Wednesday: Identidy Check

I'd like to congratulate Steven M and BPoe, my neighboring writers on the blog, for a great game last night that the Islanders had no business taking a point from. But we did as the Penguins defeat the Islanders 2-1 in a shootout. That point helps big time because we are now tied with the New York Rangers for second in the Metropolitan Division, with games in hand. Washington, who was running away with the division, has now clinched a spot in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Today I want to talk about colors. Across North America you may see some sort of color set that defines a city, and the professional sports teams reflect that. Pittsburgh is the most notable, where you have black and gold. New York has two sets: Red, white & blue (Yankees, Giants, Rangers, Red Bulls) and blue & orange (Mets, Knicks, Islanders, NYCFC). Only the Nets and Jets deviate, though the Nets do represent Brooklyn's colors of black and white alongside the Islanders with their current Brooklyn-themed third jersey. Calgary has made itself known for red and black, with the Flames and the CFL's Stampeders. San Antonio owns black and silver, although when one company owns all the teams (Spurs, Stars (WNBA), Rampage (AHL), San Antonio FC (USL)), it's almost forced on you.

But there is one city that owns a color with some two notable deviations. Fox Aports Live host and former SportsCentre anchor Jay Onrait has made his position known about it. Toronto is BLUE. That means the Raports and Toronto FC need to get their act in gear.

When there were reports that the Toronto Raptors were getting a rebrand, the popular idea was to bring back the blue and white of the Toronto Huskies, a team that preceded the NBA. Why though? Because the color scheme keeps in line with the Blue Jays, the Argonauts and most importantly, the Maple Leafs. After all, the Raptors and TFC are both owned by Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment. So I propose this question to the Leafs fans I offended last week: Does Toronto's identity extend beyond blue? Should the Raptors and TFC go with blue over red?

Ok we got a great show for you today, so when we are on commercial break, vote for the following:

COTW March 6-12 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)
Buffalo Sabres 3rd Jersey Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 10:59pm EST)
Pairs Competition (ends March 25th)

We're back and it's on to the concepts!

Alan H: Milwaukee Admirals Concept

Alan tries to simplify the Admirals' new look with traditional striping. The Admirals new look is much better than the previous black and baby blue look. He also includes the bony anchor logo on the shoulders from the previous set, dropping the interlocking M-A logo. Good idea, though I'd make it primarily navy on the white shirt. Traditional looks are generally a safe way to go, but the Admirals pull off a non-traditional look well. Have some fun with that fact. Nice font choice.

Ahoy! Nice jerrrrrsey: 86%

Chase C: New Jersey Devils Concept:

I've always said that the Devils need a third jersey. How it should look though is always up for debate. This doesn't seem to be the right way to do it. And the only reason is that red shoulder yoke. It throws off the balance of color on this jersey. This reminds me a lot of the first San Jose alternate jersey, but with flat stripes. That jersey worked because it didn't have a yoke. This doesn't work unless there's more red elsewhere.

Devilishly close: 75%

David G: Los Angeles Kings Concept

 Well this is different. Where does the blue come from? I mean blue, silver and black can look good together. Just ask Tampa Bay. This striping (if you can call it that) is a bit much. Execution needs drastic improvement. No sleeve numbers, name is too high (and in an awkward font), back numbers are too close together, equipment is just paint-bucket fill-ins, back collar is the wrong shade of blue to keep with the front.

Calm down and clean up: 40%

Lucas D: Edmonton Oilers Concept

Lucas brings us another orange Oilers jersey. The striping is fantastic. The only problem with it, and this isn't necessarily your fault, is the name bar overlapping the striping. Maybe move the striping onto the yoke? Honestly the only complaint I have. Lucas' best jersey yet. Can the Oilers use this instead?

McDavid rated this already: 97%

Lucas D: Tampa Bay Lightning concept

Lucas recolors his previous attempt at a third jersey here, switching the black and blue. I rated it at 86%, and I would rate this higher, since it looks better predominantly black, in addition to the fixed bolt on the back. However, this is one thing I want to avoid here. I want new ideas, not fixes on your existing concepts. This one will go unrated.

Matt Mc: Vancouver Canucks concept

Matt applied a classic look to a new template. It's always a great look to see the Canucks negative space V on the arm stripes alongside the stick in the rink logo. Collar looks brilliant. Adidas stripes, not so much. This is something we have to deal with now in soccer, as the Adidas stripes run down the sides on soccer jerseys instead of on the shoulders, thus throwing off any striping around the jersey, as FC Dallas shows. Same issue here, so I fear for what Adidas is bringing into the league. The work you put into the template is great. The results not so much

Classic look on a potentially horrific template: 79%

Ryan C: Cincinnati Cyclones Concept

This reminds me of what the Carolina Hurricanes wear on the road, plus a chest stripe and a matching red. Makes sense that we go from hurricanes to Cyclones. Only request I have is better outlines for the numbers. Red outline on the white jersey, and black outlines for the sleeve numbers on the red jersey. Otherwise a great jersey.

Spiraling into control: 81%

Ryan C: Portland Pirates Concept

Outlines are key again here. For both the numbers on this set and maybe a black outline on the shoulder logo. I love that font choice and that striping. Colors seem to be balanced well, despite the lack of outlines. Definitely looks better than the Owen Sound Attack rip-offs they use now.

Yourrr rrrrating is: 79%

The winner of my COTW nomination is  LUCAS D  and his  EDMONTON OILERS CONCEPT !

Any complaints? Of course you have them. Fight me. Again. Comments section. Now. 

Otherwise I'll see you again next week, hopefully unscathed. Don't forget to vote!
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JJ Anderes said...

Ryan C. and his Cyclones set for COTW.

Steve Marc said...

Lucas D Lightning concept for my COTW.

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 2nd Lucas D.'s Oilers concept for COTW

Unknown said...

Matt McElroy's Vancouver Canucks concept for COTW

Unknown said...

2nd Ryan C's Cyclones for COTW

DBro Alexander said...

Pretty sure that's not blue on David's Kings concept. That's the purple they used in the 90's-00's. I always thought it looked kind of blue, but that's gotta be their purple... or "forum blue" as they've referred to it.

Caz said...

I don't know, Dylan, it looks white and gold to me.

*shows myself out*

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