Hello everyone! Hopefully this post finds you satisfied with your team's draft haul.

The Leafs had a huge week. They drafted American Hero Auston Matthews, acquired Kerby Rychel and Frederick Andersen, and introduced new jerseys! Personally, I think it feels like a change for change's sake. Striping thickness is the main issue. There are some peculiar proportions going on. It's not bad, but it will make Maple Leaf vs. Lightning games even more confusing for the casual fan. For more details on their debut, read Ryan's post from yesterday. He was right there in the mix!

From my perspective, I was really hoping for a draft day trade that would rid us of human Nickleback album Mike Ribeiro. As it is, Dante Fabbro was the player I was hoping to get, so I don't have much to complain about. We've restocked our defensive prospect cabinet following a few departures, and prepared ourselves for the potential of a defenseman being grabbed by Las Vegas in the expansion draft. The Preds also drafted a player named Konstantin Volkov, who joins Magnus Hellberg in a list of Preds' draft picks who could also be movie villains. 

So how do you feel about your team's draft day? Who were the biggest winners and losers? Will the Leafs be competitive next year? 

House Lannister Concept - Matt G.

Positives: Tonight is the Game of Thrones finale! As far as I'm concerned, you either like GoT, or you're wrong, so I'm trusting you are all as pumped as I am. I really like the striping and regal appearance of the jerseys. Colors are balanced well. Execution is good. I really like the presentation as well. The location of secondary logos and sleeve numbers on the home and away jerseys were an interesting choice. 

Negatives: The shoulder logos on the third jersey, would look more natural if they were facing left/right instead of north/south (from a side perspective, if that makes sense). Some gold trim on the equipment would help.

Overall: *Plays the Rains of Castamere* (8.5/10)

Albany Devils Concept - Bradley D.

Positives: The striping pattern looks great. If New Jersey isn't going to use it, someone may as well. It connects the AHL franchise to NJ without being just a logo-swap. Execution is good. The alternate is what New Jersey and jersey fanatics have been wanting for a long time.

Negatives: We've seen a lot of concepts like this for both the New Jersey and Albany Devils. A unique detail or two could separate it from the numerous pack.

Overall: Solid, respectable, classic, but also common. (8/10)

New Jersey Devils NHL 100th Anniversary "Fauxback" Concept - Ryan C.

Positives: If I were to make a Venn diagram of creative concepts and New Jersey concepts, there would be very few in the middle segment. This would make the cut, though. It's still traditional, but it brings new details to the table. The vintage white looks surprisingly good against this shade of red. The detail work on the equipment is exceptional. Ryan has further improved his presentation.

Negatives: I think a different logo may be required for a fauxback. The logo is a classic, but at the same time, it doesn't look aged.

Overall: An expertly executed jersey. A logo that has more of a 50s-ish appearance may help. (8.5/10)

Las Vegas Ace Concept - SR Designs

Positives: "Aces" could be a good name for a Las Vegas team. Colors are balanced well. 

Negatives: The logo is problematic. I respect when someone makes their own logo. However, this one has an appearance similar to...well there's no easy way to put this...a vagina. The numbers on the back are a little too small. With Pittsburgh changing their colors back to yellow and black, and Boston already using those colors, the color scheme is perhaps overused. 

Overall: Some interesting ideas, but it needs work. (5/10)

Las Vegas Ace Concept - SR Designs

Positives: This color scheme makes more sense, considering the colors of actual playing cards. I think it makes more sense for the team anyways.

Negatives: See above

Overall: Color change is an improvement. (6/10)

Colorado Rockies Concept - Lucas D.

Positives: The Colorado state flag logo looks really good against a chest stripe. The yoke is really unique. It draws your attention. This isn't a jersey set you are going to forget easily. Colors are balanced well. Execution is very good. 

Negatives: I think the yoke goes too far down the arms. The last point it tapers to would come between the sleeve numbers, crowding them. 

Overall: A few minor changes to the yoke could make this a perfect Rockies set. (8/10)

Colorado Rockies Concept - Zeke G.

Positives: The Rockies get a double feature today. Zeke also uses a chest stripe. Colors are balanced well. I like the use of the flag logo on the shoulder and helmet. The pant stripe works too. 

Negatives: I don't think the Rockies old logo works against a chest stripe. The logo itself already has a central stripe, so it makes it almost feel off-center.

Overall: Switching the primary and alternate logos would be the best way to improve the set. (8/10)

Minnesota North Stars - Zeke G.

Positives: Honestly, it's hard to mess up this color scheme. It just looks great. The striping pattern looks good. The yoke helps make the away jersey more distinctive. Execution and presentation look good. 

Negatives: The yellow outlines are a little too thin. They are almost imperceptible. 

Overall: It really is a shame that the North Stars jersey and colors aren't around anymore. (8.5/10)

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Draftermath Reviewed by Caz on June 26, 2016 Rating: 5


Lucas D. said...

My Rockies jersey is based off of their logo...

COTW Nom to Zeke on his North Stars concept!

Unknown said...

Fabbro is a very good defence man, he's from my town and I've watched him a few BCHL Games, he could be the next Shea Webber in 5 or so years

Zeke G said...

I had kinda a weird draft day. By the time I woke up, San Jose had already drafted everyone. I have quite a bit of catching up to do!

Lucas D. for COTW. I love the mountain shoulders

Unknown said...

I'll 2nd Lucas for COTW.

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