mess. The pants look out of place and the Vegas gold gets lost on the sock striping. I'm kind of glad we've never seen this but we will have to deal with it for either 2 or 3 games. 

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No HJC Open logos to post today. 



Ben M: San Jose Sharks Concept

So instead of an argument of silver vs orange, we just include both and drop the teal. I do like that logo, and that you properly credited it. Reminds me of the Team North America U-23 logo, which is pretty cool. The throwback is nice but the hem not being white is a bit of a lateral move. I've never been a fan of this template but you made it work well here on the main set. I like how the striping draws some inspiration from the original jersey, but with a modern take.

Ferocious: 84%

Brooks F: Saginaw Spirit (OHL) Concept

I love the sublimated stars on this set. Despite playing in the Ontario Hockey League, this team is as 'Murican as can be. I mean their mascot is named after Stephen Colbert! Doesn't get more 'Murican than that. Well, unless you decide to put an American flag on the shoulder, which you did here. But I don't like how the shoulder patches overlap the yoke striping on that alternate. But the unique striping on said alternate does make up for it. CHL patches on the hem of the main set though?

Revolutionary: 83%

Brooks F: Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds (OHL) Concept

One of the things that makes Sault Ste. Marie unique is the four stars over the logo. Here they are moved inside the chest striping, a VERY good move. Numbers are also in the striping. I like how the silver is used here in the main sets, as it helps bolster the look of the chest stripes. No black necessary. The alternate is interesting and very balanced. No hem stripe isn't that bad here. That main set is so good.

Saintly: 87%

Fernando M: Atlanta Thrashers Concept

Interesting logo to say the least (credited properly so well done). The color balance on the dark jersey is good, but not so much on the white jersey. I don't think there's enough of the mahogany color there. With the care and grace put into the design of the primary logo, the recolored overhead logo looks too edgy in comparison, so pairing them isn't the best idea. Better off without a secondary logo. The different colored pants are good here, though to keep on the equipment topic, I would've added a white helmet for the white jersey, as per NHL standards.

Thrashed: 80%

Jordan R: Carolina Hurricanes Concept

WARNING FLAGS ARE BACK!!!! A nice combination of the past and present looks (though you should've adjusted the template lines on the road jersey). I like the consistency throughout the first three in the set, then of course the throwback with a Hurricanes logo instead of a Whalers jersey. Not exactly original though. Arm stripes look a little too low for my liking.

Stormy: 77%

Jordan R: Detroit Red Wings Concept

The home and road are unchanged. Good for the team, not as much here because it;s unoriginal. The third is nice and the vintage white works well here. But lets get to that fourth jersey. WOW. I'm not sure if that's a tribute to Motown or the Beatles classic "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds". I want to know which albums exactly you were referencing for this one. That may help calm myself down from fears of being on an acid trip. Jokes aside its obviously a very unique look. A look that does look good for a music tribute.

Duuuuude: 82%

Josiah B: Florida Panthers Concept

Josiah tries his best to guess what the Panthers will look like. A common theme whenever a new design is leaked and/or announced. We know the Panthers are redesigning their look, based on a teaser for their new jersey and other reliable sources, primarily Panthers beat writer George Richards. To compare to his description of the new jersey, Josiah instead keeps the sun and palm tree shoulder patch, and keeps a consistent logo over the two jerseys, keeping the Panthers script on both. The font is new, not quite parallel to the one that will be used, but understandable since the whole thing hasn't been released. We have only seen the letters in "PLAYER" in the new font. Also, "Yagr"? You missed a J. I would've allowed it if it was funny. Pants?

Tropical: 78%

Josiah B: New Jersey Devils Concept

A darker take on the classic Devils jersey. Actually much darker as we look at the logo on the home. I actually like it. The road jersey is more conservative with the logo, with much more green than its predecessor. Definitely balances it out a little more, though a green number outline would've been nice to see. Pants?

Devilish: 80%

Josiah B: Ottawa Senators Concept

We need more white on that home jersey, right off the bat. I can live without the gold, but only if white is more prevalent here. Laurel pattern is a nice touch, almost standard for any good Senators concept. I do like how this is hearkens back to the original Senators black jerseys (which eventually got the white they desperately needed). Maybe some number outlines will help with the color balance.

Republican (not conservative or liberal dammit, Rome was simply a Republic): 70%

Lucas D: Atlanta Thrashers Concept

Double blue done right. St, Louis Blues take notes. The yoke and hem are conservative enough for an NHL concept, but the arms are unique enough for a newer team. While I wasn't a fan of the Thrashers wearing the light blue, this changes my mind. No need for shoulder patches here, so good call. The alternate is interesting because it keeps the sleeve pattern from the main set but it looks completely different due to the contrasting shoulders. Numbers are too close together and I would love to see the equipment.

Soaring: 84%

Ryan C: Dallas Stars Concept

I like the return of the original color scheme combined with the new logo. I just wish you had gone with a green outline on the white jersey instead of the gold. I know you like using the contrasting shoulders with your concepts Ryan, and rightfully so. They look good when done right. The angled stripes fit the logo well. I like that font. Quite unique. Could use some white on that pant striping.

Shining: 86%

Tyler M: Tampa Bay Lightning Concept

Tyler throws back to the original look for the Lightning while keeping the current logo, but adjusts the striping thickness. I just don't like how little white there is on the arms and hem while it dominates the yoke on the black jersey. However, switching it with the blue on the arms isn't the best idea because of how the blue and black blend. Color balance is a major issue here for both jerseys, but I'm not sure how to fix it while keeping enough of an original design compared to the actual set. Maybe that's something I may want to try for a new concept. STAY TUNED!

Electrified: 64%

The winner of my COTW nomination is:



Wow. 12 Concepts today. So that was quite a bit for me so I'm taking a mini-vacation of 6 days. I'll see you next week. Here's to the Pens losing!

In the mean time, comment on what you think the segment should be called. Best one gets used next time. 
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Unknown said...

Josiah's Ottawa set for cotw

winnipegjets96 said...

COTW nom to Brooks F's Soo concept

Unknown said...

Josh R's Canes set for COTW

Unknown said...

Sorry Jordan R's Cane's set for COTW

Ryan said...

Sorry, Kris' nomination is 4 hours past the deadline. It will not be counted.

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