Monday: The HJC Florida Special

Welcome to a very unified HJC post. By that I mean I have 10 concepts, and they are ALL Florida Panthers concepts. Whether they are predictions, corrections or ideas for 3rd jerseys for 2017; it's very similar to when the Hurricanes unveiled their new jerseys in 2013 and we got a whole bunch of Hurricanes concepts in one post.

My Thoughts on the new Panthers jerseys:

Photo from Panthers.nhl.com
In short, very positive.

The Panthers have never really changed their look throughout their history, aside from switching their main dark colour from red to navy and then back to red and a double blue alternate that brought a new shoulder patch and roundel. The striping has only changed once with the template change in 2007. It WAS time for a change, that is for certain.

Primary Logos: Primary logos look excellent. Like the Jaguars of the NFL, moving to the army shield logo was a plus, and while some think the head would look better outside the shield, it's good as is. Having Florida on the away jersey and Panthers on the home jersey was a solid move. I would have preferred a lighter gold to the dark one we got, but it doesn't look bad

The Alternates are okay. The arm logos were better than I expected, but not better than the FLA Sun logo, or the palm tree stick logo, but certainly not bad and keeps the army theme intact. The updated jumping logo is okay, not great and I've seen better updates from artists on this blog, but I'm glad they did update the logo.

Jerseys: I prefer the white jersey to the red jersey, only because of the bold blue numbers versus the lack of blue on the red jersey w/o gear. The striping, while very simple is unique to the team. It's hard to do a chest stripe without the comparison to Montréal, but by removing the back stripe to help the numbers stand out and swapping the tv numbers/patches give the jerseys their own charm. Colour lay out is good but this is one of those jerseys that needs a number to really look good. I do wish the striping had some blue in them, very small obviously, but would have been nice since the logo has a lot of blue in it.

Overall: Similarly to Dallas's update, simplifying was the best thing a team can do. While the current Panthers jerseys have grown on me, these are definitely better in the long run since Jagr is not staying forever. 8.5/10

While you're busy waiting for the next jersey unveiling (LEAFS?), don't forget to vote for COTW. We have plenty of concepts...9 concepts...to vote for, which means a tie is more likely, and your vote is very important, as it is every week.

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On with today's concepts!


Florida Panthers Concept (By: Avi S.)

+ Avi keeps things very similar to what we got, and I think its is one of the closest predictions since the logo placement was tough to predict
+ The flag logo is also close to what we got, but I think I like Avi's logo better
+ Colours are well laid out, and making the numbers blue allows for the stripe to work by going all the way around 
+ Perfect execution 

- I get why Avi did it, but I'd certainly prefer a jersey with two shoulder patches, and the jersey would look better, in my opinion, if the patch placement was the same as the jerseys we got  

Rating: 9.5/10

Florida Panthers Concept (By: Avi S.)

I have the same pluses for this concept as I did for the previous, the striping and colours are well laid out, especially the back, where the blue numbers stand out even more now. The only flaw with this concept, aside from the ones mentioned on the previous jersey is the lack of coloured outlines on the numbers. At least on the arms, they'd add more colours and help keep the jersey from being overwhelmed by blue 

Rating: 9.5/10 

Florida Panthers Concepts (By: Taylor R.)

+ More so with the white jersey, I get a 1996 vibe from the jersey because of the yoke, a really nice addition, and adds lots of colour to the upper jersey
+ The plan tree shoulder patch and new primary work really well together imo, and if they hadn't gone for the full military theme, this would have been a great choice 
+ Blue numbers on the white jersey 
+ Perfect execution 

- Adding a thin hem stripe (red on the white jersey and blue on the red jersey) would keep the bottom half from looking too plain 
- Sock stripes are a bit too thin on the red socks, but that could be the gold blending into the red 

Rating: 9.25/10 

Florida Panthers Concept (By: Brian B.)

+ We've been hoping for a throwback like this for a couple years now, and it looks just as good in the current colour scheme/colours as it did originally 
+ The unique yoke shape works well imo, going full throwback wouldn't be the best choice but something new was a good choice
+ Sun shoulder patch is simple, but it looks good
+ Good execution, but lots of little errors 

- No pant logo/striping
- no helment loog
- The way the tv numbers are laid out, it reads 6 then half a 6 & 8 and the 8
- Numbers are too small, and NOB is low because of that

Rating: 7.75/10

Florida Panthers Concepts (By: Ryan C.)

+ This is a good colour layout for a blue as a main colour look
+ The inclusion of goalie gear is a really nice addition, the pads remind me of Tim Thomas when he was on the Panthers
+ Red gear certainly will stand out, and it looks good too
+ Good execution, with a couple mistakes

- The shoulder patches are much too big
- TV numbers are too small
- Primary logo is much too large
- While I like the striping, I've seen it on a couple other concepts from Ryan where they worked better, I can't help be see the GR Griffins in this jersey

Rating: 7/10

Florida Panthers Concepts (By: Ryan C.)

+ A much more fitting striping pattern than the previous concept, similar to what we got but obviously without the chest striping
+ The shield logo makes a good shoulder patch, and the flag logo makes a good helmet logo
+ While the gear isn't as good the red gear, it makes the look, the parts are still beautiful, and the mask fits the new look and this look better
+ Good execution, without the same errors as the previous concept

- I'm always in favour of bright gear, thus I would prefer the goalie gear in red
- White the striping looks goo,d it is a little plain, and even something like swapping the tv numbers & patch would spice the jersey up
- Primary logo is too large

Rating: 7.75/10

Florida Panthers Concepts (By: Lucas D.)

+ A good mix of old and new in this concept, and I think this would have been the best mix of the two had Florida hone this direction
+ Keeping most of the good aspects of the current jersey like the logo placement, the script over the shield, and on top of that brightening up the gold, it looks really good
+ Great colour balancing on the white jersey, something the original lacked in the arms
+ Perfect execution

Rating: 10/10 COTW Nom from me!

Florida Panthers Concepts (By: Ben S.)

+ A decent mock up of what we got, but with more of traditional features like shoulder patches
+ I do like the addition of the hem stripe, pretty simple but nice
+ I always like helmet scripts instead of logos

- The numbers are much too plain imo, single colours really work on a team like Dallas, not Florida
- No pant logos/striping
- Sock stripes are much too big

Rating: 6.75/10

Florida Panthers Concept (By: Connor L.)

+ Nice to see the new Panthers logo on a blue version on similar striping to what they are using now, it's recent enough that it's worth seeing
+ Colours on the striping are well laid out
+ Good execution

- The name Hurricanes come to mind with the striping, and I think it'd work better for them than the Panthers
- The gold collar, numbers, NOB is too much for the jersey, and some red and white in there would help
- The jersey needs a small hem stripe

Rating: 7.5/10

Florida Panthers Concepts (By: Jordan R.)

+ Home and road look decent, not better because of the missing shoulder logo/numbers, but the continuing stripe and the lighter gold work better, as does the small hem stripe
+ Alternate is a good mix of old and new, and certainly is the right jersey to throwback to if they want a navy jersey, and the new logo works well
+ The light blue alternate looks fantastic, much better in light blue, and it's glad to see it on a new jersey finally
+ Good execution

Not going to fault Jordan on the lack of shoulder patches on the first 2 jerseys since the logos likely weren't unveiled when he made this, and the other two look fine without it

- Navy jersey's logo is too large
- No pant logos
- No helmet numbers

Rating: 8.5/10


That's the post!
Don't forget to vote for COTW and keep working on those HJC Open logos! 
Have a great week!
Go Jets, Moose, Mooseheads & Sharks! 

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You credited one if my concepts to Lucas

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COTW nom to Jordan.

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@Ryan, My bad, fixed

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