Friday: Thrashers Ranked

The Stanley Cup Finals match-up is all set, the Pittsburgh Penguins will take on the San Joe Sharks in a battle of two aquatic animals.  Game one is set for Monday at 8pm Eastern, which means you'll have to get your Playoff Pool picks in before then.  The winner of the pool has already been determined, but you can still play for fun.

That's enough playoff talk for now though, instead let's talk about a team who never won a single playoff game, the Atlanta Thrashers.  No the Thrashers weren't a very good hockey team, but in my opinion they were a good looking team, there's only one Thrashers jersey I dislike.  So today, in honour of our ongoing Thrashers Redesign competition, I'm going to rank all six Atlanta Thrashers jerseys.

6)  2007-11 White Road Jersey
Image from SportsLogos.Net
My least favourite Thrashers jersey was their white Reebok Edge sweater.  There's not much to like here, it was a template shared with the Flyers and it had unnecessary piping on the front.  The only thing I liked about this jersey was that it kept the unique design in the collar.

5)  2008-11 Georgia Bronze Third Jersey
Image from SportsLogos.Net
The Thrashers last third jersey wasn't very popular, but I actually thought it was pretty good.  The design was very unique, not only the striping pattern but also other details like the oversized shoulder logos.  It's not my favourite Thrashers jersey, but it's probably their most underrated jersey.

4)  2003-07 Thrasher Ice Blue Third/Home Jersey
Image from SportsLogos.Net
Next up is the Thrashers original third jersey (which became their home jersey for one year).  I was a fan of the asymmetrical arm design, but I always thought the hem stripes looked out of place on this jersey.

3)  2007-11 Thrasher Ice Blue Home Jersey
Image from SportsLogos.Net
This is probably an unpopular opinion, but I thought this jersey improved when the side panels replaced the hem stripes.  The side panels just seemed to fit with the asymmetrical arm design better.

2)  1999-2007 White Home/Road Jersey
Image from SportsLogos.Net
In my opinion the Thrashers were a team who got it right with their original jerseys.  I loved the the pattern on the hem stripes and the design on the arms.

1)  1999-2006 Atlanta Midnight Blue Road/Home Jersey
Image from SportsLogos.Net
The original midnight blue jersey beats out their white jersey because it's able to use more maroon and yellow.  The white jersey just wasn't as colourful.

Which Thrashers jersey was your favourite (or least favourite)?  Leave your thoughts in the comments.


The COTW May 13-19 vote ended today at noon Eastern.  The new May 20-26 poll hasn't been posted quite yet, but it should be up sometime later today.

COTW May 20-26 vote (ends Friday, May 27 @ noon Eastern)


Here are the last of the Thrashers Redesign entries...

by Alan H:

by Andrew W:

by Jay S:

by JJ:

by Josiah B:


St. Louis Blues, by Ben M:
Ben starts us off with a Blues concept without any yellow (besides the alternate).  While I do like their current colours, this colour scheme looks good too and you might as well try something new for a concept.  However, I think this shade of bright blue is a bit too intense, I'd recommend choosing a colour from ColorWerx (like this one here).  I like the chest and arm stripes, but I'm not a fan of having both the yoke and contrasting upper arms.  The alternate jersey's striping pattern looks great though.
Rating: 7/10

Kitchener Rangers, by Tyler K:
Next up Tyler fixes the Kitchener Rangers by giving their own look (instead of New York Rangers copies).  It baffles me why they don't use this logo full-time, it's much better than their current logo.  This striping pattern also looks good, I particularly like the stripes on the side of the yokes.  My only suggestion is to use white numbers on the red jersey, I think they'd be easier to read.
Rating: 8/10

Columbus Blue Jackets, by Josiah B:
Josiah continues his NHL17 series with two concepts today, starting with a very vintage set for the Blue Jackets.  I think these would be great as vintage alternate jerseys, but if these were primary jerseys I'd prefer they use true white and one less stripe to make them a bit less retro.  I do like the single colour numbers though.  Lastly, I'm wondering if the pants would be red or blue?
Rating: 8/10

Minnesota Wild, by Josiah B:
For his second concept Josiah gives the Wild a set of jerseys that actually match.  I think these arm and hem stripes are perfect for the Wild.  Although personally I'd prefer to keep the road yoke, and use wheat in the logo and the home jersey's striping.  However those are just my own preferences, there's nothing wrong with how this concept is now.
Rating: 8/10

Minnesota Wild, by Jordan R:
Jordan also sent in a Wild concept as part of his NHL series, and he choose to base their look off of the North Stars.  To be honest I'm not a fan of that decision, but I happen to really like the Wild's current identity.  Also, while the wordmark looks okay on the home jersey, it's hard to read on the road jersey.  I love the third jersey though, the double green looks great and so does the striping pattern.  The fourth jersey is a cool idea to honour the state of hockey.
Rating: 8/10

New York Rangers, by Jordan R:
For the Rangers Jordan wisely kept the primary jerseys essentially the same, only switching the wordmark on the road jersey to New York, which is a small change that I'm a big fan of.  The third jersey, with true white and an actual logo, is a much better version of their current third.  I think the Yankee inspired fourth jersey is a unique idea for a concept, but I wouldn't like it in real life.  The execution is great for the most part, however on the road jersey the name could be lowered so it doesn't overlap with the yoke and the stitching of the rounded part of the yokes should be deleted.
Rating: 8/10

New York Rangers, by Lucas D:
We also have a Rangers concept from Lucas today.  I think the white jersey looks great, the small changes made help modernize the jersey to fit with the lady liberty logo.  Speaking of the logo, I don't think it looks quite as good in this colour scheme, I like it better with navy blue and silver.  The blue jersey looks fairly good, however the red kind of disappears into the blue, I'd try to separate them with white.
Rating: 8/10

Arizona Coyotes, by Lucas D:
I've actually reviewed half this concept before, as Lucas previously sent in the maroon jersey on it's own.  I loved the pattern on the stripes back then and I still love it now, and the matching road jersey looks good too.  Comparing this concept to the original, it's clear Lucas' execution and presentation continue to improve, that's great to see.  The original concept earned my COTW nomination and this one will as well.
Rating: 9/10 and my COTW nomination!


I'll be back next week, probably with a review of the Panthers new uniforms since they're scheduled to be released next Thursday.  Goodbye!
Friday: Thrashers Ranked Reviewed by Steven Grant on May 27, 2016 Rating: 5

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