Wednesday: Why Am I Not In Bed?

Steve out, Phil in.

I write this late Tuesday night because my work schedule has been absolutely BRUTAL! This is the only free time I have and of course it comes after work and I'm in so much pain.

Anyways Steve and I, yeah, you know how we said we were set for the Pairs Comp? Well we still have a lot of work to do (I'm off Thursday so a LOT should get done). Make sure you guys get your stuff in by Friday at 10 PM. Not 11, but 10.

Today I'd like to talk about the jersey match-ups on the slate tonight. But there's only two games and both of them are in New York City.

Let's look in Brooklyn first, as the Islanders host the Ottawa Senators. This will be the Senators' first time in Brooklyn and the Barclays Center.

(Photo Credit: http://1.cdn.nhle.com/islanders/images/upload/gallery/2013/03/163020069_slide.jpg)

The Senators have those bad cookie cutter jerseys forced on them from the Reebok Edge system. The upside is that they will supposedly be the only team with that look next year, as Pittsburgh will be dumping their current set for next year. The downside is that this look sucks. At least some teams can make that template look good. The Sens not so much.

The other upside is that the Islanders will don their classic blue and orange. As much as I've grown to enjoy the black and white, you can't beat the classics.

Now on to Manhattan. The Rangers host the Bruins on NBCSN's Wednesday Night Makeshift Rivalry.

(Photo Credit: http://3.cdn.nhle.com/bruins/images/upload/2013/11/DynamicLeads_644x396_Chara_Nash.jpg)

This match-up would look better in Boston, with the Bruins in black with their trademark yellow socks. Plus the Rangers' away sweater has that classic shoulder yoke. Regardless, this is a good looking Original 6 match-up.

Give me your predictions for tonight's matches in the comments, as Manhattan takes this one by default good-looking-ness. Yes I just made that up. Shut up.


COTW Mar 13-19 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)
Pairs Competition (ends March 25 @ 10pm EST)


Bradley D: Penn State Nittany Lions (NCAA) Concept

Bradley redesigns the Nittany Lions with a touch of grey. He adds a grey outline to the logo to justify it. Personally I don't like it, solely because of the white on grey striping. I have seen similar striping in action when Rimouski Oceanic took on my Kelowna Rockets in the Memorial Cup. It didn't work there, because the shade of grey used didn't differentiate enough from the white. I like what you did with the collar but it doesn't go well with the traditional look. It is well executed, though I'd like to see a blue helmet, but I just don't think it works.

I would never be Lion to you: 80%

Bradley D: Reading Royals (ECHL) Concept

I like this. A lot. But you also used two shades of black in numerous spots throughout this concept. Number outlines are also inconsistent. Get me outlines on the sleeves of all jerseys and on the back of the white jersey and then we're talking. Love the touch of orange on the alternate, alluding to the parent clubs in Leigh Valley and Philadelphia. Clean this up.

Royal Rating: 77%

Emin Z: Buffalo Sabres Concept

BUFFASLUG! Emin tries to cross over the Buffalo Bills' look with the Sabres. Good crossover idea, and good looking too. A Winnipeg Jets-eque look, combined with the numbers on the shoulders. Very realistic, but I think this would look better with traditional block font. Excellent execution.

Almost perfect crossover: 85%

Jay S: Germany Concept

Put your ID on this! Not a bad logo concept, but looks a bit too cartoon-ish for the national team level. I also would not be surprised if a logo of theirs wouldn't say "Germany", but rather "Deutschland", which is how Germans refer to their own country. I'll also show you why the white in the logo is out of place. Look at the jerseys you have below.

You see how the white looks awkward on the jerseys that don't have white anywhere else on the jersey. These are solid jerseys as they stand, although the flag patch doesn't look goo on the yellow jersey because of the minimal outlines. Maybe add a black shoulder yoke? On the back the name looks a bit too small and number a bit too big. Numbers on the sleeves also generally are closer to the yoke, specifically within that upper panel of the arm template. Still a ways to go in my opinion.

Love the attempt with the logo, but it's not doing it for me: Logo 75%, Jersey 77%.

Lucas D: Montreal Canadiennes/ Les Canadiennes de Montreal (CWHL) Concept

Lucas adds a brilliant alternate jersey, but there's one problem: The numbers on the back need to be white. The logo is white and entirely within the striping, the numbers are just slightly bigger, but still mostly in the striping, so they would be easier to see. I like the logo idea, but maybe a thicker outline on the logo? Throws back to the Montreal Stars name too. Sleeve numbers could use a raise.

The Stars look very different today: 83%

Lucas D: Detroit vs. Toronto Centennial Classic Concept

Side note: I find it funny that on the 100th anniversary of the Leafs, it is also the 50th anniversary of their last Cup win. Anyway Lucas brings back a Red v Blue match-up for this. The key here for this one is simplicity. And it works... for Toronto at least. I feel that with the amount of stripes on Detroit's jersey, you should have hem striping, at minimum two stripes. I like the shoulder striping from both jerseys. Classic looks but not quite there yet.

Not 100% for the 100th: 83%

TG: Edmonton Solars (NHL) Concept

Based on the description alone, just the concept of the Solar Bears against the Oilers sound fantastic. , but here TG cleans up the Oilers and converts to solar power. While this is a good look, TG runs into the classic yellow on white problem. Easily avoidable here had you switched the blue and white on the sleeves and hem of the yellow jersey. These jerseys are close enough to the Oilers current jerseys and new enough for the re-brand. I like the new logo too.

Fun, clean-energy concept: 85%

The winner of my COTW nomination is a TIE! You decide! We have two concepts rated at 85%, so you can pick! Or pick something completely different. I won't hate you for it.

Others have already mentioned the HJC Podcast, so if you have questions you can post them below.

See you next week when we present the Pairs Competition Entries!
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winnipegjets96 said...

COTW To Lucas D.'s Centennial classic concepts

Unknown said...

UPDATE: Rangers have their Heritage alternates tonight against Boston.

Steve Marc said...

Wait. What?

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Unknown said...

COTW nom to Emin's Sabres concept!

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I'll 2nd TG for COTW.

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