Tuesday: This is Sparta!

Hi everybody. Steve M here for another glorious Tuesday post. Forgive me if this is really messed up layout wise because I'm doing this on my phone.

For those of you who haven't heard, the FHL added a new team to the mix for the 2016-17 season based outside of the Detroit area. A few days ago they released their name, logo, and jerseys. So without further ado, I give you the St. Clair Shores Fighting Saints.

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While they are named the saints, they chose to use a Spartan for the logo, which I actually like. The colors of Navy, Gold, and Kelly Green remind me of Nortre Dame but I feel that it works pretty well here. As for the Jerseys, The arm stripping is unique but the hem is kind of disappointing compared to the arms. Overall though I would say that the jerseys aren't that bad. However, they got lazy about the back and forgot to fix the TV numbers. Big no-no SCS.
Overall: 7.5/10

This week we have an Atlanta Thrashers redesign competition going on. It's hard to believe that they've been gone for five years now. While I was always on the fence about there jerseys, I really liked the logo and name.

 Also, we have the COTW voting going on. I'm not going to give a speech this week about how hard the other designers worked and that you should support them, so just go vote.

To the Concepts!

Jordan Roberts- Buffalo Sabres.
Positives: Jordan I really appreciate that you take the time to make such a nice layout for your concepts. It shows how committed you are to making them look professional. Going back to the original design with the current colors was a really good choice here, while altering the socks and pants make the home and road have a simple-but-effective look to them. As for the Alternate, this is how  you make a effective yellow alternate for the Sabres. Plain and simple always works well. And for the heritage jersey, Going with the mid-90's colors and logo was a good choice, and making it a modern version works well.
Negatives: Your TV numbers look a little big. Also, those silver stripes going over the shoulders look a little strange just by themselves. 
Overall: 9.5/10 COTW NOMINEE

Taylor Roy- Lethbridge Hurricanes

Positives: Very clean concept as usual for Taylor. The simple stripping on the dark jersey gives this set a really nice look while keeping the red for a yoke and on the ends of the jersey for the white gives looks really cohesive with this set. Overall I have to say that this is a nice traditional style jersey set.
Negatives: That single silvers stripe on the sleeves and hem just looks strange and makes the white look larger at the bottom of the blue stripe than the top white stripe. Get rid of it or add a second one to match the other side.
Overall: 8/10
Taylor Roy- Spokane Chiefs
Positives:  The diagonal stripes on the jersey and pants are a nice touch. it really gives the jersey a different feel rather than having typical stripping you would see. That different colored bottom hem is a nice touch to the jersey. It doesn't take away from the sleeve stripes but it adds enough to the hem that it's not boring.
Negatives: The placement of the TV numbers looks like it borders the yoke and arms, making it an unusual spot to have them. Also, the plain straight stripping on the socks just doesn't go well with this design look.
Overall: 8.5/10
 Josiah Bosch- Edmonton Oilers
Positives: This is a nice jersey set overall because it doesn't stray to far from the original set but it gives it a modern twist. making the stripes larger was a nice touch and changing the jersey to a square yoke actually turned out pretty well.
Negatives: Not a big fan of the orange cuffs on the white jersey. Either ditch it or just make them smaller and you got yourself a beaut of a white Oilers jersey.
Overall: 8/10

Josiah Bosch- Boston Bruins 
Positives:  The Bruins have had a variety of looks over the years and this look is pretty refreshing for the Bruins. Sure, it doesn't have the Yoke but this jersey set doesn't need it. Out of the two stripping styles I would say that the white is my preferred style, simply because it's different from what they usually have, and the black looks similar to the alternate with a hem stripe.
Negatives: I really don't see much negatives other than change that stripping one the dark to what you have on the light jersey and this is a hat-trick (Pun intended).
Overall: 9/10
 Tyler Kostiuk- Heritage Classic
Positives: Putting the oil drop in the middle of the sleeve stripes was a great idea. it gives that jersey a whole new look instead of just mimicking the current style. While I'm not much of a fan of the predominant orange on an Oilers white jersey, this works well. Also, the numbers in the yoke actually work well on this. As for the Jets jersey, Good choice of using the classic Jets logo and colors. I feel that they should have a throwback jersey as an alternate but with the Coyotes who knows how that'll work.
Negatives: The sleeve stripping on the Jets jersey just isn't working. the Half stripes all the way on the sleeves just clashes with the single hem stripe. Make it a single or even double stripe on the sleeves and you got a great jersey that nods to the Jets' past.
Overall: 7.5/10

 Matt Gomula- St. Louis Blues
Positives: Going back to the original color scheme was a great idea. the simplicity of the stripping and adding that yoke with the yellow stripe on the white jersey really brings together the past and present well. As for the alternate, That has to be my favorite. Bringing back the 90's thin stripping and using it in the original color scheme turned out really well on this jersey and it's really unique and cohesive.
Negatives: I wish that you would have made the numbers with some sort of outline. A single color outline would work well but that's just a request.
Overall: 9/10

Ben Shaffer- Pittsburgh Penguins 
Positives: As a Penguins fan, I really dig the dark jersey. It doesn't stray away from the original and only adds a minor tweak to the arms that give them a nice touch. The pants, two tone collar, and socks also work really well with this design.
Negatives: The white jersey is another story. I can see why you went with a black sleeve design but it just misses the mark on the overall design. Personally, the cuffs should be black as well with a white stripe contrasting them. I can see that you tried to copy the sleeves of the home but it just doesn't work colored this way.
Overall: 8/10
Well kids that's all the jerseys I have for you this week. It was really difficult picking a COTW NOM because you all did a really good job with the concepts so I hope that others will vote for you in the comments section. Don't forget to get your Thrashers concepts in and vote for COTW. Have a good week and I'll see you next Tuesday.  
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