An Outsider's Perspective, Part II: Metropolitan Division

Hello everyone! Ryan and I switching days next week, so this will be my last Sunday post. Which means you don't have to wait a full 6 days until my next post; just 5 this time. That means one less day crying in the shower from loneliness and existential discontent.

This week, I'm going to be continuing my series of having my wife, a graphic design professional outside the realm of sports aesthetic, analyze and evaluate the primary logos of every team in the league. Last week she critiqued the Pacific Division. This week we are continuing with the Metropolitan Division:

Pittsburgh Penguins - "This another logo that looks like it was chosen in a sports logo generator. It's a penguin with a hockey stick. I like the penguin itself, although the legs are a little awkward. Why do we need a triangle background? I just don't see the purpose here. The colors are bland, with the triangle background giving you the only color.  If there's a team that could get away with black & white only, it would be this one, though. If they had a clean, retro logo with just back & white, it could be really cool."

Philadelphia Flyers - "I like this logo. It cohesively blends the 'P' with the concept of flight and motion. It feels well thought out. I wish it wasn't so predominantly black. There should be more color. I think it works well, though. It's not overly exciting or exceptional, but it works well."

Carolina Hurricanes - "My first thought: what is this and why? I know they are going for the shape of a hurricane, but it is not coming across to me. It might work if it was something commonly associated with the colors of a hurricane; cooler shades of blue or green. I'm also bothered by it being another red and black sports team. I do like that there is an eye, but I have to look at it too long to understand it."

New York Rangers - "Why is this logo not on the jersey? I don't understand why they have this logo but don't use it. That said, I like their jerseys. I'm ok with the logo. I'm not overly fond of it, but it isn't terrible. It has an interesting shape. This is a case where the asymmetry works. It's red, white, and blue, which isn't very unique considering how many teams use this color scheme. It has a prestigious look to it. "

New Jersey Devils - "Another red and black logo. It works here, though. It wouldn't make sense for the Devils to use any other color scheme. This is a good example of using the subtleties of a mascot or identity with a monogram. It's not too literal. In this case I think the circle works, creating unity. It's a pretty straight-forward logo, which works very well the team identity."

New York Islanders - "This is one of my least favorite logos ever. There are too many pieces, and the circle does not bring them together. Why do we need Long Island in here? It's not easily recognizable in its shape, especially to someone who may not be familiar with the finer points of US geography (Ex: Americans). I do not like the use of the reveresed-out 'I' which brings me to my next point: this logo was not designed with longevity in mind. First example, they no longer play at Nassau Coliseum. Next example, what happens if you win another cup? Do you add another stripe? You would have to change everything. Why is there a hockey puck? It's unnecessary. The last 'S' looks squished, not being scaled to the same size as the other letters, especially the other letters. Also, I think it's a cop-out to use the hockey stick as part of the 'Y'. It's too easy. The only positive thing I have to say about this logo is that I like the colors."

Washington Capitals - "Somebody picked the first option laid on the table. I feel like there is a serious lack of creativity here. I don't mind the word "Capitals," it just needs more, and by more, I don't mean "Let's add three stars and a dash that's supposed to be a hoceky puck." the colors are predictable, but appropriate. Why are they not using their alternate logo instead? It makes me angry comparing them, because the alternate logo is so much better. I love the alternate logo. It would be one of my favorite primary logos if they used it instead."

Columbus Blue Jackets - "What is happening with this logo? There are way too many things going on. There's nothing about it that tells me what a Blue Jacket is supposed to be. I mean, I just don't even understand why this is their logo. It has a good sense of motion and action. It could have benefited from someone hanging it on a wall, and examining it across the room. It gets muddied from a distance. The colors are predictable and overused. I like the cannon shoulder patch better, but even that is still too complicated to be used as a primary logo effectively. Also, that logo is better in the double blue/vintage white color scheme."

I hope you all enjoy some of Courtnee's thoughts and maybe gets some fresh perspective on some of these designs. Next week, I'll share her views on the logos of the Central Division.

Right about that time, eh?

Amur Khabarovsk Concept - Josiah B.

Positives: I love their logo. It especially looks great on the dark jersey. The way it blends into the jersey almost makes it appear as if the tiger logo is emerging from the shadows. Very cool. Colors are balanced well. Execution is top-notch, and presentation is good as well. Fonts are clean and easy to read.

Negatives: I would prefer a more organic striping pattern, as the it would fit the logo better.

Overall: A very solid concept to go with a great logo. It could be improved with a striping pattern that compliments the logo better. (8.5/10)

Djurgardens IF Hockey Concept - Josiah B.

Positives: The colors look great together, and the striping pattern compliments the logo well. Execution is clean, color balance is spot-on, and presentation is good. This is simplicity done well.

Negatives: A small shoulder patch could create a little more interest.

Overall: Here's a set you could use for decades. If the Europeans could just resist covering it in advertising. (9/10) COTW nomination from me!

Tucson Falcons Concept - Lucas D.

Positives: Execution and presentation are good. Lucas's presentation has improved since he began including the banner at the bottom. It makes a difference. Col

Negatives: I'm not a fan of the striping pattern here. It's heavily linear, and almost looks like pinstriping on the arms. I've harped on it before, but using the cuff stitching lines that come with this template will make your concepts look more realistic. It feels disjointed in context of the team name. The dark jersey could use some more white, as it's a bit too dark.

Overall: There is a disjointed feel to this concept, almost as if the jersey was designed first, then the logo applied. Color balance could be better. (7/10)

Milwaukee Admirals Alternate Jersey Concept - Tyler M.

Positives: Two-tone blue can really look great. Especially when powder blue (or baby blue) is the primary color, balanced with navy and white. Milwaukee has done light blue alternates. Their current one uses the Penguins/Senators/old TBL template, though. Not a strong look. This is better.

Negatives: I think the white stripes should be a little thicker. I recommend using a better template. Try using Steven G's Hybrid Template. I find it to be much more versatile and easy to work with. The number on back is maybe a bit too large. Rule of thumb when using single digits: if you can't fit two of that number on the jersey, size it down.

Overall: Some minor changes could make this a great alternate. (7.5/10)

Pittsburgh Penguins Alternate Concept - Tyler M.

Positives: The gradient is done well. I appreciate the creativity here. It's a daring concept. I love that the horizontal stripes on the chest line up perfectly with the logo. Seeing that is like when you fill up with gas, and the pump stops on a perfect dollar amount.

Negatives: Unfortunately, there is a few execution flaws. Part of the back of the collar is neon green and the back of the right sleeve cuff is white, meaning neither were recolored from their template state. Now that Adidas has taken over NHL jerseys, we should be using Adidas branding at this point.

Overall: As what was old becomes new again, I think we will see some version of the 90s "Robo-Penguin" return. This could be a good example of what that could like. Some simple execution errors need attention, though. (7/10)

Milwaukee Admirals Concept - Jimmy T.

Positives: The Admirals new two-tone blue isn't bad, but the old light blue/black is better, in my opinion. The only reason I can think of to justify the change is balance the aggression of the logo. I usually detest pant striping, but it looks really good here. It's a really clean design. 

Negatives: I could use a little more black on the white jersey; maybe a black collar or something. The current striping on their jerseys perfectly compliment the logo, so I think some of that cohesion is lost without it. Of course, this isn't a real concept without a new striping pattern.

Overall: This would make an excellent set for Admirals. (8.75/10)

ERC Ingolstadt Concept - Jay S.

Positives: Another example of two-tone blue done well with the home/away jerseys. The striping pattern itself looks great. Colors are balanced very well. All three jerseys compliment each other well. The alternate is different enough that it would provide something fresh. Execution and presentation are good. 

Negatives: I've been harping on it a lot today, but this is another example of the logo and striping not complimenting each other. The logo is very angular, aggressive, and modern. The rest of the jerseys communicate tradition and conservatism. There is a disconnect here. 

Overall: The jerseys look great, they just need a logo that fits them, and an owner willing to resist shelling out for ad money. (8.75/10)

Hamburg Freezers Concept - Jay S.

Positives: The jerseys are very clean designs. Again, another good example of using two-tone blue effectively; been a lot of that going around today.  Execution and presentation are very good. 

Negatives: If I were designing jersey concepts for a whole league (which I've never had a desire to do) I wouldn't give two teams in the same league, who have the same colors, the same yoke design. I think something different needs to be done with the yoke on this jersey, or you risk Hamburg jerseys being written off as Bruins clones.

Overall: Solid, if unremarkable. (8.25/10)

Los Angeles Kings Concept - Zeke G.

Positives: The colors look good together and are balanced well. I do wish the Kings would bring back purple in some capacity. Overall the design is good. I think they'd sell well and pop on the ice. I really like the shoulder patches here.

Negatives: The numbers seem oddly proportioned, being too wide. There are some odd spots where it doesn't seem like the arm stripes were applied flush with the stitching lines, making them look a bit crooked. The name seems too large as well. Anyone with a name longer than Doughty would give equipment managers some trouble.

Overall: Some good ideas here. Just needs some additional refinement. (7/10)

That's all for my last Sunday post, but you'll see me again on Saturday.

For those of you in school: Log off and get your term papers finished. Get some coffee and get it done. Just vote first.

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Lucas D. said...

BTW, Adidas only starts in 2017-18.

Jake Miller said...

The triangle in Pittsburgh is for the golden triangle of Pittsburgh, where the Pens play; https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Downtown_Pittsburgh

Unknown said...

I will 2nd Josiah's Djurgardens concept for COTW.

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 3rd Josiah's concept. The colours aren't balanced between the home and road..but it works really well

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